Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V Lawnmower Review


Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V Lawnmower Review

Maintaining your garden can be hard work, and it can even be hard on the environment. If you want to be able to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance from one of your most important garden tools, then it’s well worth considering an electric lawnmower. The Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V lawnmower is one option on the market that is affordable and comes with promising performance.

Key Product Features

  • Comes with a 40V Li-Ion battery and charger.
  • Can cut lawns up to 250m2
  • 9.9kg total weight.
  • Integrated grass clippings box for convenience and easy clean up.

An Easier Way to Cut Your Lawn

flymo-mighti-mo-300-li-40v-lawnmowerIt used to be that you would need a large gas powered lawnmower to take care of your outdoor areas. When electric units were first introduced, they were underpowered, and needed to be plugged in for operation.

As battery technology has advanced, it’s now possible to have a high powered lawnmower that runs cordlessly, without any need of tethering to an outlet.

When you first look at the Flymo Mighti Mo 300 cordless mower, you’ll be surprised at just how similar it is to a traditional gas mower. The layout and functionality is all there, and the only real difference is that it uses a number of plastic housing components in place of the metal components that are traditionally used on gas mowers.

While plastic is technically not as hard wearing as metal, it is easier to manufacture, more cost effective, and is much lighter. You’ll have no trouble handling an electric mower like the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V lawnmower, so a model like this would be a good choice if you have struggled with a petrol mower in the past.

One of the key advantages of choosing this mower over a petrol version, is that there will be almost no maintenance in keeping it running. You won’t have to worry about fuel, there are fewer mechanical parts that can fail, and keeping the mower clean is the only real maintenance that you’ll have to go through over the lifetime of the unit.

This makes it perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on maintaining a petrol engine, and this would make an ideal first mower if you’ve just moved into your first home.

The high capacity 40V battery allows for around 25 minutes of continuous running, which is more than enough to take care of the average lawn in the UK. Even if you have a larger section, the battery can be recharged in just two hours, or you could even purchase a spare battery directly from Flymo, effectively doubling your continuous run time.

Keep in mind that if it currently takes you over an hour to mow your lawn using a petrol mower, the Flymo Mighti Mo 300 cordless mower will not be the best alternative. This mower excels on small and mid-sized properties but will show limitations with anything larger.

Features like the 30L grass box will help you to keep your lawn tidy as you mow it, and you’ll easily be able to store your clippings for collection, or you could even use it to create your own compost.

The Best of the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V Lawnmower

flymo-mighti-mo-300-li-40v-lawnmower-2There are a number of things that help this product to stand out.

  • 25 minutes running time is enough to cover a lawn the size of a competition tennis court.
  • No emissions and very little maintenance required.
  • Folds down just like a traditional lawnmower.
  • Adjustments for the handle and cutting height make it just like a traditional mower.
  • No cables.
  • Quiet operation.

The Not So Good

  • Limited to small and medium sized lawns.
  • Battery life will be reduced in longer grass.
  • Spare battery only available from Flymo (no cheaper third party alternatives).

Consumer Reviews and Final Thoughts

The Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li 40V lawnmower has been well received by consumers, and currently holds a 4.3/5 average review score. Owners have praised its ease of use and good performance in smaller gardens.

If you’re looking for something that is capable and you don’t have a lot of lawn area to take care of, then this would make for a great investment that can perform as well as a smaller petrol powered mower, with none of the maintenance and fuel requirements, and with no harmful emissions.

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