Hayter 615 Spirit 41 Electric Mower Review


Hayter 615 Spirit 41 Electric Mower Review

A powerful mower can make the task of getting your garden in perfect condition really exciting and easy. Hayter Spirit 41 is a popular option because of its characteristics and the good price to quality ratio.

Is this electric mower the right one for your needs? Keep on reading to find out.

Does It Work?

hayter-615-spirit-41-electric-mowerHayter is a company that has been manufacturing lawnmowers for more than 60 years. The well-established traditions and the quality of materials used in the production have both determined Hayter as one of the leaders in this particular market.

The Hayter 615 Spirit 41 electric mower is a powerful machine that has a 1500-watt motor. Its cutting blade is big enough, having width of 41 centimetres. The power cable is 17 metres, which is sufficient for a mid-size or a large garden.

The quality of the cut is exceptional in comparison to what cheaper models can deliver.

Hayter Spirit 41 is suitable for all kinds of grass, including wet and more resilient varieties.

It’s much more powerful than a cylinder mower, which is why most buyers are extremely pleased with the results.

Finally, there’s a collection bag for the grass that minimises the mess associated to landscaping. The bag is very easy to empty and to re-attach, adding some more convenience to the use of the mower.

Hayter mowers tend to be more expensive than the machines manufactured by other companies. These pieces of garden equipment, however, are characterised by exceptionally solid build. This feature increases the longevity of the mower, which turns it in a cost-efficient purchase.

Biggest Advantages

Several very important features and functionalities determine the attractiveness of this mower. If you’re thinking about purchasing Hayter Spirit 41, you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

  • Easy assembly: upon delivery, the mower is almost entirely assembled. All that you have to do is fold back the handle and tighten the wing nuts. This feature is also great for storage purposes, since you can decrease the amount of space needed for the placement of your mower.
  • Several heights of cut: you have full control over the cutting process. There are seven different heights of cut that you can choose among. A single lever is used to make these adjustments. The heights vary from 13 to 65 millimetres.
  • Very silent: regardless of its size and power, the Hayter Spirit 41 is a very silent mower. Its operation isn’t going to disturb your neighbours.
  • Quality materials: the cutting deck is made of aluminium, which guarantees there will be no problems with rust. The body itself is made of very tough and durable ABS plastic. The front wheels come with rubber rims that improve the grip.
  • Beautiful stripe: this is a heavier mower, which means that it leaves a beautiful, long-lasting stripe. The vast majority of buyers agree that the quality of the cut is impeccable.
  • Detachable cable: it simplifies replacements and also makes the storage of the lawnmower easier.


A Few Shortcomings

This excellent lawnmower does have a few shortcomings that need to be mentioned. According to the buyers, the manufacturer’s most serious omissions include the following:

  • No height adjustment of the bars: the handlebars can’t be moved up or down, so the Hayter 615 Spirit 41 electric mower could be uncomfortable for some buyers.
  • Heavy: this is a heavy mower in comparison to other market options. Its weight is 34 kilograms. Since the machine is relatively heavy and big, it’s somewhat difficult to move around a smaller garden.
  • It’s somewhat expensive: in comparison to other electric mowers, Hayter Spirit 41 is expensive. Yet, the price to quality ratio is outstanding because of the durability and the impeccable functioning of this machine.


Hayter Spirit 41 does precisely what it promises to. The machine is on the heavier side, which results in better grass cutting and the wide blade simplifies the task, as well.

The electric cable is long enough to enable easy use of the machine without getting in the way.

If you’re looking for the best quality for a larger garden, the Hayter 615 Spirit 41 Eeectric mower is a good pick.

The shortcomings are just a few and they don’t stand in the way of making the best possible use of the machine.

This is an investment that you’re certainly going to be happy with, if you need an electric rotary mower.

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