Hayward TigerShark Plus Robotic Cleaner Review


Hayward TigerShark Plus Robotic Cleaner Review

Reliable, energy-efficient and durable – these are some of the qualities that every pool owner would want in a robotic pool cleaner. However, there are so many automatic pool cleaners on the market, which may confuse you as to which one is really the best.

To help you decide, here is a Hayward TigerShark Plus review. Hayward TigerShark Plus is known as a remote control pool cleaner with advanced features, so read on and find out more about it.

The Benefits of Hayward TigerShark Plus


The Hayward TigerShark Plus is packed with features you might find interesting. It is an efficient robotic pool cleaner, thanks to its advanced technology features.

It is able to calculate your pool size and program itself to come up with the most convenient and energy-efficient pattern to follow. This pool cleaner is a suitable machine for cleaning and filtering 20 ft x 4 ft pools.

While roving the bottom of the pool, it is powerful enough to suck up debris and dirt. It reaches the tile line, steps and bottom of the pool. Another good thing about this machine is the ease of use.

It comes with a remote control so that you can just set the timer remotely and bot the machine to where you want it. On the other hand, its scrubbing brushes are able to break up algae and debris that settle on the floor.

On the other hand, this robotic pool cleaner features a 3-hour cycle cleaning time. After 3 hours of cleaning and vacuuming, the machine will automatically power down.

Needless to say, this pool cleaner gives you ease and convenience every time. Its features make it a reliable machine to keep your pool clean and safe.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Hayward TigerShark Plus can do the job in vacuuming and cleaning the pool. Most of the feedback and reviews about this product on Amazon are positive.

Majority of its owners claim that the machine offers a satisfying performance. It is an impressive piece of technology that makes life easier for pool owners. If you have an in-ground pool at home, it is a good choice for you.

However, here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether you should buy it or not.


  • it is an energy efficient robotic pool cleaner
  • it is simple and easy to use, no hookups and hoses needed
  • it provides easy access to debris chamber
  • it features an advanced programming system


  • there is a need to clean the filter cartridge once full, otherwise it will not work
  • the machine might not climb the pool walls
  • the cable of the cleaner might tangle up now and then

Where to Buy Hayward TigerShark Plus

If you have been convinced that you need the Hayward TigerShark Plus for your pool, you might be wondering where you can purchase it. This robotic pool cleaner is available online. There are online shops that sell and ship the product worldwide.

However, for a hassle-free shopping, Amazon is a reliable marketplace to opt for. The website offers great deals and product information such as warranty and package bonuses. Click here to know the great deals and buying options on Amazon.

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