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Indesit PWC 8128 W Washing Machine Review

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Indesit, Europe’s second largest, manufacturer of complete range of home appliances is recognised worldwide with its major market in Europe. The manufacturer is a part of majority of the families in Europe for over years now, with a vast product line base. Their domestic appliances cover almost everything from laundry to cooking to refrigeration.

Their innovative range of washing machines have been a true hit among consumers for quite some now and the company truly lives up to its punch line – “We Work, You Play.” Initially an independent company, Indesit, was taken over by an Italian appliance manufacturer, Merloni Elettrodomestici, in 1985 (its direct competitor) only to be rebranded back as Indesit owing to its international recognition, especially in Europe. Currently Indesit’s appliance section is divided into three namely, the Indesit line, the Scholtes line and the Hotpoint-Ariston line.


indesit-pwc-8128-w-washing-machineIndesit washers target primarily home users, particularly single families. A remarkable thing about these washers is, them being quite affordable. This makes it perfect for families on the lookout for a machine that satisfy their laundry needs whilst falling within their budget. Indesit washers do not pack many special features and just stick to the basics required of a washer, namely the temperature settings, wash settings and a basic timer, good enough for a thorough wash.

Yet another remarkable thing about Indesit washers are their load capacity, with the lowest being 6Kg and the largest being 8Kg. When it comes to their design – well most of the models are simple and sleekly designed front-loading machines that fit any modern household.

Product Description:

Let us walk you through some of the common features that Indesit PWC 8128 W Washing Machine offer. This should probably help you decide if these fit your specific laundry needs. First and foremost of all, almost all their models come with an A+ rating, meaning the washers are above par in comparison to the existing class A rating. Also an A+ would means 10% more in terms of energy efficiency; something that would be perfect for those looking at a machine that is pocket-friendly and consumes less water and electricity.

Next, would be the special wash modes that Indesit has to offer that would definitely impress any sportsperson. It takes great care of your sports gear and shoes, so forget fretting about damage to your prized possessions. Yet another useful feature is the detergent dispenser, which is located right inside the washer tub itself, thus saving a lot of time and effort involved in cleaning the dispenser manually. Last but not least would be the simple and straightforward control panel. The interface is so simple that anyone can set the machine to wash.

Quick Facts On the Washer:

Based on user reviews about the PWC8128W Washing Machine, there are concerns about the machine being prone to breakdown. No worries here, Indesit machines come with a five-year warranty for parts, so you can rest assured here with any faults and breakages. One reason could possibly be their low prices for their compromise in durability. Although, that need not necessarily be true for all available models, this is one hazard that buyers ought to face.

With the warranty covering majority of the issue, one might have to still spend on product repairs, which might cost a fortune (especially with the spare part not being covered by warranty). At times, the cost of the repair is so significant, that it might make sense to get a new washer altogether. This could mean zeroing in on the past savings if the washer is not built to last.

So, having known enough about the manufacturer and the machine, it is time that we moved on with an in-depth review on the Indesit PWC8128 Front Loading Washing Machine.

Control Panel:

The control panel in Indesit PWC 8128 W White Colour Washing Machine houses a variety of buttons, which include the following: Detergent Dispenser, On/Off knob, Wash Cycle, Function Buttons with Indicator Lights, Temperature button, Spin button, Delay Timer, Door Locked button, Wash Cycle Progress button, Start/Pause button, Standby mode button.

Indicator Lights in PWC 8128 W:

Indicator lights form a vital part of the machine, providing you with important information, namely the following:

Delayed Start: When the Delay Timer function is activated, the selected delay period (for instance 9h, 6h, 3h) starts to flash, once the wash cycle begins. As time passes, it displays the remaining delay with the corresponding light flashing. With expiry of the selected time delay, the set programme commences.

Door Locked Indicator Light: With the indicator lights on, the porthole door gets locked, preventing it from opening. It has to be ensured that the indicator light is off prior to opening the door. If you wish to open the door amidst a wash cycle, press the Start/Pause button and the door opens once the Door Locked indicator is turned off.

Wash Cycle Phase Indicator Lights: After the desired wash cycle has been selected and begins, the indicator lights go ON one by one (namely Wash, Rinse, Spin, Drain, End of Cycle) indicating the current phase of the cycle that is in progress.

Note: With the SMART function being active, other non-compatible functions cannot be activated.

Detergent Dispenser Draw: To get desired results from washing, it is advocated to use the correct dose of detergent. Excessive detergent usage does not result in efficient wash, instead clogs in the insides of the machine thereby resulting in environmental pollution. Usage of hand washing detergents must be avoided, as they generate excessive foam.

Load Balancing System: Prior to each spin cycle, for the load to be distributed uniformly and to avoid unwarranted vibrations, the drum rotates continuously at a slightly greater speed, as against the wash rotation speed. Upon failing in its repeated attempts to even out the load, the machine starts to spin at a reduced speed. Then again, if the load gets markedly imbalanced, the machine gets on with the distribution process, as against spinning. In order to have an even load distribution, it is always ideal to mix small and large garments in the load.

Additional Wash Cycles:

There are various wash cycles offered by the Indesit PWC8128 Front Loading Washing Machine that helps in achieving the desired results. In order to activate these functions, press the button corresponding to the desired function. Illumination of the corresponding indicator light hints that the function has been enabled. But if the indicator light flashes rapidly, then it is a signal that the selected function does not work in conjunction with the wash cycle selected.

The main wash programmes offered by the Indesit PWC8128 include the following: White Cotton in three variations (extremely soiled whites, heavy soiled whites and resistant colours, heavy soiled whites and delicate colours), Cotton, Coloured Cottons, Synthetics, Jeans, Shirts, Mix-Cool 30. Apart from these standard wash options, the special wash cycles include the following:

Smart Option: This option is truly SMART as the name suggests, as it optimises washing to suit the load of the laundry, thus reducing the overall cycle duration along with minimising the consumption of water and energy. You might have to press the SMART option to indicate your choice of wash:

Intense: A vigorous wash cycle for heavily soiled garments.
Perform: A standard wash cycle for normal soiled garments.
Fast: A quickwash cycle for lightly soiled garments.

Extra Rinse: The efficacy of the rinse can be enhanced by selecting this option with optimal detergent removal guaranteed; especially for those with sensitive skin. This option cannot be used with Mix-Cool 30 wash cycle, though.

Easy Iron: With selecting this option, the spin and wash cycles get modified, so as to reduce crease formation. Towards the end of the wash cycle, the drum goes in slow rotation with the Start/Pause and Easy Iron indicator lights flashing orange and blue respectively. Pressing the Easy Iron button or Start/Pause button, ends the cycle. For Wash Cycles Delicates, Duvets and Outwear the cycle ends while the laundry is still soaking with the Start/Pause and Easy Iron indicators still flashing. In order to drain the water and remove the laundry, press the flashing buttons (Easy Iron and Start/Pause). Again, this option cannot be used in conjunction with Mix-Cool 30, Wool and Sport Shoe wash cycles.

Cool Wash: This is a real “cool function” as it saves tonnes of energy by maintaining the cool temperature of the water used to wash the laundry – a great help in turning the environment “go green” and likewise does not burn your pocket with heavy energy bills. Instead, its intense wash action along with water optimisation brings forth desired wash results in the same duration of a standard cycle. Again, this option does not work in conjunction with Shirts, Mix-Cool 30, Wool, Delicates, Duvet and Sports Shoe Wash cycles.

PS: For best washing results, try a liquid detergent


So now that we have a fair idea of the Indesit PWC8128’s features, now it is time to take a quick look at its performance. Well, it is an undeniable fact that the PWC 8128 W machine performs relatively well with most of the wash options. The large 8kg drum is good enough to take care of duvets and the likes. It not only gives clean clothes at the end of every wash, but it is crease-free too. The sports shoe cycle is a definite boon in disguise for all sports enthusiasts, as washing your trainers and pumps is a child’s play now, with the Indesit PWC8128 8kg Washing Machine.

Washing coats in the outwear cycle also seems to give pleasing results. The lighted display comes in real handy on deciding the programme, thereby deciding on the temperature and spin speed. And yes! The pre-set timer gives you the privilege of being out all day long, whilst the wash is complete when you get back. The absence of the half load button is a minus point, as we might have to wait until full load for a wash.

Noise Level:

In terms of noise levels, there seems to be barely any, even while on the spin. So, its good news for all working moms to go ahead and run the machine at night thereby saving on few extra bucks on the energy bills and at the same time having enough time left out for all the extra morning chorus that needs to be taken care, not to mention the hassle of getting up early to do the laundry.

Energy Ratings:

As already mentioned in the review, the SMART sensor truly lives up to its expectations, in terms of energy consumption. The machine being categorized under the A+ energy rating is a proof by itself, as it would literally mean 10% more savings on energy, as opposed to the standard A ratings.


The Indesit PWC8128 front loading comes with a 5-year warranty for parts and 1-year warranty for labour.


Well, the Indesit PWC8128 front loading machine is an absolute workhorse with no great fancy looks to it. It does perfectly well what it was designed to do – wash. At 1200rpm spin speed and a wash load of 8kg, it handles seamlessly almost all the wash needs of an entire family. With 16 programmes to choose from, you could not ask for more favourable results with every wash.

While the intensive wash cycle delights the football and rugby connoisseurs in removing stubborn stains, simple households prefer a short wash. While the drum size delights most of the consumers, others find it a little too heavy to be moved around easily and requires a bit of squeezing to fit in built-in kitchens. At the end of the day, the Indesit PWC8128’s pros definitely outweigh its cons, as people find it worth their investment.

Indesit PWC 8128 W Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Indesit
Model Name Indesit PWC8128W Washing Machine
Model Number PWC 8128 W
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing available White
Door Size 300mm
Tub Material Plastic
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85.0 x 59.5 x 62.0cm
Depth with door open 180 degrees
Weight 7.99 Kg
Volume Capacity 8 Kg
Wash Programmes 16 Programmes: Wrinkle-Free, Prewash, Extra Rinsing,
Heavy Duty, Sports Wash, Wool/Hand wash,
Delicates, Economic, Speed Wash, Cool Wash,
Jeans Programme
Fitting Non-integrated
Control Type Intelligent Electronic Controls
Energy Saving Trust Feature Yes
Half Load Yes
Hand Wash No
Spin speeds 1200RPM
Leak Protection Yes
Delayed Wash Start Timer Yes
Water Levels Automatic
Water Control System Yes
Digital display No
Start Delay Option Yes
Duvet Cycle Yes
Wool Wash Yes
Variable spin Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Energy Consumption Per Wash 0.17KWh
Water Consumption Per Wash 60 Litres
Energy Efficiency A+
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 1 year for Labour and Parts


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