Neff W5440X0 Automatic Washing Machine Review


Neff W5440X0 Automatic Washing Machine Review

This model from Neff has an expert touch with the new CircoCare Drum System; the brand gives this advantage to this washer for the perfect washing experience. This system is special and it improves in the focus of both the internal drum and the paddles. The structure of the drum has a series of raised droplets that are found across the surface and the new paddles works to give better movement of water. The following is the review of Neff W5440X0 Series 5 Automatic Washing Machine that helps you to get closer with its functions and features.

Design and Structure:

neff-w5440x0-automatic-washing-machine-reviewThis model in the ‘Series 5’ release is been equipped with the automatic functions and it hits with the white colour housing. Made to handle the laundry capacity of 7kg it functions to the need of the mid size family. The controls of this model are touch buttons and it does have LED screen for the display of the set programmes. This front loading system with the width of 595mm is a standard size which decides to be freestanding.


The complete know-how of Neff W5440X0 Front Loading Washing Machine is based on the features it delivers and understanding them in detail will bring you to realisation of its performance and technology. 3D Aqua Spa wash system is a unique technology that gives the perfect blend for the efficient washing results.

  • Pause facility allows the timely pause which might make it feasible during the times of such requirement. It can be reactivated when required which continues the remaining programme.
  • Time delay option supports the pre programming that starts at the set time which can be set up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Time remaining indicator gives a good follow up to the programme and with just a glance of it the status of the programme can be identified.
  • Aqua Stop complete water protection is a safety feature as well as it works well on the conservation of the water.
  • Reversible hinging of outer door gives you the flexibility of installation as per the demand of the place the machine can be installed with the using convenience.
  • Extra large porthole door with 130 degree opening is large enough which gives you easy access to load and unload the laundry without missing on anything.
  • CircoCare drum system is the prime highlight of this washer and it is unique as discussed in the earlier paragraph.


Being equipped with 15 clothes care programmes.  Neff W5440X0 7kg Washing Machine is able to to give a special treatment based on the nature of the fabrics. Among the different programmes it includes few interesting ones which are also specialised.

Rapid 15 is the fastest complete wash programme which makes it convenient for the busy days and handles it at the rapid speed of 15 minutes.

The power wash 60 is one another timed programme for about 60 minutes which is capable of handling 6 kg laundry and gives a grade ‘A’ wash performance.

The sensitive wash is suitable for the delicate fabrics and the ones which are usually special for the gentle hand care.

Mixed load programme keeps you going when you are unable to distinguish and usually is the mix of fabrics.

Dark wash and sports wash are few specialised ones for the complete care when they are highly soiled.

Hand wash wool and delicates can be managed with this special programme for an all together satisfaction.

Other product details:

This Neff W5440X0 Washing Machine model functions with the inverse logic in which the wash times are faster than the standard models. It also allows you to select multi programmes and pre wash selection. The intensive option which is available to handle the highly soiled garments makes it more efficient. For those who wish to look  for extra rinse option and the variable spin selection this is the right one that is been equipped with both of these features.


Neff W5440X0 7kg Capacity Washing Machine functions with the maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM and it consumes water of about 49 litres. The noise emission in this model is 47 dB when put in the washing mode and 64 dB in the spin model. The overall rating of the washing efficiency is grade ‘A’ which matches with the energy efficiency. In case of the spin function the efficiency rating is grade ‘B’. Being an energy efficient model which features with the automatic functions along with the stylish control panel and the unique drum technology the maker of this model gives a new feel to its customers.

Neff W5440X0 White Colour Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Neff
Model Name W5440X0 Series 5 Automatic Washing Machine
Washer Type Automatic
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 800 x 595 x 550 mm
Wash system 3D Aqua Spa
Volume Capacity 7 Kg
Wash Programmes 15 Programmes
Fitting Freestanding
Control Type Electronic with touch control and LED display
Half Load Yes
Hand Wash Yes
Spin speeds 1400 RPM
Leak Protection Yes
Delayed Wash Start Timer Yes
Water Levels Automatic
Water Control System Yes
Digital display Yes
Water consumption 49 litres
Motor Belt drive
Wool Wash Yes
Variable spin Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Intelligent wash system Yes
Child lock Yes
Energy Efficiency A
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Features 3D Aqua Spa wash system
Pause facility
Time delay up to 24 hours
Time remaining indicator
Aqua Stop complete water protection
Reversible hinging of outer door
Extra large porthole door with 130 degree opening
CircoCare drum system
Noise level Washing – 47 dB
Spinning – 64 dB
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