KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment Review


KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment Review

KitchenAid FGA meat grinder attachment can enhance the functionality of your manual meat grinder. This machine allows you to grind meat with ease and comfort. In addition, this attachment is highly affordable, so there’s no reason for you not to purchase this product. KitchenAid FGA grinder attachment is one of the best parts that you can buy for your meat grinder to increase its functionality.

Product Description

kitchenaid-fga-food-grinder-attachmentKitchenAid FGA is an attachment that increases the functionality of KitchenAid stand mixer for several times. With this attachment, you can easily grind chicken or beef for tacos and patties. This also allows you to blend sausage mixtures for breakfast. With this attachment, you can turn to stand mixer to a pasta maker or even sausage stuffer. KitchenAid FGA easily attaches to a standalone mixer and is also easy to use. Its parts are dishwasher safe. The food stomper, cutting knife, and grinding blades can be hand washed.

Buy KitchenAid FGA grinder attachment and make your KitchenAid stand alone mixer a versatile machine. This attachment is extremely easy to assemble and attaches to your mixer. It comes with coarse and fine plates, a wrench, and food stomper. Coarse plate grinds both raw and cooked meat, dried fruits, cheese, and firm vegetables. Fine plate grinds both raw and cooked meat for making spreads, and fresh and dried breads for making bread crumbs. KitchenAid FGA grinder attachment is made in U.S.A.



  • The Pusher and Hopper – The pusher and the hopper is the part of the meat grinder where you add cubes. Basically, the pusher is used to push down the meat cubes down the feed tube in order to keep things moving. Normally, a tray is located at the top of the feed tube for storage of extra meet for grinding.
  • Screw – The screw is one of the most important functional parts of the grinder. The screw pushes the meat down the feed tube towards the shaft, and the further down the blades.
  • The Blade and Plates  The blade and the plates do the actual grinding. The blade has a cross-like shape with sharp edges across each arm and rotates against the plate. In addition, the plate is round shape, flat stainless steel metal with small holes cut into it. The screw pushed the meat in the holes of the plate while the blade cuts the meat into fine or coarse mince. The final grind is determined by the size of the holes on cut into the plates. This means that the smaller the holes of the plate, the finer the minced meat.
  • Cover – The cover keeps the plate and the blade in place while mincing.


KitchenAid FGA meat grinder attachment expands your KitchenAid standalone meat grinder’s functionality. It is one of the most useful investments that you can make in your kitchen. Not only this attachment allows your grinder to mince and grind various types of meats, but also allows you to grate hard cheeses. This attachment also allows you to use your grinder to produce breadcrumbs and mince other ingredients. This product allows you to save money from purchasing pre grated cheese, processed bread crumbs, and ground meat. When looking for a meat grinder attachment, you need to look for the following.

  • Easy Assembly: Convenience is the primary advantage of meat grinders. Therefore, the meat grinder attachment that you need to choose must take seconds to assemble. Assembly must be pretty easy, and ready to use once you get it out of the box.
  • Fast Clean Up: After you grind meat, small pieces of meat pass through the grinder. Disassembling your grinder and washing it is necessary to remove the lingering chunks of meat on the blades and the plates. Because the KitchenAid FGA meat grinder attachment is made from a plastic material, it’s easier to clean as it allows meat debris and other food chunks to wash off.
  • Compatibility – KitchenAid FGA fits to any KitchenAid stand alone mixerIt’s affordable and convenient to use as it attaches to your grinder in snap.
  • Energy Efficiency – KitchenAid FGA uses the KitchenAid stand mixer motor, which, means it’s easy to use and also allows you to save energy. It also grinds almost all kinds of meat including beef, chicken, pork, turkey can be grounded and minced directly into the bowl


The amount of grounded meat may not be as high of meat to people who are used to grinding meat at large quantities.

The Verdict

KitchenAid FGA meat grinder attachment expands the flexibility of your stand alone mixer. This is ideal for grinding different kinds of meat, making bread crumbs, grinding hard cheese, and combining spreads, salsas, and dips.

When looking for a manual meat grinder, stand alone grinder, or meat grinder attachment, it is highly important to look for comparison chart in reviews to determine the best grinder for your needs. Reviews on meat grinders will serve as your guide in looking for a machine that will help you prepare your foods with ease and comfort.


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