Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead Review


Kohler K-10327-CP Forté 2.0gpm Single Function Showerhead Review

Are you looking for a no-frills showering experience that is consistent? Do you want a showerhead that is easy to clean and maintain? Do you also want a fixture to look aesthetically pleasing, even if it only has one function? To meet those needs, you could look far and wide to find a fairly expensive showerhead that can regularly deliver a good shower. Or, for about $50 on sites like Amazon, you could invest into the Kohler Forte series.

The Features of the Kohler Single Function Forte Model

The primary feature we noted with this showerhead is the fact that it is rated at 2.0 GPM instead of the maximum standard 2.5 GPM. This means you’ll save about 20% on your water bill every year or in your personal water usage. That averages out to about a savings of $25 per person, per year, assuming you don’t modify the showerhead to remove the flow regulator!


These other features might also be of benefit:

  • this Kohler model also includes air infusion technology that allows the water to literally explode onto you because of the added air content of the water;
  • it satisfies LEED efficiency requirements if you are a business owner looking for environmental credits; and
  • a reinvented spray pattern helps to deliver more water to where you need it most at any given moment.

The Advantages of the Kohler Single Function Forte Model

The primary advantage we saw with this Kohler Forte model was how easy it was to clean. Other Forte models are low maintenance as well, but this single function model has been given a MasterClean spray face that makes wipe and go cleaning easy to do. The spray face itself is designed to resist scale buildup, which means even hard water users can better enjoy a shower with this showerhead!

These other advantages may also be of benefit:

  • it is made from metal and is protected with a chrome finish, letting it resist corrosion while also looking aesthetically pleasing;
  • the spray nozzles provide a good flow that won’t sting thanks to the low flow technology; and
  • the showerhead face can unscrew by hand in case you need to de-calcify the unit for some reason.

The primary disadvantage we saw with this unit is specifically with its design. If you are used to multi-function showers, you’re probably not going to like this showerhead much. It’s also a little heavier than other showerheads in its class, which may cause some rare problems for homeowners with older plumbing fixtures installed.

If you want a good showerhead for a good price and want a no-frills, consistent shower when you need one, then this is the showerhead for you. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and most importantly, this Kohler showerhead makes it easy to enjoy a shower every day

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