LG F1443KD Washing Machine Review


LG F1443KD Washing Machine Review

LG F1443KD White Colour Washing Machine is a rational freestanding washing machine with a competent spin function to help in complimenting the daily work of managing the laundry. LG has extended its technology sense and has given its customers the advantage of the normal sized machine which can hold the huge volume of 11 kg. This electronic device has many wonderful features that it is bound to become a favourite by the time one goes through the entire plus points which can be obtained in the following review.


lg-f1443kd-white-colour-washing-machineThis model is been equipped with a unique technology with the elimination of belt and pulley and it is the inverter direct drive system which makes the motor highly efficient. LG F1443KD Grade ‘A++’ Washing Machine works with enhanced quietness, energy saving, ability to hold more capacity and has increased durability. Another interesting technique is the unique dampening and ball balancing system that lets the machine work with ultimate quietness. The 54 dBa is just the whispering that can be neglected.

Design Outlook:

Just at the very look the housing in white colour and the innovative control panel makes a style statement for this machine. It is a freestanding type enriched with many features and also makes a great companion for the tumble dryers. The front loading with the glass door gets it a contemporary appearance. The total drum volume is 78 litres in which it can handle the laundry of 11kg. The size and dimension is standard with 600 x 842 x 640mm as height, width and depth yet makes it possible to handle the laundry of 11kg. The product weight is 70kg which matches with the appliance of this kind and is sturdy as well.


This model features with about 14 programmes and they are Baby care, cotton, , dark wash, cotton-ECO duvet, , easy care, intensive 60, delicate, mix, quick 30, silent wash, sports wear, wool, refresh. Each of which is specialised in its own manner and since the options are many it can easily go with the requirement of the laundry. The selection process is also simple which is been handled with the rotary knob present in the control panel. There are few additional programmable options like Normal, normal +hold, no spin, Pre-wash, Rinse Hold, Rinse+, Rinse++, Rinse+Spin. These options help the user to give a more appropriate programme.

Key Features:

  • The 11kg in standard size machine easily handles even the bulky items. It also serves the laundry maintenance of the full family.
  • Load detection is another unique feature of this model which gives optimised washing programme and the rinsing time with the right utilisation of water.
  • Shower spray system works by using less water and the pumping system is unique as it pumps from the bottom to the top of the drum and it also gives even distribution of the detergent.
  • Unique dampening and ball balancing system, 6 motions and the direct drive motor adds value to the appliance.


LG F1443KD Front Loading Washing Machine gives variable spin settings from 400 RPM to 1400 RPM. It also allows setting variable temperature and the options available are cold, 20 degree C, 30, 40, 60 and 95 degree C. The energy consumption is 1.65 kWh and the water consumption is 77 litres. The efficiency rating is grade ‘A++’ for the energy efficiency and grade ‘A’ for the wash and spins performance. The noise emission is 54 dBa at the minimum and 64 dBa at the maximum which is during the spinning.


The manufacturer offers warranty of 2 years on parts and Labour; 10 years on direct drive motor which is definitely more of peace in minds for the user.

LG F1443KD Washing Machine White, Black – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer LG
Model Name LG F1443KD Direct Drive Washing Machine
Model Number White Model: F1443KD
Black Model: F1443KD6
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing available White and Black
Door Size 350mm
Tub Drum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 600 x 842 x 640mm
Depth with door open 170 to 180 degrees
Weight 70Kg
Volume Capacity 11Kg
Wash Programs 14 Programs: Baby Care, Skin Care, Cotton, Cotton Eco, Easy care,
Mix, Duvet, Sports wear,Dark wash, Intensive 60, Delicate,
Hand Wash/Wool, Quick30 (minutes), Silent wash
Additional options Prewash, Rinse Hold, Rinse+, Rinse++, Rinse+Spin
Programmable options Prewash, Rinse Hold, Rinse+, Rinse++, Rinse+Spin, Time Save,
Medic rinse, Intensive, Crease Care, Tub Clean, Favorite,
Spin Only, No Spin, Child-Look, Time Delay, Beeper
Spin speeds Min: 400
Max: 1400
Drum Volume 78 litres
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Drum
Digital display Yes
Programme sequence indicator Yes
Excess detergent indicator Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Count down display Yes
Intensive wash option Yes
Wool programme Yes
Easy Iron Yes
Washing Method Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme – 65°C Yes
Variable spin Yes
Variable temperature Cold, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 95
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Cycle time 90 minutes
Special features Intelligent washing system
Foam sensing and removal
Hot and cold water inlet hose option cold fill only
Standby power zero
Spray rinse system
Direct drive motor
Advanced display
Noise Level Wash : 54
Spin : 64
Energy Consumption 1.65 Kwh
Water Consumption 77 litres
Energy Efficiency A++
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency A
Warranty 2 years on parts and Labour
10 years on direct drive motor
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