Zanussi ZWI 2125 Front Loading Washing Machine Review


Zanussi ZWI 2125 Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Zanussi was brought into existence by Electrolux, which is a brand that is popular for its home appliances with extraordinary quality. Manufacturing and selling goods from Italy, it has established itself as the best brand for home appliances in Europe. The products from the brand are well-known for their competitive prices and the innovativeness. Recently, after being renamed as Zanussi-Electrolux, it has been offering a wide range of products.

This brand produces a number of models of washing machines. In the following review we will discuss about Zanussi ZWI2125 Front Loading Washing Machine, which has been regarded as one of the best selling washing machines in the current market.


zanussi-zwi2125-front-loading-washing-machineThis ZWI2125 front loading washing machine is a multi-talented washing machine, which is best suited for integrated kitchens, which aids in easy loading. The machine is good looking, with a door, like the cupboards in the kitchen; it fits perfectly and enables one to keep a washing machine under wraps like many other home appliances. It is designed to give a sophisticated look and feel to the users. The machine is white coloured. It consists of a hicarboran tub, which makes it look all the more elegant, and perform really well.  The extra large doors open wide enough to make loading comfortable. The machine consists of LED progress indicator and a LCD display. This model has push buttons in it.


Zanussi ZWI2125is a fully integrated washing machine that can tackle wash load of 6 Kgs. The washing machine looks similar to most of the other front loading machines. This machine is very quick, with a drum volume of 46 litres and has dimensions of the machine is 820 x 600 x 541 (H x W x D). The speed can also be reduced, if necessary. There is a large 30 cm porthole in the washing machine. For a 60 degree wash, the machine is designed so as to consume 42 litres of water normally.

Wash programmes:

The Zanussi ZW 12125 boasts of 21 excellent wash programmes. After the use of all these programs and testing them, the wash performance is regarded as excellent. There are also quick wash options for those users, who do not want to wait for a long time to get their clothes cleaned.

Additional Features:

The ZWI2125 integrated washing machine uses Jet wash technology. This washing machine has several additional features including automatic water level control, balance spin protection, automatic fault detection or diagnosis and the detergent recovery system. This enables the user to be confident about the machine, as it is constantly checked by its internal system automatically. The machine can be operated at 4 spin levels and the speed can be varied between levels. The machine permits maximum dry load. Extra rinse is permissible to the users of this washing machine. The machine is inclusive of a time saver option, whereby the user can choose to reduce the standard time that is prescribed in case of certain washing programs, if the user wishes to refresh some clothes.


There is an option of delayed start setting, which enables the users to allow the wash program to start 20 hours later. The control panel has a childproof lock. There is extra option like time-remaining display option, which allows one to have an instant check on the washing cycles of the program, in this washing machine. The zero delay door lock opening option enables the user to have access to the load as soon as it is washed. There is also a PD update facility, which gives the option of reprogramming the machine electronically, when the manufacturer introduces new medications.


The washing machine is remarkably good in performance and is graded A. The water use is economical. The wash programmes can be operated at number of speeds, where faster spins are to be normally chosen for the wash programs because the moisture from the clothes is extracted much easily. Slower spin can be used for wash programs in case of fabrics and other delicate clothes and this model is suitable for drip-dry.

This slow spin is very helpful to avoid creasing of clothes that are delicate in nature. However, even this has proved to extract a lot of water from the clothes. There are also times when cotton clothes are left soggy. But, it allows cold water fill only for the wash. There is no filter in front, to clean the water. The washing program is super quick, as it takes less than two hours only, which is very less for a machine that takes a load of 5 to 7 kgs. It is even faster in case of the cotton program.

The extra-rinse option is also available for users, who might need it. The cotton program is quite fast and is efficient in terms of time and water usage. The drawback lies in the excess sound produced by the machine during rinsing and washing. The synthetic wash uses excess electricity than normal wash. The cleaning is also excellent. The laundry done using this washing machine is spotless.


The energy efficiency is excellent and is graded ‘A’, for any wash program that might be chosen. The spin efficiency is a little bad at times. The wash performance, as per review of users of the washing machine has been excellent.


The washing machine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of one year.


It is very wise choice for a user, as it is water efficient and energy efficient. The running costs are low. Zanussi ZWI2125 washing machine is excellent in its performance for small families. With LED display, one can easily see the time remaining and know how much time, they will have to spare. The machine, having been comprised of all the basic, essential features, the user can be confident of being served at anytime, with this multi function washing machine, without being let down.

Zanussi ZWI2125 White Colour Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Zanussi
Model Name ZWI2125 Front Load Washer
Load Type Front Loading
Exterior colour White
Tub Material HiCarboran
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm 82.0 x 60.0 x 55.5
Volume Capacity 6 kg
Wide Door Opening Yes
Number of wash functions 21
Wash Programmes Cotton, Delicate, Hand wash/Wool, Rinse + Spin,
Quick wash, Synthetic and Half Load
Extra Settings Slow Spin, Extra Rinse
Spin speed options 4
Spin speed 1200 rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Temperature 30°C,  60°C, Cold
Digital display Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Count down display Yes
Drying progress indicator No
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Programme Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Additional features Uses Jet wash technology. It has automatic water level control,
balance spin protection, automatic fault detection or
diagnosis and detergent recovery system
Energy Consumption 1.02 kWh
Water Consumption 42 litres
Energy Efficiency A-1
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Guarantee 1 year
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