LG F1447TD 8kg Direct Drive Washing Machine Review


LG F1447TD 8kg Direct Drive Washing Machine Review

LG as a brand was established primarily in 1958 by the merger of two Korean Companies. It is an outstanding brand for home appliances. It is one of the top manufacturers of home appliances, ranking second in the production of televisions and third with regard to mobile phones. LG has been the winner of a number of awards including eleven red dot designs award and thirteen Innovation Awards at the International Consumer Electronic Shows.

The washing machines from LG have proved to be of outstanding quality. The washing machines from LG have also obtained a number of awards at the world level, including the Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certification, due to their extraordinary quality. The following is a review of one of these washing machines i.e., LG F1447TD Front Loading Washing Machine, which is a Direct Drive Washing Machine that is one among the best selling washing machines.


lg-f1447td-8kg-direct-drive-washing-machineThe LG F1447TD is a direct drive washing machine that looks similar to all other direct drive washing machines in the market at first look. Unlike all the other conventional washing machines one might come across, the LG F1447TD is very distinct as in this washing machine that uses the direct drive technology, the motor is attached to the drive directly so as to reduce the vibration and noise produced and energy utilization.

The motor in the direct drive washing machine is a state-of-art integration wherein the motor, pulley as well as the belt are attached directly to a drum so as to be a single quiet structure that is durable in nature.  It also consists of a LED Control Panel that enables the user to exercise maximum control over the washing machine. This LED control panel has a display that enables one to know the running time and error messages.

This 8kg Load Capacity direct drive machine has a white coloured finishing. It comes with a weight detecting mechanism through which one can know the load and thereby, the appropriate amount of water required. There is also a facility to detect sensors and adjust imbalances if there are any so that the washing performance will be at its optimum best.

Wash Programmes:

The washing system of the LG F1447TD 8kg washing machine is brilliant. This machine has been developed so as to be suitable for nine washing programs that can facilitate use for a multitude of users. The programs include Anti Crease Programme, Intensive Wash Option, Wool Programme, Hand Wash, Rinse Hold, Quick Wash, Pre Wash, Child Safety Lock, and Delicate Wash programme.

The functions of each of these washing programmes are implied in their names itself. The anti crease programme is useful for creased clothes. So, this can mainly be useful in case of those who are involved in automobile, chemical and other manufacturing or service industry where there is a possibility of crease sticking to the clothes. The intensive wash option is one that is developed for extremely dirty and stained clothes. The next one is the wool programme that is specifically for woollen clothes. Next, there is the hand wash programme.

This is for clothes with a lot of delicate work and material that requires cautious handling. The wash will be similar to how it will be if it is done with soft and cautious touch. There is also the rinse hold programme which involves repeated, good rinsing. The next is the quick wash programme that can be used for every day normal use, when it does not require intensive washing or washing with a lot of care. There is also a Pre-wash programme that can be used once before the regular course of washing is taken up.

Next, there is child safety lock programme, where the sensors are kept under control while washing. This prevents the unnecessary opening of the door while the washing process is being carried on. Finally, there is the delicate wash programme. This is a programme wherein the clothes are washed delicately with a lot of care so as to prevent delicate fabric from being ruined. This is used mostly in case of clothes that are of very delicate material and with a lot of intricate working.

Additional Features:

LG F1447TD 1400 spin speed Washing Machine comes with a lot of additional features which includes the LED control panel that comes with a display, the Load sensor, the auto balance system, the foam sensing and removal system, the time remaining indicator and the spray rinse system. The LED control panel helps one to know the running time and errors if there are any through the display that is therein attached. The Load Sensor system is a weight detector mechanism through which one can learn what the load is and how much water is required.

There is also an auto balance mechanism whereby the sensors detect the imbalances if any and adjust them to produce optimum results in performance. The foam sensing and removal system as the name implies if there is any foam then it removes the same. The time remaining indicator indicates how much time is remaining for the washing or rinsing to be complete. The spray rinse system is useful when one particular portion of the clothing requires rinsing and thus saves water and the fabric.


The other extras in the LG F1447TD White Colour washing machine has a lot of other extra features inbuilt in it. This includes the audible end of the cycle beeper, 170 degree door opening angle of the 350mm door size, consumption of zero power on standby and variable temperatures to which it can adapt.


This LG F1447TD direct drive washing machine is a front loading washing machine. The spinning speed of the washing machine is 1400 rpm. It is 842 mm high, 600 mm width and 590 mm depth. The washing performance of the machine has been rated A. The energy rating is A++,  but the spin performance of this machine is rated only B. The power saving technology is the best feature of the machine as it automatically shifts to half load and thus saves power.

This washing machine is very silent in fact, one of the most silent washing machines, with a noise level of around 54 decibels. The good feature is that the door can be prevented from opening while washing. The washing time can also be delayed if that will be convenient in any way, by using the delay timer option that is available therein. This intelligent LG F1447TD direct drive washing machine provides optimal washing at all points of time whenever it is loaded.  Thus the wash performance is excellent and the sound or the noise is very mellow and hence, not annoying. The operating as well as the maintenance of the machine is very easy.

The drawbacks in the washing lie in the aluminium plate that covers the access portal on the rear side of the machine. The cotton programme is pretty slow so that is a disadvantage. However, one could choose an alternative programme if it is suitable. Another disadvantage is the fact that there is no mere spin. However, one could tackle with a spin and rinse. Another disadvantage is that the child lock button comes off automatically after the particular cycle is over. The standard cycle length is considered as being too long by many as it is three hours and more.


Rated A++ for its energy efficiency, this machine is without any doubt a very outstanding machine in terms of energy saving. The washing performance is also great and has been rated A. It saves water as the load will be detected and also the amount of water required. So, this machine is no doubt an outstanding machine for use by anyone.


The LG F1447TD direct drive, front loading washing machine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of two years, which excludes 2 years on labour or commercial use. The direct drive motor alone has a warranty period of ten years.


This is one of the best machines both in terms of Performance and in Appearance. This machine is the best that can be used whether it is for use as a household appliance or even for commercial purposes. The disadvantages are negligible and therefore, one could choose this machine without any kind of hesitation.

LG F1447TD 8kg Front Loading Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer LG
Model Name LG F1447TDWhite
Model Number F1447TD
Load Type Front Loading
Exterior colour White
Tub Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm 84.2 x 60.0 x 59.0 cm
Volume Capacity 8 kg
Wide Door Opening Yes
Number of wash functions 9
Wash Programmes Cotton, Delicate, Duvet, Hand wash/Wool, Rinse + Spin,
Synthetic and Half Load+
Extra Settings Intensive 60, Quick 30
Spin speed options Variable
Spin speed 1400 rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Stainless steel Drum
Temperatures 30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 90°C, Cold
Digital display Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes, Audible end of cycle beeper
Delay Start Timer Yes
Count down display Yes
Drying progress indicator No
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Program No
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Additional features Intelligent washing system,
Auto balance with foam sensing & removal,
standby power zero, spray rinse system, door size 350 mm,
door opening angle 170 degree,
audible end of cycle beeper, safety child lock,
Crease care wash, auto drain
Energy Consumption 1.23 kWh
Water Consumption 56
Energy Efficiency A
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency A
Warranty 2 years guarantee for the entire appliance,
10 year warranty for direct drive motor only
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