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Miele W 5740 Washing Machine Review

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Miele was founded in the year 1899 and has the motto “Forever Better”, which is reflected on its quality products. Miele was the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to receive the Environment Standard DIN EN ISO 14001 certification for all its factories. For over a century, the company has led the way in laundry technology. Some of their significant milestones include the world’s first washing machine with micro processor sensors and more recently, the revolutionary Miele Honeycomb Drum.

With their latest range of washing machines, Miele is once again setting new standards by combining the legendary tried and tested Miele quality with an elegant design to achieve an exceptional laundry care system for the next generation. In the following review, we will see about the Which? Magazine’s Best Buy Miele W 5740 freestanding washing machine.


miele-w-5740-washing-machineThe Miele W 5740 is one of those smart looking washing machines. It is designed with classic looks but these classic looks will not allow you to overlook the high-quality components and innovative technology under the crust. It has a slimline LCD display that contains numerous display settings to provide you with the information about the temperature of the wash process, programme on progress and also the spin speed and there is a single programme selector dial.

It is equipped with a direct enamelled front and an AutoClean detergent drawer. This washing machine is fitted with an ergonomically designed, large door opening that facilitates easy loading and unloading process.  The W 5740 features a large 7Kg capacity honeycomb drum that produces thin film of water to support the load, gently. This washing machine comes with the spin speed of 1400 rpm, whose high rotation value serves well in removing the water away from the clothes and drying them quickly.

Standard Programmes:

The standard programme options offered by W-5740 Front Loading Washing Machine include Automatic Plus, Cottons, Minimum iron, Delicates, Handwash or Woollens and Express 20.

Automatic Plus: The Automatic Plus option adjusts the water level, wash rhythm and spin speed to ensure the best care and wash for each individual garment. This programme generally performed well and the rinse was excellent, but the clothes did not come out quite as clean.
Automatic: The Automatic options is basically for the mixed loads of Cottons and Minimum iron fabrics. This programme adjusts to the type of load, saving you the trouble of working out which programme is best.
Express 20: With a duration of only 20 minutes, the Express 20 programme is ideal for washing up to 3.5 kg of lightly soiled cotton or minimum iron garments. Office going moms will give this a hearty welcome to Express 20, as it is just perfect for the special occasion and husband refuses to wear any other shirt that the one that is waiting for laundry.

Additional Programme options:

The Additional Programme options include Shirts, Dark Garments / Denim, Intensive Plus, Proofing, Starch and separate rinse and Drain / Spin. Without any doubts, a smart shirt or blouse is the core of many a smart outfit. The shirts programme minimises creases and thereby reduces your ironing load and frees up your time. The Denim programme protects your favourite jeans from creasing and prevents streaky discolouration, allowing you to look and feel great every time you wear them. Proofing complements the Outerwear programme to give a water and stain repellent finish to garments. The extra features of the Miele W 5740 HoneyComb Style Drum Washing Machine include Short, Water Plus, Pre-wash, Buzzer, Soak and Rinse Hold. The machine alerts you with a buzzing sound when it has finished with the wash process.

Low Temperature Washing:

We know that everyday laundry is often only slightly soil and does not need the water heated up to high temperatures to get it clean. With improved wash rhythms, spin and rinse profiles and new detergents, virtually all programmes on Miele’s W 5740 offer the option of economical washing at just 20°C or Cold. Washing at 20°C uses 67% less energy than washing at 40°C.

Extra Quite:

Miele has employed the W 5740 White Colour Washing Machine with the Extra Quite feature that allows you to minimise the noise levels when using your washing machine during quiet periods, for instance when people are sleeping. It takes advantage of a special wash rhythm and activates the rinse hold option to prevent the washing machine spinning when it could disturb you.

Safety Features:

The Water Control System incorporates a float switch to detect leaks, and a time controlled safety check which automatically closes off the water inlet. The other safety features include Check drain / inlet indicators, Automatic safety door lock, Fault diagnosis programme, Emergency door release, Easy access manual drain, Water inlet filter and In-operation lock.

Wash and Rinse Performance:

The W 5740 is one of the best performing washing machines we have ever tested. The machine breezes through a hefty seven Kg load in just over 2Hrs on the cotton programme, and take just an hour and a half on a full easy-care load of 4kg. It consistently shows excellent cleaning performance. The great cleaning performance is followed up with a very thorough rinse for both cotton and easy care garments, getting almost all the powder out of the machine. The ‘automatic plus’ programme was just as good as the normal 40°C cotton wash in every other area we tested – such as the time taken and the quality of the spin dry but uses less energy and water. It’s well worth using and should keep costs down.

Energy Efficiency:

The good news for the environment is the W 5740 7kg Capacity Washing Machine is extremely energy efficient. With a standard household load of 3.5 kg, the machine uses only 0.19 kWh of energy per kg of laundry and achieve an A rating for energy efficiency. Wash a full load of laundry and the energy consumption drops to just 0.15 kWh per kg of laundry which is an amazing 20% more economical than Energy Efficiency Rating A. This is not only helpful in terms of the caring for the environment but is economical too.


Miele offers W 5740 comes with a promotional 10 years warranty. This 10 years warranty includes 10 years part and labour cover and hence you can stay relaxed with peace.


The Miele W 5740 Front loading Washing Machine has a combination of classic design and high end features. It represents the ultimate in gentle, environmentally friendly laundry care. It offers an extensive range of sophisticated programmes and functions, and is simple and intuitive to use. With excellent wash and rinse results and high capacity drum, makes it an ideal choice for households with particularly large amounts of laundry.

Miele W 5740 Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Miele
Model Name Miele W 574
Model Number W 574
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior colour Lotus White
Drum Style Honeycomb
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm 850 x 96 x 615
Design features Direct enamel front
Removable panels
Ergonomic door opening (30 cm)
Anti-crease action
Self-cleaning detergent drawer
Standard run times & short option
Volume Capacity 7 kg
Wide Door Opening Yes
Number of wash functions 12
Wash Programmes Automatic Plus, Cottons, Minimum iron, Delicates,
Handwash or Woollens and Express 20
Extra Settings Shirts, Dark Garments / Denim, Intensive Plus, Proofing,
Starch and separate rinse and Drain / Spin
Spin speed options Variable
Rinse hold and No Spin
Spin speed Max: 1400 rpm
Min: 400rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Digital display Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer No
Time remaining display Yes
Dial Control Yes
Programme sequence indication Yes
Excess detergent indication Yes
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme No
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Additional features Choice of different languages
Water Plus System
Gentle action
Keypad tones
Energy-saving stand-by mode
Anti-crease action on/off
Display brightness / contrast
Lock code
Suds cooling
Safety features Water Control System
Check drain / inlet indicators
Automatic safety door lock
Fault diagnosis programme
Emergency door release
Easy access manual drain
Water inlet filter
In-operation lock
Energy Consumption 1.05
Water Consumption 55 litres
Energy Efficiency A+
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 10 years warranty for parts and labour

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