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Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6 Washing Machine Review

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The W500 series has the market leading technology and legendary Miele quality in the traditional classic design. The highlights of the models include controls that suite common people, easy loading and unloading and perfect timing. In the following review we will see in detail about one of the best selling models, Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6 Washing Machine.

A cool model:

miele-w562-prestige-plus-6-washing-machine-reviewThe Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6 Washing Machine is a cool update to your laundry room. As we had mentioned in the introduction, design has never been an issue, it is an absolute beauty to look at. It possesses simple rotary dial controls to soft touch push buttons and intuitive Navitronic controls on the top of the range models. The model also benefits from an LED display that informs you with time remaining until your wash is done, programmable functions and a various other useful information. The 30cm ergonomic door opening makes sure that loading and unloading of laundry is a breeze. With direct enamel front, you are guaranteed that the machine will not corrode or yellow for its life.

The control panel of Miele W562:

The main control panel of the washing machine has the LED display, additional option buttons (Short, Pre-wash, Soak and Water plus), indicator lights for spin speed, rinse hold or without spin, Spin Button, Programme selector, Programme Sequence indicator lights, check lights, On/Off buttons and Door Button. The excess detergent indicator is especially useful if you tend to over dose your machine.


With a capacity of 6Kg, it is brilliant for normal usage and day to day washing needs. With a variety of washing temperatures, you can rest assured that you will find that the settings that is just right for you and keep cloths at their best for longer. The in-built pre-wash function eliminates the even stubborn stains with ease. Reverse action, final cool tumble and stacking option are the other remarkable features of the device.

Programmable functions:

The programmable functions can be used to tailor washing programmes to suite your individual requirements. Some of the coolest functions of the W562 free standing washing machine include the timesaver, quickwash and half load function that allows you to take advantage of the lighter or less soiled loads by less energy and save heaps.

Every washing programme has a different duration and once the programme is selected, the estimated programme duration appears in the display. The programme duration may be longer or shorter depending on the absorbency rate. With the first 10 minutes, the machine measures the amount of water that is being absorbed by the laundry and makes use of this to calculate the load.

The main wash programmes offered by Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6 Front Loading Washing Machine includes Cottons, Minimum Iron, Delicates, Automatic, Dark Garments, Shirts, Denim, Express, Silks, Woolens, Drain/Spin and a Separate rinse/ Starch.

While dark garments or denim programme prevents creasing and streaky discolouration, the Smart shirt programme minimises creases, thereby reducing your ironing load and freeing up your time. Dark Garments programme raises water levels and rinse phases to ensure detergents are thoroughly removed.

Additional programmes:

As we had mentioned earlier, there are these additional option buttons to augment the basic wash programmes. They include Short, PreWash, Soak and Water Plus. Note that, with these four additional programmes, you can select only one at a time.

Short: This Programme is used to reduce the duration of the main wash programmes. It is basically for light to normal soiling with no visible staining. For instance, in the dark garments and denim programmes,2 rinses will be carried out instead of 3.

PreWash: PreWash programme is for laundry with huge amounts of dirt like dust and sand.

Soak: The soak functionality is for the heavily soiled and stained items with protein stains like blood, fats, oils and cocoa. A length of time between thirty minutes and 2 hours can be programmed in 30 minute increments for soak process, while the default is set to two hours.

WaterPlus: This programme allows you to increase the water level for a wash process. You are allowed to choose from one of four settings. The machine is set at the factory so that the water level in the main wash and rinses will be increased in the water plus button is pressed.

Anti-crease action:

At the end of a wash program, the drum continues to turn intermittently to prevent creasing.

Spin options:

Miele has offered you with several spin options such as 1300, 900, 600, 400, rinse hold and without spin. With the highest spin rate of 1300rpm, very less residual moisture is left in the cloths at the end of the wash. Just press the spin button repeatedly until the indicator light for the spin speed you wish comes on. Even though you will be able to reduce the final spin speed, you cannot select a final speed that is higher than what is preset. As you might be aware, there is a spin after the main wash and between rinses.

A reduction in the final spin speed will also reduce the interim spin speed. If a spin speed of less than 700 rpm is selected for a “Cottons” programme, an additional rinse will be introduced. If you select the without spin setting, the laundry is not spun after the final rinse and the water will drain away. The machine goes straight into the anti-crease stage and an additional rinse is selected for cottons, minimum iron and automatic programmes.

Safety features:

Miele offers a lot of safety features including water control system which is a float switch that detects leaks and can trigger the water inlet to close. The other features include Check drain/ inlet indicators, Automatic safety door lock, Fault indication, Emergency door release, Easy access manual drain and 2 water inlet filter.


Now that we know about W562 Prestige Plus 6’s features and functionality, let u have a look on how it performs. We have to admit that this washing machine has an excellent cotton program that gets the cloths spotless. Easy care program is also at its best as far as cleaning is concerned. All the main wash programmes are really quick; for instance, the 40C cotton wash program takes just 114 minutes to wash a full load of 6Kgs load of dirty laundry. While the cotton program has an excellent energy and water efficiency, the easy care program has only average water efficiency.

Energy ratings:

Miele has managed to achieve top ranks in the European Comparison tests, not less than three times, which includes low energy consumption grade of A+, outstanding wash performance  (A) and outstanding spin performance (B). The energy consumption of the machine is 1.02kWh. The water consumption per cycle at 60 degrees C is 49 Litres.


Miele offers its W562 Prestige Plus 6 front loading washing machine a free 5 year warranty for parts and labour.


The Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6 Washing Machine is a very cool functional product that will update any laundry room. It is designed to conform to one of the highest possible energy ratings and laundry is made extremely easy with its multitude of settings and has all quality that you could possibly hope for. With 13 programmes to choose from, you get optimum cleaning results in every laundry. The range of features are excellent which is well complimented by high energy, water and spin rates and excellent cleaning. This is one of the best buys you could go for with great peace of mind.

Miele W562 6 kg Capacity Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Miele
Model Name Miele W562 Prestige Plus 6
Model Number W 562
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing available Lotus White
Tub Microhole Drum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 × 59.5 x 58 cm
Depth with door open 97.5 cm
Weight 93 Kg
Volume Capacity 6.0 Kg
Wash Programmes Dark Garments / Denim (cold-60)
Shirts (cold-60)
Dark Garments / Denim (cold-40)
Separate Rinse
Separate drain and spin
Automatic (cold-40)
Cottons (30-95)
Delicates (cold-60)
Denim (cold-60)
Handwash/ woolens (cold-40)
Handwash/ silks (cold-40)
Express (cold-40)
Minimum Iron (30-60)
Additional options Standard run times and short options
Programmable options Water plus system
Gentle action
Soak time
Suds cooling
Spin speeds Min: 400

Max: 1300

Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Drum
Digital display Yes
Programme sequence indicator Yes
Excess detergent indicator Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer No
Count down display Yes
Intensive wash option Yes
Wool programme Yes
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme – 65°C No
Variable spin Yes
Variable temperature Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Standard cotton time 1 hour and 54 minutes
Easy care time 1 hour and 20 minutes
Safety features Water control system
Check drain/ inlet indicators
Automatic safety door lock
Fault indication
Emergency door release
Easy access manual drain
2 water inlet filter
Energy Consumption 1.02 Kwh
Water Consumption 49 litres
Energy Efficiency A+
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 1 year

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