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AEG-Electrolux 74850M Front Loading Washing Machine Review

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AGE-Electrolux is a Swedish company that offers a variety of washing machines that is typically on the higher end cost. It had recently launched the new AEG Super Eco washing machine range, which claims to wash effectively even at very low temperatures. They are known for their high quality performance and top and features. In the following review, we will see about the Electrolux Eco 74850M Washing Machine that is designed to give you a perfect wash result every time, with a host of advanced features and wash programs to suite every need.


aeg-electrolux-74850m-front-loading-washing-machineDesign of the AEG Electrolux Lavamat 74850M is the very first thing that will attract you. It is one of those machines that will stand out from the crowd. It comes in a stainless steel finishing that is simply gorgeous. It comes in a usual construction of detergent dispenser drawer, control panel, drum light, door opening handle, rating plate, drain pump and three adjustable feet. The control panel includes the programme selector dial, display and an array of buttons including temperature, spin reduction, options, OK, quick, start/pause and delay start button. The display provides you with all the information you will ever need: temperature symbol, spin speed, rinse hold, night cycle symbol, programme phase symbol, options, door symbol, quick option symbol, washing programme duration or delayed start and delay start symbol. The load capacity of the machine is 7Kg.

Brushless Motor:

The Electrolux Eco 74850M Stainless Steel Washing Machine is equipped with a powerful new brushless constructed motor is not only designed to be more durable but also provides a superior performance versus standard motors. With this advanced technology, the machine provides a more powerful wash performance, shorter wash times and quieter operation during washing and spinning cycles.

Advanced fuzzy logic:

Advanced fuzzy logic calculates the precise amount of water required for the main wash and rinse, giving the best possible wash and rinse performance with the lowest possible detergent and energy consumption.


Acoustic indications are given at end of the cycle and in the event of operating problems. By pressing the Spin and Options buttons simultaneously for about six seconds, and the acoustic signals will be deactivated, except for the events of operating issues. By pressing these two buttons, you can reactivate the acoustic signals.

Wash Programmes:

The AEG Electrolux 74850M 7kg washing machine comes with a set of wash programs including White cottons, coloured cottons, hygiene, jeans, synthetics, easy iron, delicates, Blanket, Wool, Lingerie, Silk, Sport jackets, Sport intensive, Quick intensive and Economy. We will see about some of the special programmes.

Hygiene: The washing program for white cottons. This program eliminates the micro-organisms thanks to the washing by 60°C and an additional rinse. So that this action is more effective, place into the compartment “Stains” a special additive “Hygiene” and select the option “Stains”.

40-60 Mix: Special programme for white and coloured cotton suitable for different washing temperatures. This programme can be used for laundry, which should be washed at 40°C or 60°C separately. So, you can put into the drum the maximum load capacity in order to save energy and water. You will obtain the same good washing result as a normal programme at 60°C.

Jeans: With this programme it is possible to wash items like pants, shirts or jackets in Jeans and also jersey realized with hi-tech materials. The Extra Rinse option will be activated automatically.

Easy Iron: Selecting this programme the laundry is gently washed and spun to avoid any creasing. In this way ironing is easier. Furthermore the machine will perform additional rinses.

Viscose: Special programme for fabrics such a viskose, cupro, lyocell, which will be washed with a more gently machine action than in the Delicates programme and with a more intensive cleaning action than the Handwash programme.

Lingerie: This programme is suitable for very delicate items, as lingerie, bras and underwear etc. The maximum washing temperature is 40°C. The maximum spin speed is automatically reduced to 1200 rpm.

Sport Intensive: This programme is suitable for washing heavily soiled sport items. The machine will add automatically a prewash phase before the main wash to eliminate mud stains. We recommend you not to put the detergent into the compartment of the detergent drawer.

Economy: This programme can be selected for slightly or normally soiled cotton items. The temperature will decrease and the washing time will be extended. This allows obtaining a good washing efficiency by saving energy.

Quick intensive: The quick intensive wash programme washes a 5kg (up to 25 shirts) wash load in 1 hour, delivering ‘A’ class wash performance. It is the only one of its kind in the market that delivers A wash performance in an hour for a 5kg load capacity.

Stain action function: The stain action function allows you to use stain removing agents with bio powder. By having a fourth compartment for dispensing stain remover, the powder is only dispensed once the wash is at 40ºc making stain removing treatment more effective.

Child Lock:

Child Safety lock has become a must have feature in the washing machines of today, especially, if they belong to the front loading category. Hence, AEG Electrolux has not left out this option and this allows the device to be left unsupervised without having the worry of children getting injured or cause any damage to the appliance. The Child Safety function remains able even when the washer dryer is not working.

Rinse Hold:

When the Rinse Hold option is selected, the water of the last rinse is not emptied out to prevent the fabrics from creasing. At the end of the programme, the start or pause pilot light goes off and the door is blocked to indicate that the water must be emptied out. If you opt to go for the Night Cycle, the machine will not drain the water of the last rinse, so as to not to wrinkle the laundry. This makes all the spinning phases suppressed, making the wash cycle noiseless and can be selected at night, or at times with a much more economical power rate.

Program Combination:

Depending on the programme type, different functions can be combined. Note that, not all the options are compatible between themselves and to assist you, the Eco 74850M will not display the incompatible options. However, if an option which is not compatible with a set of washing programmes or any other option is selected, the ERR message is displayed and the yellow start/pause pilot light starts flashing.


AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M free standing washing machine comes with a prewash option that allows your laundry to be prewashed at 30oC before the main wash cycle. The Prewash ends with a short spin in programmes for cotton and synthetic fabrics, whereas in the programmes for delicate fabrics the water is only drained. Stain option is also available to treat heavily soiled or stained laundry with stain remover, which is nothing but an extended main wash with time optimised stain action phase. This option is not available with a temperature lower than 40°C.


The Electrolux 74850M 1400 RPM Spin Speed Washing Machine has also offered the Sensitive option which reduces the intensity of washing. The machine adds just one rinse in the programmes for Cottons, 40°-60° Mix and Synthetics and note that, This option is non-compatible with the Extra Rinse option. The machine is designed for saving water. However, for people with delicate skin, it may be necessary to rinse the laundry using an extra quantity of water. You can also choose to activate this option permanently for every washing cycle. All that you have to do is, press Temp and Essorage simultaneously for about six seconds.

Delay Start:

Delay Start is yet another essential feature that the AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M front loading washing machine has managed to squeeze in. To activate this function, press the delay start button repeatedly to select the desired delay and the corresponding symbol will appear on the display.


AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M stainless steel washing machine offers top class performance in most programme options. The quick programme option is really quick without leaving out any dirt and the wide range of programme options available allows you to optimise your wash performance every time. No wonder it possesses ‘A’ class wash performance and ‘B’ Class Spin performance.

AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M is an ultra quite model that is equipped with noise insulation panels, which absorb high frequency noise, making the washing machines noticeably quieter. The Eco 74850M has got A-10% energy efficiency.


AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M washing machine comes with five years manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labour.


The AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M front loading washing machine is currently one of the best in the market. It has its designer look that is sure to attract any body. With loads of features, functions and wash programme options, the Eco 74850M justifies its price tag. The performance too is outstanding.

AEG-Electrolux 74850M Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer AEG Electrolux
Model Name AEG Electrolux Eco 74850M
Model Number 74850M
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior colour Stainless steel
Tub Material Plastic
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm 85 x 60 x 60
Volume Capacity 7 kg
Wide Door Opening Yes
Wash Programmes White cottons, coloured cottons, hygiene, jeans, synthetics,
easy iron, delicates, Blanket, Wool, Lingerie, Silk,
Sport jackets, Sport intensive, Quick intensive and Economy
Extra Settings Rinses, Drain, Spin
Spin speed options Variable
Spin speed 1400 rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Stainless steel Drum
Temperatures 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, Cold
Digital display Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Count down display Yes
Drying progress indicator Yes
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme No
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Additional features Silent system plus
Inverter motor
Large display for feedback on programmes and options
Advanced fuzzy logic
Mixed fabric programme
Wool plus programme
Quick intensive
Ultra quick wash
Outdoor sports
Easy iron
Stain action
Time save function
Energy Consumption 1.19 kWh
Water Consumption 52 Litres
Energy Efficiency A
Water Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 5 years

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