Montague FIT Pavement Bike Review


Montague FIT Pavement Bike Review

Montague FIT Pavement Bike is suitable for you who have just started to ravel for a folding bicycle. Montague bicycle has become a lot of people’s choice especially if you’re planning on to use the bicycle downtown. This bicycle has been specially designed for normal usage such as for commuting or fitness purpose.

Montague FIT Pavement Bike made especially to fulfill the need of people who lives in the city and use their bicycle for in-town activity. The tire was made to suit the pavement or bikers area, and completed with an anti-grip technology preventing from slip during bicycle riding.

Due to its flexibility, the bicycle has been seen a lot in town. You can see people carry it in public transportation such as train or bus, bring it anywhere with them. The reason is simply because the product serves what many people been asked for. Reasonable price with sufficient features.

Montague FIT Pavement Bike positive aspects:


  • The slim design from Montague FIT Pavement Bike makes it lively and seems energetic. With a slim flat tire that would fit the city road, this modern designed vehicle could take you anywhere you want. The bicycle also has a large tire, in size 19” and 21” depends on your current body posture.
  • Another positive point from this Montague FIT Pavement Bike is its unique folding technology. The bicycle could be folded under 20 seconds with its modern technology, the result of clever integration from the patented CLIX system and the FIT system. So when you’re in hassle during your busy schedule, folding and unfolding this bicycle is not an issue for you.
  • After being folded, Montague FIT Pavement Bike will turned out into a small package with a dimension of 36” x 28” x 12”. With this compact size, you can easily carry it with you in public transport, put it in the backseat or even put it between empty spaces in your room. Being portable is a necessity as part of an urban lifestyle.
  • Montague FIT Pavement Bike also being sold in a relatively affordable price and worth every features being offered. Montague FIT Pavement Bike cheap price, for only $1,399 you can get a foldable bicycle with an equal features other more expensive brands offer.


Montague FIT Pavement Bike negative aspects:

  • Unfortunately if you’re looking for a bicycle that can be versatile and used both in heavy rocky fields and smooth pavement, you can’t use this Montague FIT Pavement Bike. This bicycle is specially made as city vehicle so bumpy road usage will only cause a terrible damage. Another disappointing issue from this product is the fact that this vehicle won’t be delivered in a complete condition. Montague FIT Pavement bike doesn’t come with bike pedals. So if you’ve ordered this item, you will have to buy your own pedals and assemble it yourself. Seems disappointing that even for something minor like pedals the manufacturer can’t seem to provide it for your, for no obvious reason. Especially when this item comes at the price of over a thousand dollar.

While the other features are not stand out or seemingly too different compared to other brand, the manufacturer should’ve fix little issue like this. Fixing this kind of minor problem will show their appreciation to customers. Especially since Montague has become a bicycle brand that’s most used by people. Montague manufacturer should’ve paid more attention to this pedals issue on Montague FIT Pavement Bike.

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