Pfaff 2170 Sewing Machine Review: Creative Vision for Your Latest Creations


Pfaff 2170 Sewing Machine Review: Creative Vision for Your Latest Creations

TheĀ Pfaff 2170 sewing machine is one of the latest creations of the very well-known brand called Pfaff.

Thus, you can expect it to have all of the newest technology you hope to find in your sewing machine.

It may look like a very ordinary equipment, but when you will start using it, you will discover that the Pfaff model 2170 is definitely more than the ordinary.

Most of all you can find amazing sets of embroideries – they are all bright, large, and just beautiful.

Pfaff 2170 Sewing Machine overview

pfaff-2170-sewing-machineThe 2170 sewing machine from Pfaff offers more than 100 different stitching patterns that you can choose from. All in all, there are around 500 of them.

It can also connect to your PC and vice versa with the use of a USB. The screen is hi-definition, and LED lights can be used to illuminate your working area.

Advantages Of Pfaff 2170

1. It has large working space compared to other sewing machines.

The Pfaff 2170 sewing machine takes pride of its working area. The one you can find is described as super-sized, a far cry from the usual 4 x 4 space that you see in standard sewing machines.

This way, you can conveniently work on any fabric, big or small. You may even have extra space to put on the accessories and other things that may come in handy for your sewing project.

2. You can actually edit the different stitching designs.

As a computerized sewing equipment, you can have more control on the look of the stitches, and even on the sewing patterns. You can have them resized, rotated, or elongated-anything you want to do them to give every project its own unique look.

3. You can take advantage of its memory function.

If you don’t have much enough time to finish a particular sewing project, Pfaff 2170 sewing machines can actually allow you to save your unfinished work right into the sewing equipment. This way, you don’t need to second-guess where you’ve stopped or even go back from the very beginning.

4. It has a beautiful resolution for its display screen.

Pfaff 2170 sewing machines are one of the very few that carry an HD display screen. This means that not only is it colored, but it can display the stitches and patterns in the clearest and sharpest possible way.

5. The LED lights make it possible for you to properly see even the tiniest detail of your work.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t settle for the second best, then the 2170 sewing equipment from Pfaff may just be what you need. It is equipped with LED lights, which then allow you to carefully and properly see the stitches that you are currently working on.

Disadvantages Of Pfaff 2170

1. This is not the machine for the plain Jane.

If you’re searching for something plainer, then the 2170 from Pfaff may not fit the bill. This is since it doesn’t come average at all.

2. You may encounter some problems with its USB connection.

A lot of consumers would often find some trouble trying to establish compatibility between the software of the sewing equipment and their own PC. You may want to check first if it does work at your end.

Consumer Reviews

I definitely love my Pfaff model 2170. The screen allows me to see easily any broken threads. Actually having an HD screen on the sewing machine sounds to be the coolest thing ever. And since I’m into quilting, I love the fact that it has a big working area.-Gladys
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