Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Electric Shaver Review


Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Electric Shaver Review

The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Electric Shaver is for men who want to shave as quickly as possible, at least that is what Philips claim in what they are calling their quickest, most convenient and skin friendly shaver. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the PowerTouch Pro PT920 has to offer and see if it really is that fast.

The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 is part of a new range of shavers with a focussed on quicker shaving. It incorporates ultra-thin shaving heads and a triple track which means that it has 50% more shaving surface than a normal electric shaver. The idea is that, with 50% more shaving surface, you’ll be able to shave more of your face at any one time and therefore get your shave finished in record time.

Along with this new focus on sped, the PT920 promises to be as close a shaver as ever, and has Philips well-known Super Lift and Cut built-in. There are two blades in each head; one that gently lifts the hair away from the skin, and one that then cuts it. Pulling the hair from the skin before cutting means that the it can be cut as low as possible.


Another new feature on the Philips PowerTouch PT920 is the introduction of holes and slots on the blades themselves. The holes make sure that shorter stubble is captured and cut, where as longer hairs are caught in the slots and taken care of. You won’t struggle, therefore, with different hair lengths and types; the PT920 will catch them all.

In the interests of reducing skin sensitivity and irritation, Philips have built what they call SmartPivot technology into the PowerTouch Pro PT920. The shaver has “flexing” heads which can swivel through the full range of motion. As you shave, the heads adjust to the shape of your face and the contours of your skin, with the idea being to maintain skin contact at all times. This ensures that you don’t need to go over areas twice, and reduces the amount of friction on your skin. This means less irritation.

To top off the package, the PT920 also has an extremely efficient battery. It takes just 1 hour to give it a full charge, and a full battery gives 60 minutes shaving time. If you do find you forget to give it a charge and run out of battery, a quick 3 minute charge will give you enough power for one full shave, so no more getting caught with a dead battery in the morning. Very handy!

The shaver head is washable; you just flip it open and then run it under a tap after you’ve finished shaving. The PT920 also comes with charging stand, and a soft carry pouch for traveling.

Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Features and Specification

  • Ultra thin shaver heads – get as close to the skin as possible for close shaving
  • Triple track – 50% more shaving surface for faster shaves
  • Slots and holes on the heads capture different lengths and types of hair
  • Super Lift and Cut – dual blade technology lifts hair up before chopping, cutting as close as possible
  • SmartPivot – maintains skin contact by following the contours of the face. Gives a closer shaver and causes less irritation
  • Efficient battery – 1 hour charge for 60 minutes battery life. 3 minute charge gives enough power for a single shave
  • Water washable shaver head


Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Customer Reviews and Feedback

The PowerTouch Powertouch PT920 hasn’t been out on the market for very long, but early signs are pointing to a very satisfied group of early users. In fact, the early reviews of the PT920 are so good that just under 95% of them are 5 star reviews!

First of all, almost all of the customer reviews mentioned that the closeness of the shaver provided by the PT920 was very good. Quite a few of them even went as far to say that gives the best shave of any electric shaver that they’d ever used. It was also mentioned several times that the smoothest of the skin after shaving was actually quite close to a wet shave with a razor blade.

Importantly, it seems that Philips have also achieved their goal in creating the ‘fastest’ shaver too, with several customers reporting that it was much quicker to use the PowerTouch Pro PT920 in the morning that to use their manual razor blade.

“This Philips Powertouch Pro shaver is advertised as `the fastest way through your morning routine,’ and it really does live up to its promises. Not only is it quick but the floating heads give a very close shave, comparable to a wet shave”

Users of the PT920 were also very impressed with the gentleness of the shave, saying that the pivoting head does a very good job of maintaining skin contact, even over bumpy and hard to shave areas such as the chin and neck. Many confirmed also that they found little no irritation after shaving with the PT920. In fact, one review who said that they had avoided electric shavers for 20 years due to bad skin irritation gave the PT920 a try and experience no irritation at all; definitely a good sign of the gentleness of this shaver on the skin!

“The pivoting mount for the shaving heads is really effective, keeping contact with the skin at almost any angle and with absolutely no razor-burn, no nips or nicks like some of the old electric models could give”

Users also loved the efficiency of the battery, and it seems that this is living up to Philips promises in all areas. Customers reported that it took about 60 minutes to give the PowerTouch Pro PT920 a full charge. On a full charge, the shaver was giving a full 60 minutes shaving time. This is definitely a huge point in favour of the PT920, as anybody who has endured over-night charges before will confirm!

“The battery life is excellent. I haven’t taken a stopwatch to it but I think Philips’ claims of getting 60 minutes shave time from a 60 minute charge is true. I’ve let the battery run out once (which took ages- 60 minutes of shaving is quite a few shaves) and even when the battery was pretty low it still gave a relatively powerful shave”

The PT920 is quote a new product, and as such we’re still waiting for a lot of reviews and feedback to arrive. Of the feedback that has so far been collected, all of it has been extremely positive. We’ve struggled to find any negative comments about this shaver at all! For that reason, we’re going to add one (we can’t let anyone get away with full marks)! One thing to note is that you can’t have a wet shave using a foam or gel with this shaver. However Philips have catered for men who prefer a wet shave with the Philips AT890.


The Philips PT920 does come with a carry case, but unfortunately it a soft case. We can’t for the life of us understand why Philips on’t include a hard case with their shavers, like they do with their electric toothbrushes! It’s a minor problem though, and in all fairness the case does seem to be quite well padded. We’re not going to penalise the PT920 too much for this, that would be very unfair!

Philips seem to have gone somewhat back to basics with this shaver. Rather than cram in a huge amount of gimmicks or unnecessary features they seem to have concentrated on the key areas that make using an electric shaver a joy; quick and close shaving, gentle on the skin, and fantastic battery life. If you’re looking for a really good core shaving experience without any bells and whistles, you should definitely take a look at the Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920. It’s got our recommendation for sure, and a well deserved 4.5 stars!


Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Review Summary

The Good
  • Great shaving, very close and makes skin feel smooth
  • Much faster than wet shaving with a razor blade
  • Pivoting head is very gentle on the skin, many customers experienced no irritation at all
  • Carry case is a soft case. A hard case would be better, but the soft case does seem well padded at least
The Bad
  • You need to be prepared to use the recommended shaving technique to get the best results; however this is very easy to learn and apply for the benefit of less skin burn
  • More expensive (but better) than the budget Philips PT720
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