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Photive PH-BTE70 Headphones Review

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When you are doing your morning exercise routine, jogging or working out at the gym, it’s great to have a good quality sports headphone getting you in the groove with your favorite music playlist. However, most of these sports headphones just won’t stay comfortably in your ears when you move too much.

Now there is a solution to this common problem – Photive has created a beautiful pair of sports earbuds that will stay securely in place. The Photive PH-BTE 70 headphones are suitable for anyone who has a very active lifestyle, and they are designed to fit comfortably in the ears while delivering clear and crisp sound quality. The headphones can be easily adjusted to fit comfortably into your ears, so having these headphones fall off will never be a problem – even during the most intense physical activities.

photive-ph-bte70-headphones-reviewPhotive PH-BTE 70: Pros & Cons

  • In terms of comfort, the Photive PH-BTE 70 ranks very high and gets a perfect score. It’s truly lightweight and the bendable hooks are soft, adjustable and do not hurt the ears even after long hours of use. When hooking it up to the gadgets, it automatically connects without any problem.
  • The audio is superb with clear and crisp sound. Even when you turn the volume up, the sound remains solid without any distortions. The bass quality is great for a mid-range level sports headphone.
  • The battery life is longer compared to other brands of sports headphones. It can be used 6 hours straight for listening to music and talking to your friends.
  • It is water resistant and sweat-proof, which is perfect for people who love doing workouts. It is IPx6 water resistant, which means that it can seriously repel a good amount of water. This feature provides a higher level of durability for this sports headphone.
  • The on board controls and buttons are very easy to use and anyone can figure it out quickly. The buttons are also responsive to the touch.
  • The Photive PH-BTE 70 does not have a noise cancellation feature, which would have been a great addition to an already awesome sports headphone.
  • For a mid-range sports headphone, the Photive PH-BTE 70 provides a great bass sound. However, if you want a more professional quality of bass, you may need to invest a bit more into a high-quality headphone.

Headphone Comfort

This Photive PH-BTE 70 review just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible comfort level and style of this device.

Some sports earbuds are made to fit in your ears securely without slipping off, but the snug fit soon becomes uncomfortable to wear. Photive realized that wearing earbuds for several hours can be a discomfort for anyone, and released this much improved design as a solution. The PH-BTE 70 headphones are smaller in size, lighter, and incorporate softer materials to bring unmatched comfort for the user. The ear hooks are easily bendable to cling comfortably around your ears, but aren’t so snug or rigid that they’ll cause discomfort after prolonged wear. However, the headphones are still sturdy and secure, and won’t get loose even under intense physical movements. These headphones incredibly won’t give your ears any discomfort after several hours of wear.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Photive PH-BTE 70 headphones is above average and offer premium drivers, delivering a rich deep bass sound. It also utilizes the advanced APTX sound, which allows it to emit smooth and clear acoustic quality. These features make the Photive headphones perfect for any music lovers who want their tunes loud and pumping in their ears. Photive did a great job in delivering such fantastic sound quality in a compact sports headphone.

Headphones for Working Out

As mentioned before, Photive PH-BTE 70 headphones are truly designed for those with an active lifestyle in mind. These headphones are completely sweat-proof, so they won’t have any trouble staying in place. They are also weatherproof and IPx6 rated for water resistance so you can use it outdoors in any weather condition without worry. These features are made possible with the headphones’ Liquipel technology, which is a thin coating over the headphones that repels water and protects them from being damaged by any sweat ormoisture. It is truly designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and anyone who loves breaking into a sweat at the gym.

Headphones with Control

You won’t need to reach for your phone when you want to play, pause, or stop your music with these headphones – the Photive PH-BTE 70 already has its own on-board controls. These controls are located conveniently on the side of the earbud and it has various functioning buttons to easily control your music, volume, and voice calls. You can skip tracks, pause, and play while listening to your favorite music, or you can answer your calls with these on-board controls. No more rummaging around with your phone while getting a call, these headphones will make your life easier.

Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

The Photive PH-BTE 70 headphones feature Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which means you can move around freely with your earbuds without being tethered to your phone. It can connect up to 33 feet wirelessly to any of your devices, and can be used for up to 6 hours per charge so you can use it even during the longest morning runs. The incredible wireless range is one feature that makes this sports headphone an awesome choice for anyone with an active lifestyle.


With its lithium polymer battery, these Photive headphones can last up to 6 hours in between charges, and takes only about 2 hours to charge back up to full. Perfect for those who don’t want to be waiting around forever for their headphones to charge before heading off to the gym.


When you purchase the Photive PH-BTE 70, it comes with 3 pairs of ear tips, carrying pouch and USB charging cable. Definitely try the different sized ear tips to see which size fits you most comfortably.

The Final Verdict

The Photive PH-BTE 70 Headphones are an awesome pair of sports headphones for an active lifestyle.

The Photive PH-BTE 70 is perfect for people who want excellent sound quality while working out or on the go. The design is meant to keep the wearer comfortable at all times, but the design still packs so many features into such a small pair of sports headphones. Bluetooth 2.0 Technology, 33 Feet Wireless Range, Sweat and IPx6 Water Resistant, 6 Hour Battery Life – a lot of features packed into a compact pair of headphones. Photive has truly created a sports headphone that is suitable for everyone at a reasonable price.

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