Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX Review


Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX Review

Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX is an innovative chainsaw that includes an 18” bar, and an anti-vibration technology that allows the isolation of its engine from its chassis. This product has enhanced safety features and reduced vibration. The manufacturer improved the product’s comfort features, allowing customers to use it easier even if they are not professionals. The Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX comes with the guaranteed inertia-activated brake that stops the rotation of the chain when kickbacks happen. It comes with a self-oiling system lubricating the chain and bar continually while in use.

poulan-pro-chainsaw-pp4218avxThis product is also proud to boost its vertical cylinder design (Durachrome). Apart from that, the Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX also has an enhanced pulley starting technology, and a reverse sprocket, allowing you to replace the chain easily. It has an extra clean air filtration technology. This product also comes with a soft-touch grip. This Poulan Pro ChainSaw comes with a case keeping the saw clean and neat, storing your chainsaw perfectly. Moreover this product comes fully-assembled and has a year of warranty.

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Poulan Professional Chainsaws are known in providing customers with high-quality chainsaws built with the greatest and latest features in the market. Nothing can perform any of your cutting tasks like a professional with the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX.

Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX Features

  • Comes with an enhanced handle, providing more safety and comfort to users
  • Has an 18” guide bar
  • Comes with  reverse sprocket for easier chain replacement
  • Includes an automatic oiler, lubricating the chain and bar continually while in use
  • CARB Compliant: No
  • Comes with a carrying case for easier transport
  • Has an anti-vibration handle
  • One year warranty

Poulan Pro ChainSaw PP4218AVX Quick Reviews

After scouring the Internet for various customer reviews regards this product, I was begin to discover how users receive the Poulan Pro ChainSaw. Many of them are noting on the machine’s capability for a quick start. They are saying that they are not having a hard time to use this chainsaw even if they are not experts. They are saying that with the Poulan Pro ChainSaw; they can perform their cutting task with ease and safety.

They are not having any problem with this chainsaw since it is equipped with anti-vibration system, allowing the user to use with safety and comfort. They are also noting on the auto-oiling system that comes with the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX, enabling their chainsaw to continually be lubricated while in use. Many customers are also claiming that with the Poulan Pro ChainSaw, they are cutting wood five times more than what they used to cut with another chainsaw.

Some customers love this product because it does not leak oil when you put it down. They are also saying that the Poulan Pro ChainSaw has a better chain adjustment than other chainsaws, and no tools are necessary. Customers are also saying that this product has a heavier built and more flawless running. Many customers are noting that the products own weight is the one that actually exert effort in cutting the wood and not them (users). Many customers are also claiming that the Poulan Pro Chainsaw cuts faster and better than their old ones, and they are saving much of their time.

In general this product receives positive reviews from customers who bought it for their cutting task. They are satisfied with this purchase, and say that the Poulan Pro ChainSaw is one of their best buys. However there are also a fair number of negative reviews. Most of them are about getting a defective chainsaw. Also there are others that claimed that the Poulan Pro Chainsaw engine could not restart after using a few times. Fortunately, there is a one year warranty for this chainsaw and you can swap for a brand new one.

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