PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell Set Review


PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell Set Review

From a look within the market of gym equipment, it can be seen where there is an apparent upsurge of a vast number of dumbbell types. The same trend is currently revealing itself for the adjustable typed dumbbell, as numerous companies are adapting to the adjustable typed because of its added benefits to its users.

The PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell set is a newly innovated product line which proves to be very cost effective. This product has generated great customer reviews following its introduction to the market.

Some customers revealed that they were reluctant at first to purchase the dumbbell set which led us to focus on whether these dumbbells worth what’s on their price tag or not.

About PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell Set Review

One of the superior manufacturers of adjustable dumbbells, PowerBlock, was one of the first companies to introduce the new technology of adjustable dumbbells. This new form of technological advancement sees more sales for the adjustable type as opposed to the standard typed dumbbells. Adjustable type dumbbells are

effective and is very user friendly. These dumbbells are distinctly different from its native counterpart with a guiding color coded imprint for easier use. This proves to be very functional while using PowerBlock classic Dumbbells.


The Pin Adjustment System

The color coded guide as introduced above, which is fitted on the dumbbell is not for decorative purposes but serves primarily to aid in the selection of the preferred weight by the user. The color coded guide for weight selection distinguishes the amount of weight by color on a chart displaying a specific weight for each color.

A pin is also present which is essentially used in the weight selection process where it is detached and placed in the appropriate color slots. This is very easy, as this is so, many customers find it to be very satisfying. The dumbbell can now be lifted as a part of an exercising session.

A Variety of Weight Options

One main characteristic that is responsible for PowerBlock’s superiority is the capability of the adjustable dumbbells to be adjusted between 5 up to 70 pounds. This is a huge improvement when compared to other adjustable dumbbells on the market. The PowerBlock classic 70 is very unique in that it can be modified wit 2.5 pound increments as well as 5 pound increments.

The increased maximum weight of 70 pounds enables the user to also enjoy over 20 load alternatives. The Powerblock adjustable dumbbell is highly recommended for starters due its adjustable nature. These dumbbells enable a smooth transition between load sizes once a particular weight is of no discomfort for the user during exercising which can gradually increase muscle strength.


Many advantages accompany these adjustable dumbbells but the ones users often are concerned about is its durability as well as its ergonomic characteristics. From the steel material which is employed in the production process for these dumbbells suggest that these will be around for a very long time. The other factor is whether or not a pair of training gloves is required to hold these dumbbells without slippage or injuries to the user’s palms. The handles of the dumbbells are so designed to provide comfort for the hands which is a huge development.

My Conclusion

In the purchasing of the PowerBlock Classic 70 Dumbbell set, a 10-year home use warranty is awarded, which is an added bonus to which customers take very kindly. The price had me thinking whether or not I should invest in these dumbbells, but with this purchase I found that I was saving and I would not have to make any future purchases.

I also found that purchasing standard dumbbells with a standard weight combined, would prove to be even more expensive than the adjustable typed dumbbells as I would have to purchase by weight 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds and so on. Since after acquiring this set of dumbbells I have been using them for an extended period and I was so amazed as I have yet to find any issues. I am glad I made the right choice of getting my set of dumbbells while stock lasts!

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