PowerBlock SpeedBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

PowerBlock SpeedBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

Do PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells really give you the performance that you need? Is it worth the cost? Well, with these dumbbells, muscle building in the upper body can be a bit more endurable than doing pushups and alternate workouts. To achieve this, you must first ensure that you obtain all the suitable tools.

In fact, several persons have subsequently opted to utilize the adjustable dumbbell. For persons who’ve ever made an effort to garner dumbbells of this sort, the PowerBlock would not have been a stranger to them.

However, further on there’ll be more details about the PowerBlock SpeedBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells, as well as my history with them.

Uniquely Designed

As a result of the contemporary, color-coded system and related digits introduced by the PowerBlock, weight adjustments can be easily performed. In fact, I was a bit disconcerted at my initial view of the PowerBlock.

To choose the weight that suits your needs, you have to use a chart that is located at the dumbbell’s the top section. This helps you to differentiate among pins, which assist in adjusting the weight that is best for you.

There are several benefits that come with its superior, but obstructive design. This design takes on a rather square-shaped composition. In addition, clutching the dumbbells becomes a simple task, with this design. This advocates for their usage in bench-press workouts, or overhead elevation.

The Selector Pin Adjustment

The selector pin adjustment feature stands as specular, in company with many other features of the . For me, weight adjustment on this equipment is a fairly undemanding task.

As soon as the pins are detached and the dumbbells are elevated, there will be weights that are left over. As an alternative, only the chosen weight will be lifted.

In favor of swiftly choosing the weight of your preference, the chart that comes with the adjustment system, has pins which can be pulled.

Weights and Increments

Due to the fact that the SpeedBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell set offers a weight of 24 pounds, some persons deem the equipment as being adequate. I believe that this stipulated weight is very much sufficient for my day-to-day usage. Besides, I totally savor this piece of fitness equipment, even though there are many other models that the company provides.

Furthermore, the span of weights that can be used on these dumbbells ranges from 3 pounds, up to 24 pounds. Additionally, there can be modifications of 3 pounds, at each adjustment. Because of the 7 settings which are provided on the device, it performs the tasks of 7 other individual dumbbells.


Showcasing great endurance and resilience throughout 12 months of operation, the PowerBlock SpeedBlock certainly stands up to its cost. In the case that anything should hamper its operation, there’d be no considerable issue, since it’s covered by a warranty that lasts a decade.

In comparison to several other companies, PowerBlock stands out for its lengthy warranty service. I urge you to salute them for this.

My Conclusion

Ultimately, a few of the most outstanding adjustable dumbbells that are up for sale are manufactured by PowerBlock.

I hereby stand exceeding proud to endorse the SpeedBlock, because there is a maximum of 24 pounds that can be achieved on the equipment.

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