Qualcast Electric Lawn mower 1000w Review


Qualcast Electric Lawn mower 1000w Review

An electric turbo motor is one lawnmower characteristic which makes grass cutting easier. Qualcast 1000 is equipped with such a motor and this machine offers several other incredible features .

Are you considering the purchase of a new lawnmower? This Qualcast Electric Lawn mower – 1000w review will help you figure out whether to buy this particular item or keep looking for something else.

Does It Really Work?

qualcast-electric-lawn-mower-1000wQualcast is a synonym of British excellence. The company has solid traditions in the niche of gardening equipment manufacturing. After it was purchased by Bosch, Qualcast continued delivering at the same high level as before.

This particular Qualcast mower is equipped with a powerful 1000-watt motor. The 32-centimetre wide cutting blade is big enough to guarantee convenience. The electric mower is also equipped with a 10-metre long electric cable, making it’s suitable for smaller and medium-sized gardens.

Qualcast 1000 is very similar to other models manufactured by the same company. It has a number of the distinctive Qualcast characteristics – a steel cutting blade, very lightweight design and ergonomic handles.

The mower is smaller and lighter than similar machines but it does an excellent job in terms of getting the grass cut. It’s easy to manoeuvre, which makes the task even less challenging.

Main Advantages

Qualcast 1000 is characterised by several amazing features. The biggest advantages associated to purchasing this lawnmower include:

  • Easy to assemble: It’s lightweight, the lawnmower is very easy to put together. Most people that boughtQualcast 1000 were capable of assembling their mower within minutes of the delivery.
  • Height adjustments: There are three height adjustments to choose from, depending on the manner you like the grass to be cut. The grass cutting ranges are from 20 to 60 millimetres.
  • Lightweight and compact: The mower’s weight is solely eight kilograms. Its dimensions are small, thus the mower can easily be stored in a tiny garden shed. The handles fold, as well, making the mower occupy even less space.
  • Solid construction and good design: regardless of the fact that the mower is relatively lightweight, it’s constructed of quality materials. The design itself is functional and ergonomic, lacking gimmicky or unnecessary parts.
  • Collects grass well: some mowers have a problem with grass collection and lots of the cuttings remain on the ground. The Qualcast technology is excellent and most of the grass that you’ve cut will end up in the collection box.
  • Good grass cutting: regardless of the fact that it’s very lightweight, the mower does an excellent job. The powerful motor compensates for the lightness of the machine and delivers the expected results.
  • Vision window on the grass box: the grass box has a 30-litre capacity. It’s equipped with a convenient window that allows you to see when the box gets full.


A Few Shortcomings

Providing excellent quality for its price, the Qualcast 1000 mower has gotten predominantly positive reviews. Still, some of the individuals that purchased the particular piece of gardening equipment had to deal with a few problems. The most commonly mentioned shortcomings include:

  • Small grass box: the grass box is relatively small, which means it will have to be emptied several times. Some buyers also found it a bit difficult to attach the box to the machine.
  • Works best on short grass: the results may be mediocre, if you try to cut taller or wet grass. To get best results with this mower, you’ll need to get in the habit of cutting your grass regularly.
  • Cable length: the length of the cable is short, which means that using the machine in a bigger garden will be challenging.
  • Most of the mower’s body is made of plastic: individuals that were looking for stronger materials were dissatisfied with the Qualcast choice. The plastic, however, decreases the weight of this mower significantly.



If you’re looking for a powerful, yet little machine, this Qualcast electric mower will be a great choice. It’s one of the lightest electric lawnmowers you’ll find but the turbo motor will still do an excellent job.

Qualcast is a company with an excellent reputation, which means that you can rest assured that the quality of the purchase is going to be high. The mower is great for a smaller garden and it folds to occupy very little storage space. If you don’t have to deal with tall and resilient grass, this is the perfect mower for you.

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