Samsung WF0704W7S 7Kg Washing Machine Review


Samsung WF0704W7S 7Kg Washing Machine Review

Samsung the renowned name in the home appliance segment has recently come up with the new innovation of Ecobubble Technology. This unique technology works using the bubble generator which dissolves the detergent in the water and it produces soapy foam that penetrates faster into the clothes and hence gives better wash with less energy utilisation. This formula keeps the clothes new for longer and gives the clean wash each time making it suitable for the outdoor clothes as well. The following review gives you more details about Samsung WF0704W7S Ecobubble Washing Machine.

Design Features:

Samsung WF0704W7S 7Kg A+++ Rated Washing Machine in the white colour housing is in the combination with the freestanding construction and front opening of the door. It has the dimension of 850mm, 600mm and 600mm which denotes the height, width and the depth of the appliance respectively. In the gross and net weight of 73kg and 69kg which is in average levels among such appliance. The control is with the jog dial which allows choosing the desired programme. Further it also comes with the display screen which gives the read out of the current status and also helps in programming.


  • Enriched with ample set programmes which can be accessed instantly with the help of the dial control and they are Cotton, coloured, synthetics, wool, hand wash, delicates, bedding, rinse+spin and drain. Apart from there are present few programmable options which can be adjusted based on the user requirement.
  • Rinse hold is an available programme which stops with the rinse function. It can be chosen for the specific use.
  • No spin option is also available and when the delicate and party wears that needs additional care and are not advisable to go on spin this option can be chosen.
  • Anti-foam option takes care that the laundry gets the complete wash by sensing the presence of the foam.
  • Over heating option is also available which allows you to choose from the variable temperature option.
  • Wrinkle prevention option is the drum functioning in which the drum turns on both ways to prevent the clothes from locking with one another and hence it reduces the crushes and creasing.


  • Ecobubble Technology is as discussed earlier it is the highlight of this model as it produces the bubbles by dissolving the detergent in the water and hence helping it to penetrate into the clothes deeper.
  • Drum cleaning with eco technology operates with the push of a single button and the cleaning of the drum takes place automatically. It removes the residue, odour, dirt inside the drum and gives a sparkling finish.
  • Diamond drum design helps to give better and increased care for the clothes. In this the drum is been designed with diamond emboss imprints and it collects more water gives better water contact with the clothes to give best results.
  • The ceramic heater present in this washer keeps it anti-lime scale compared to the conventional models
  • Quick wash in 15 minutes is a great addition making it easy to handle the laundry during the busy hours.
  • My cycle option is available which memorises the customised programme that can be accessed for the future wash.
  • Quite drive motor present in this model gives the functioning relatively with low noise emission that goes on without disturbing the environment.

Performance and Efficiency:

With the great many advantage Samsung WF0704W7S White Colour Washing Machine performs to give about 70% energy saving compared to the conventional models. Further the energy efficiency is A+++ while the wash and spin performance is been rated with grade ‘A’.


Samsung is generous in offering 10 years warranty for this model which guarantees the peace in the minds of the user.

Samsung WF0704W7S 7Kg Capacity Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Samsung
Model Name WF0704W7S 7Kg Ecobubble Washing Machine
Load Type Front loading
Colour Lotus White
Drum Diamond drum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 × 60 x 60 cm
Control Job dial
Weight 69 Kg
Volume Capacity 7.0 Kg
Wash Programmes Cotton, coloured, synthetics, wool, hand wash,
delicates, bedding, rinse+spin and drain
Soak time No
Programmable options Rinse hold
No spin
Over heating
Wrinkle prevention
Spin speed 1400 rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Drum
Digital display Yes
Programme sequence indicator Yes
Excess detergent indicator Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Count down display Yes
Intensive wash option Yes
Wool programme Yes
Easy Iron Yes
Hand Wash Programme Yes
Variable spin Yes
Variable temperature Yes
Self diagnostic system Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Features Ecobubble Technology
Drum cleaning with eco technology
Diamond drum
Anti-limescale ceramic heater
User-friendly display
Quick wash in 15 minutes
My cycle
Quite drive motor
Stainless steel rim
Wide 142 degree door opening
Energy Consumption 70% less than conventional machines
Water Consumption 47 litres
Energy Efficiency A+++
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency A
Warranty 10 years
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