Sennheiser Adidas CX 680 Sports Headset Review


Sennheiser Adidas CX 680 Sports Headset Review

I have been looking for sports headphones that I could depend on to last longer than 4 months, sound amazing, stay put and be comfortable. The Adidas CX 680 sport headphones give me everything I wanted and threw in noise cancellation. Sound quality is critical to me and when I realized the CX 680 were part of the Sennheiser sport headphone line, I knew I was on the right track. The sound is outstanding. No matter how loud or soft I run my volume, the clarity remains pure with no distortion. The low end sounds like they have some how managed to stuff a subwoofer in the ear buds and the mid-range allows me to hear detail I didn’t even know some songs possessed. Classic Sennheiser delivery.

Fortunately the CX 680 also have a noise canceling system that works so well, wearing them outside could be dangerous. The manufacturers even caution against using them outdoors. However, isolating up to 20db of gym noise comes in handy when I’ve got a killer workout mix going on my iPod.

Adidas CX 680

Adidas got the job of coming up with a design that would keep the ear buds in place while listening to Sennheiser’s awesome audio. Their skill at ergonomics translates perfectly to sport headphones. Three different sized ear adapters make it simple for anyone to find a snug, comfortable fit. With an earfin design that uses high end materials, the CX680 headphones flex and conform in a way that makes them stable enough for the most extreme workouts.

Adidas CX 680

These lightweight headphones also have a moisture resistant coating that draws sweat away from the ear canal; a feature that I can no longer live without. Because of the moisture resistance, the ear buds can be rinsed off under running water to get rid of the funk they are sure to collect.

I am nothing but happy with the Adidas CX 680 headphones.



  • Audiophile-level sound quality thanks to the high-performance dynamic driver systems for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound;
  • Personalised fit in the ear canals due to ergonomic design and different sizes of ear adapters (included in the package);
  • Excellent noise canceling features (passive attenuation of ambient noise);
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant. Easy to clean as well;
  • Excellent ergonomics, ideal for running;
  • Asymmetrical cord doesn’t get in the way;
  • Nice reflective yellow color;
  • Very good value.


  • One needs to be careful when using them outside of controlled environments. They are perfect for indoors use though (no more radio and TV distractions at the gym).
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