Singer 201 Sewing Machine Review


Singer 201 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 201 sewing machine is well-praised by numerous collectors of vintage sewing equipment.

It could be because of the many beautiful things that you can find in it, even if this has been manufactured a long time ago.

The Singer model 201 is a very simple sewing machine.

It has a cabinet, where you can keep the machine itself when not in use.

The 201 cabinet size is big enough for all sorts of sewing accessories. Speaking of accessories, there is a mixture of goodies that go along with it.

It includes ruffler, rolled hemmer, and shirring foot, so you can add more designs to your sewing project. The stitching functions are also excellent, thought it’s more capable of creating straight stitches.

Singer 201K Sewing Machine

Advantages of Singer 201

1. It is very cheap.

If you can be very resourceful enough, you will be able to find this machine at a price less than $50. This is already in a very good condition, complete with all the parts and accessories that you need to come up with fabulous patterns for your sewing tasks.

2. It’s a very durable sewing machine.

It would not last this long if the parts and the entire body of the sewing machine are not made of very strong or durable materials. They are not made of plastics but real stainless steel.

This way, they don’t get damaged so easily. It’s also for this reason that it is a well-known vintage and heirloom vintage equipment.

3. There are still lots of parts and accessories in the market.

Despite the fact that Singer is no longer manufacturing the Singer 201 sewing machine, there are still lots of units that you can find in the market. This is because there have been numerous of them that had been created several years ago. You can still be able to find original parts and accessories for them.

4. It can create smooth and beautiful stitches.

You won’t have any problem creating beautiful stitches with this one. The results are never crude but instead smooth. Perhaps it’s because the plates are also made of smooth metal.

5. It’s not a noisy machine.

Even if this is a big machine, it doesn’t produce noise, which is highly recommended for moms with little kids or those who love to work at night.

Advantages of Singer Model 201

1. It’s bulky.

If you’re living in a cramped apartment or with very limited space, this may not be the ideal sewing equipment to purchase. This is because it has a very large cabinet that goes along with it. Moreover, the parts are made of steel.

2. It doesn’t have programmable controls.

If you’re thinking of using this one but it’s your first time to do so, you have to make sure that you’ve read the manual properly or that there’s someone who is teaching you how to operate it.

There are no programmable controls that you can set to modify or set the sewing machine according to the specifications of the sewing project. You have to learn how to place the thread into the needle, wind the bobbin, adjust the pressure foot, and vary the length and width of the stitches.

3. The Singer 201 sewing machine cannot work with heavyweight fabrics.

If you’re thinking of denim, wool, or leather with this one, then you may have to consider something else in the end. The machine wasn’t really built for that one. You may end up with broken needles, or you may cause damage to the equipment and have to spend more to get it fixed.

Consumer Reviews

I happened to have an old welding glove in my truck at the time, and to test the Singer’s power I cut out a section of that glove and rolled it into a cigar shape that was about 5 or six layers of suede thick. The old 201 stitched right through it with nary a slowdown. -Matthew from Fatduc blog.

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