The Best Electric Skillet For Kitchen


The Best Electric Skillet For Kitchen

I believe that every housewives want a kitchen with full of modern appliances in their houses. Kitchen wares are not just tools which help to make goods dishes. Some housewives collect kitchen wares like the way an old man collects old stamps, nerds gather books. Skillet is one of preferred appliances of many housewives from past to present. I still remember that my grandmother made pancake for me in a skillet and my mother has it in her kitchen even though she doesn’t use it much. In this article, I would like to share with you something that you need to know when buying an electric skillet and electric skillet reviews.

Do you need an electric skillet?

That’s a basic question. Why will you buy an electric skillet? The main reason why housewives keep buying new electric skillet, denying their husband’s voices, is because a skillet heats up very quick in the temperature. Moreover, you can control temperature easily. It doesn’t make your kitchen too hot when like, unlike oven or stove. In another hand, an electric skillet is like an extra stove when you need more stove to open full cozy diner for friends and family.

As an electronic products, people always concern about durability and security of the appliance. That’s why most people buy electric skillet from well-known brands in vast market of kitchenware. After making a quick search, I’ve found that following brands are always exist on the list of best electric skillet: Presto, DeLong HI, and Nesco…

How to choose an electric skillet?

Each skillet’s model has its own design, made of different materials and texture. The first thing that you need to pay attention first is the material of the skillet. Skillet’s surface made of aluminum is very popular in market. It considers as a durable material, which means you can use it for long. Glass skillet is also a favored material of many people. It looks really nice and elegant. However, you have to preserve it well, avoid from huge impact. Ceramic is a newest material in market. You can recognize it buy touching the dark gray smooth surface. Ceramic is considered as an eco-friendly and healthy safe material. Now, many customers choose to buy electric skillet with ceramic coating.

The second thing that you need to judge structure of skillet. Let’s try to lift up skillet. Normally, good heat resistant material is heavier than normal material. So don’t be sad if your skillet is a little heavy. Besides, the handles parts have to be insulate from heat well. Normally, if the handle parts are pretty big, that means they resist heat well. Let’s turn up skillet for few minute to test it. The last thing that you will not forget is the design. For me, simpler it is, more it’s beautiful.

Reviews of best electric skillets of the years

To help you quickly find the right unit for your kitchen, I would like to share with you review’s collection of best electric skillet.

Presto 06857 Electric Foldaway Skillet

Presto 06857Looking on Amazon, you will find this is the number 1 at Best Seller list. This Presto is made of aluminum, a common and durable material. This skillet features 16 inches nonstick surface for both inside and outside, very suitable for cook large cut of meat. This design also allows you to clean up quickly and easily. Moreover, this appliance is totally safe from dishwasher. Around the edge of the sidewall, a spout is designed for pouring liquids without removing lid. This smart design also is like a spatula holder, support you when cooking and serving.

In this product, the heat control is removable for safety. You can heat up skillet from 200 to 400 F but still saving lot of energy with this model, thanks to its design. Place together with skillet, some customers say that the Presto 06854 is like oven, but easy to use, to clean and very portable. After using, you can folds it up for storage or transport.

The thing that many customers doesn’t really like is that at first time usage, the temperature rises up too quickly that they control temperature very hard and don’t know which temperature is stable. This design is too big and heavy for somebody. In another hand, at center of skillet is really hotter than others places. Though, this is maybe a common cons of skillet, generally.


Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric SkilletThe Oster CKSTSKFM05 also has 16 inches by 12 inches, 3 inches depth non-stick surface, a nice dimension if we want to cook a large cut of steak, huge pancake for family or backyard party. Even though large surface limits heating ability, but lots of user say that they didn’t have wait too long. Most of them put ingredients on to cook without pre-heating skillet. Moreover, temperature control is right beside to help you increase temperature when needing. However, some people still talking about regularity of heating system. Some say this heating up well all surface, some says it doesn’t.

The thing that customers love about this appliance, besides its capacity and large surface, is its glass lid. The glass lid allow us to see foods inside, but still trapping heat well. In other side, the skillet still keeps foods warm when serving, even when it was turned off. Cool-touch handles are also a big plus. That’s how we can bring it from kitchen to table for serving without facing any difficulty.

However, for me, the Oster still hasn’t reached 5/5 stars yet because of its bulky size. I always hesitate to transport a large kitchen appliances, especially when going to others place and I have to carry plenty of things. It’s also required lots of place on counter. And finally, I would like to recommend this unit for cooking frying chicken and casseroles.


Presto 06852 Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

Presto 06852 Electric Skillet with Glass CoverThis Presto 06852 also has non-stick surface, 16 inches large and high sidewalls so we can cook a lot off foods at time. Different from the first product that I’ve just introduced, this unit features glass cover, allows you to watch food while cooking. In another hand, you can use this product to cook foods in many different way such as frying, roasting, baking and griddling. Heat control works well, easy to use and show accurate temperature that customer need. In addition, you can adjust temperature while watching foods through glass cover. This Presto is easy to wash thanks to the non-stick surface, you can clean skillet easily without effort and it’s dishwasher safe.

Things that customers like most about the product is its design and heating ability. The unit isn’t too big, saving place for your kitchen counter. Moreover, the Presto 06852 has nice look so that you can place it directly on table for serving buffet. Besides, the product can be heat up easily and evenly. Glass cover helps foods warm longer than other material.

However, there are some minus. Manufactures and some users recommend that you shouldn’t soak skillet for too long time in water. So keep in mind that to use it for long term. After using it for a while, you should spray the skillet with cooking spray to preserve it longer.


Oster CKSTSKFM12-ECO Dura Ceramic Electric Skillet

Oster CKSTSKFM12-ECO Dura Ceramic Electric SkilletThe Oster CKSTSKFM12 is smaller than 3 products above, just about 12 inches. This size is suitable for small counter, small kitchen and prepare small meals for small family. Unlike them, the unit use Dura Ceramic as main material. Ceramic is new material using in kitchen appliance because this is an eco-friendly material. The ceramic coating is safe for your health, free of PTEE and PFOA chemicals and also easy to clean. Glass lid is featured, cool touch handles is ready so that you can cook with conveniences. Moreover, because this Oster is smaller than others skillets, the unit uses less energy than others products and cooks, heating up faster.

But, many customers have complained about the heating system of this product. Even though, they already set at low temperature to keep warm foods. However, foods still burned out. Some others reports about sticking problem on surface. So, overall, maybe ceramic isn’t a good choice for making non-stick surface. But fact that this material is easy to clean. You may want to soak the skillet in water for a while before cleaning it up. Overall, please make a good research the product carefully before purchasing the product. There must have a reason that so many customers hesitate to use this Oster.


Presto 06626 11 inches Electric Skillet w/glass lid

Presto 06626 11 inches Electric Skillet w-glass lidThis Presto is even smaller than the Oster above. With 11 inches surface, the unit is suitable for small family, counter or single man/woman. Indeed, it saves lots of kitchen’s space. Moreover, with this small skillet, it has enough ability to grill, frying… like many others skillets. The high sidewalls still allows the appliance to cook great amount of foods. All meals on your menu can be prepared with just one single skillet – The Presto 06626. This appliance is featured tempered glass lid, help food heat up faster and allows you to control foods. Like many others, the appliance has non-stick surface, dishwasher safe and removable heat control. Beside, this control works well. It keeps food in the right indicated temperature without burning them. Moreover, the Presto looks quiet cute. It could be a buffet server on the table every time you need.

I’ve read many customer’s reviews on internet and try to interview some at store. Almost all of them are happy with the Presto. The only thing that they are still talking about it’s that sometime, when they want to open a party or a celebration, this appliance become too small. Well, I thing that’s not a big deal. The Presto 06626 does its job well.


Proctor Sillex 38526 Electric Skillet

Proctor Sillex 38526 Electric SkilletNew name on the list, but it’s also mean this is a stand-out products of Proctoc Sillex. This Proctoc has a funny square design, with 144 square inches surface to cook. That’s quiet big. You can cook breakfast for 5 people with the unit or frying a big fish without cut the fish to pieces. With this big skillet, it’s easy to fry, grill for a whole family. The appliance also has non-stick surface, very easy to cook, to clean and dishwasher safe. Heat control can go from 200 to 400 degree F.

However, because of large cooking surface, you may need more time to preheat the skillet than others, and don’t forget to pour some oil in it. The tempered glass lid allows to watching cooking progress, prevent heat escape, saving more wasted energy for you. Even this is a big, heavy appliance, cool handles are ready, help users to move it around the kitchen easily.  Overall, the unit is suitable for big families, who desire to open big buffet party at their homes. When using this device, I think you should take an eye on your electric bill. Well, everything has its own 2 faces, nothing is perfect at the end.


Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06850 16-inch Electric SkilletPresto, again. The Presto 0685 is totally different with all the Presto above. It looks quiet elegant with white dome EverNu cover. This cover is very durable, it won’t be dent, warp or peel, if it doesn’t have any intention. With this design, the skillet is the right choice for buffet party. In another hand, it will be a big surprise for your guests, make them curious about what you’re going to serve them.

Besides, the large cover allows you to cook whole chicken and serve it immediately on table. But, being unable to watching what you cook may annoy you a little bit. It doesn’t have vent neither. Cooking surface is made of aluminum and non-stick. This design allows you to cook easily and clean up faster with dishwasher safe. However, there still are some customer complaint about the non-stick surface. It doesn’t really non-stick. Well, maybe you have to verify it by yourself.

The product is suitable with many different style of cooking, such as roasting, frying, grilling, stewing, baking and even more. Thanks to its large size (16 inches), the skillet can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for family of five members or a small party at home.  Removable heating control keep accurate temperatures, helping foods warming or cooking well without burning it. Moreover, the heat is distributed evenly so that each food is cooked perfectly.


De’LongHi BG45 Electric Skillet

De’LongHi BG45 Electric SkilletWell, this appliance is from a new brand on the list. The BG45 has generous cooking surface that you can serve breakfast, lunch or dinner for family of 4. It’s large enough and look nicely enough to place it in table in home buffet party. Design with aluminum, a popular material used to make skillet, the appliance takes short time to heating up. However, you still need to control heat well, preventing the skillet become too hot because of aluminum. Like his friends, the DeLongHi also has non-stick surface, removable heat control and dishwasher safe so that you save time after repast. Besides, the heat control has a small LED, let you know the chosen temperature. Heating system runs with exact indicated temperature and distribute heat evenly, making meals more than perfect.

Featuring with the skillet is a tempered glass cover. With this cover, manufacturer guarantees that his product will cook efficiently in the shortest time. A thing that I really like about this cover is that it has adjustable vent. You are free to choose to open it or close it when necessary. Moreover, a cool handles are ready so that you can easily move the skillet anywhere. Overall, the number of the list doesn’t show that DeLongHi isn’t as good as others.


Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet

Nesco ES-08 Electric SkilletNesco is also a well-known brand on kitchen appliances’ market. So, it’s not really surprise to see a Nesco’s product on the list of top best electric skillet. The Nesco ES-08 has just 8 inches of cooking surface. However, high sidewalls still allows you to deep frying or roasting, enough volume to cook for a diner of 3 peoples. Moreover, you won’t hesitate to take the skillet with you for camping or others outdoor activities. The small design won’t take lots of space on your kitchen counter or table. Of course, the surface is non-stick, easy to cook and clean up. Adjustable control is easy to use, provide exact temperature to cook foods perfectly in order to let you cook with convenience. And thanks to the small size, skillet doesn’t take too much time for preheat and the heat spread out evenly.

Equipped with tempered glass lid, the skillet keeps foods warm very well. On the cover, there is a small vent so that foods won’t be over cook. Beside, cool handles are ready. Overall, this product is a great choice for family of 3, students, single person or someone who need a small device to take out easily for any occasions.


Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet, Black

Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet, BlackLast but not least, the Rival CKRVSK11 is a perfect choice for both jobs: skillet and buffet server. Skillet’s legs are pretty high, at least more than all products above. This design prevents heat of skillet causing damage to the table and making it look more like a real buffet server. With 11 inches square non-stick cooking surface, the Rival cooks with different ways suck as grill, frying or roasting. Besides of the tempered glass lid, I really like the stay-cool knob on it. I’m always to touch lid when cooking, but I won’t have to worry about this with the unit. And the handles are also anti-temperature too. Moreover, an integrated steam vent is featured to prevent heat to escape, helping foods cooked faster.

Because the unit is pretty small, comparing with some skillets, so it won’t take too much time to heating up. Which means sometime the skillet is too hot or getting hot quicker as you may thing. In this situation, you should choose a lower temperature that you want it to be, avoiding foods to get burned.

Like many others skillets, the appliance is also has removable heat control, so that you can clean it safely and wash it with dishwasher.


Notes on electric skillet!

Even though choosing a secured electric skillet from well-known brand, here are few things that you need to know when using electric skillet. First, even though how hurry you are, you shouldn’t use electric skillet with high temperature. Skillet always heats up faster than gas stove. So if you set temperature too high, foods are easy to get burn.

Secondly, cooking utensils for skillet must be accompanied. Almost electric skillets in market work at very high temperature. A wooden spoon or tempered cooking shovel will be perfect choice for electric skillet. Finally, most of electric skillets preserve heat well. As a cooking appliance and also a buffet server, the skillets are always made of tempered material. That’s why you can save energy buy turn off skillet few minutes before foods are done.

Skillets aren’t expensive like others cooking appliances in kitchen. However, finding a good and perfect unit for family takes so much time. So, you have better preserve it well in order to use it for long term. To preserve it, first, you should keep it away from metal. Don’t rube it with metal because metal can damage non-stick surface.

Second, pour as little oil as possible. People think that using more cooking oil prevents burned foods. However, it doesn’t true. Next, to wash it perfectly, use hot water. Hot water will wash out all grease, residual sugar, salt left on surface, which can reduce quality of non-stick surface. Moreover, skillet will be cleaner when washing with hot water.


Overall, before making any decision, make sure that you get some basic knowledge about electric skillet, helping you to choose it faster and find the right one. Or if you’ve already purchase it, let’s take a tour on internet about it so that you can use it with right way and long term. I hope that this article will help you to find a good appliance for your family.

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