Tribest SS-9002 Solo Star II Single Auger Juicer Review


Tribest SS-9002 Solo Star II Single Auger Juicer Review

Introducing the new and improved Solo Star-II with an enhanced design of the Solo Star line of single auger masticating juicers. The Solo Star II by by Tribest proudly displays an improved gear design and advanced technology filtering system that raises the bar for juicers in this class. With its 2nd generation dual-Stage juice extraction process the results are unsurpassed durability, versatility and efficiency all packaged into a single-Auger juicer machine. This unit is capable of processing a wider range of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheat grasses than most other single gear juicers giving you a delicious nutrient rich glass of juice every time.


With the gentle action of this units low RPM slow juicing process less heat and foam are generated resulting in little oxidation and you get more essential nutrients from every ounce of produce, something achieved previously by only higher-end juice extractors. High-quality juice at a price to fit you budget make the Tribest SS-9002 Solo Star-II a single auger juicer to consider.

Ratings For This Model

Overall Rating:

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Unit Efficiency:

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Ease of Use/Cleaning:

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Unit Durability:

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tribest-ss-9002-solo-star-ii-reviewFeatures at a Glance

  • Advanced design and constructed from the finest most durable materials.
  • Versatile unit that can be used as a grinder or food mill to make everything from juices to sorbets to pasta to nut butters. Ability to juice, mince, mill, homogenizes. Includes accessories for making pasta and round noodles.
  • Juice picture included.
  • UL/CUL & CE approved
  • 5 year warranty
  • Deminsions 13″W x 9″H x 13″D weight 21lbs.
  • Motor 180-Watt, approx. 4hp with gear reduction.
  • 80 RPM operating speed, Virtually no heat is produced.
  • Built-in carrying handle.
  • Maximum yield of juice and versatile with everything from leafy greens to carrots. Unit serves as multipurpose wheat grass, fruit and vegetable juicer.

What Included with the Tribest SS-9002 Juicer

  • Funnel
  • Fettuccine Nozzle
  • Homogenizing Nozzle
  • Spaghetti Nozzle
  • Pulp Strainer
  • Foam Strainer
  • Juice Container
  • Pulp Container
  • Juicing Screen
  • Homogenizing Screen
  • Plastic Plunger
  • Cleaning Brush

What Can You Juice with it?

  • Fruit – yes
  • Citrus – yes
  • Vegetables – yes
  • Leaft Greens – yes
  • Wheat Grass -yes

What Can The Tribest SS-9002 Juicer Do?

The Solo Star II SS-9002 juice extractor by Tribest is a single gear slow speed juicer that is capable of getting the most from every ounce of produce evidenced by the extremely dry pulp. This is an important characteristic because because the dryer pulp ensures that more nutrients have been extracted into your glass which saves you money and gives you the most benefit of juicing. If you are someone that is trying to follow a whole foods regiment and diet or trying to take in more leafy greens and eliminate fat or processed foods, then this could be the juicer machine for you. While another single gear masticating juicer may be unable to process soft fruit and leafy greens such as wheat grass well, the Solo Star II SS-9002 handles these items with ease. This unit delivers a nutrient rich juice packed full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

The Solo Star II is more than just a juicer and there are many other things you can do easily in your kitchen with this versatile unit. This handy small kitchen appliance allows you to make things such as nut butter, sorbet and homemade rice cakes as well as freshly grind, chop or mince spice blends.

Juicing Efficiency

The enhanced design of the Solo Star II with its improved Dual-Stage juicing process performed with a larger and heavier auger delivers superior efficiency than similar single gear masticating juicers leaving you with more juice from your produce.

The Dual-Stage juicing process works by crushing and filtering juice during stage 1, then before the nutrients can be absorbed back into the pulp a 2nd squeezing stage squeezes the remaining pulp. The improved auger effectively forces produce through the grinder while simplifying the operation of the Solo Star II. This two stage juicing process ensures that more nutrient rich juice is put into you glass and less stays in the pulp. This efficient unit provides an affordable way to obtain high quality juice right at home.

The Solo Star II SS-9002 is capable of processing virtually any fruit, vegetable, leafy green, herb or even wheat grass that anyone could possibly want to juice. This unit is easily converted into a handy flat pasta or round noodle maker with the accessories included

Juice Quality

The slow speed juicing operation with the improved Auger gently crush and squeeze your produce. This unit operates at such a low RPM that you eliminate the risk of excessively heating your juice that could destroy precious nutrients and enzymes. High-speed operation that is common with centrifugal juicers rely on cutting blades that rotate rapidly and cause excess heat or oxidation, and cause damage to much of the nutrients, live enzymes, and fragile taste of the juice. The Solo Star II SS-9002 delivers nutrient rich goodness and flavor that you should demand from a juicer.

The Solo Star II is the latest and most innovative single auger juice extractor of its kind. Solo Star has earned the reputation for producing some of the best single gear juicer machines available on the market and this unit is no different with it enhanced dual-Stage extraction process and quiet efficiency. The improved design of the auger and juicing mechanism have vastly advance this units performance in all categories.

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • Sawdust-dry pulp
  • Fresh juice that is high in nutrient content.
  • Simple to use and clean.
  • Low risk of clogging, safety reverse function.
  • Durable construction.
  • Improved two-step juicing process. Increased juice volume.
  • Low speed, silent operation
  • Efficient juicing of a wide variety of produce.
  • Affordable


  • Most juicers prefer their juice to be free of produce fiber and without utilizing the strainer the resulting juice can be a bit heavy with pulp.
  • Slow juicing – The produce needs to be added at slower rate than with a similar single gear juicer such as the Champion juicer. To speed up the juicing process you would need to cut produce into small chunks.
  • Sometimes this unit can be a bit messy as juice is prone to seep through the connection of the juicing chamber to the main body.

Durability of the SoloStar II

The Solo Star II SS-9002 juice extractor is constructed with only the highest quality materials. The straightforward design and assembly of this unit ensure that you will experience years of hassle free juicing. The Solo Star II by Tribest is CE and UL approved to meet only the highest manufacturing standards and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Like most quality kitchen appliances this unit is extremely versatile and is capable of more than just juicing. With ease you can quickly convert the juicer into a round noodle or flat pasta maker with the included accessories and create an entire meal with only your juicer.

Unlike high RPM juicers the Solo Star is readily capable to handle practically any type of produce including leafy greens, grasses and stringy vegetables. The slow juicer operation of this improved single auger design is easily able to extract juice from hard roots, leafy greens, wheat grass and virtually any fruit without the need to stop and interchange parts.

One nice feature with this juicer machine is that you have no need to sacrifice the ability to make fresh juice when you are on the go or electricity is not available. With the Tribest Z-Star conversion kit you have the perfect solution when you need the portability of a manual juice extractor. The Z-Star kit is compatible with the juicer parts of the Solo Star II including everything you need to convert your single auger juicer into a portable manual juicer.

Using the Juicer – Assembly, Disassembly, Cleaning

The enhanced dual-stage juicing process of the Solo Star II has not made this unit more difficult to use. The assembly of the juicer machine, the juicing process, dismantling of the unit and cleaning are easy and straightforward.

When assembling the juice extractor the single auger mechanism located within the main juicing chamber that connects to the main body.

Within the juicing chamber there are two filters and outlets, the first outlet receives the juice when the auger crushes and grinds. The resulting juice is rather thick due to the high pulp content. In the second stage of the juicing process pulp is squeezed through the fine filter and the remaining juice exits through the nozzle. Task other than juicing will require various nozzles and attachments specific to the task.

Cleaning the Juicer

Cleaning this unit is easy since the majority of the juicer parts can be rinsed under running water. A common cleaning challenge is the juicing screen, and should be scrubbed with the included brush and soap during rinsing. If produce residue is left to dry the unit will be more difficult to clean so it is recommended to rinse the juicer parts immediately. It is advised to use lukewarm water with mild detergent for cleaning this unit. To remove stains from juicer parts simply soak them in a mixture of 70% white vinegar and 30% water.

How Noisy is the Solo Star II Juice Extractor?

This is a low-noise slow juicer machine with with practically silent operation since it works at low speed.

Conclusion – Who Should Buy the Tribest Juicer SS-9002 Solo Star-II Single-Auger Juice Extractor?

The Solo Star II SS-9002 by Tribest Corp. is perfect example of an advanced technology single-auger juicer that was the first of its kind with the innovative dual-Stage juicing process. The enhanced design of this unit increases its level of performance and efficiency to process any type of produce and deliver a quality glass of juice.

This particular masticating juicer machine may not be best suited for someone that is just beginning to juice, although this unit offers many advantages over similar single gear juicers.


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