Villaware FPVLJESL01 Juice Extractor Review


Villaware FPVLJESL01 Juice Extractor Review

Juicing becomes a fun experience when it is supported with the right appliance. One of the most comfortable and innovative juicer is been introduced by this world class brand Villaware. Villaware the Italian brand with long heritage since 1906 is sure a recommendable brand for its outstanding innovation and craftsmanship. Each of its products are designed with innovation, convenience and appealing by design. The following is the review of Villaware FPVLJESL01 Die Cast Metal Juice Extractor to bring out the finer features and function.


For the passionate juicers this model comes as a big treat for its stylish design, simple assembling, efficient juicing and all together the foam separator. This model is been made with the die cast metal motor base makes it durable. The dimension of 440mm in height, 350mm in width and 230mm in depth makes it a suitable size. The weight is 5.8kg that makes it easy to handle. The control panel is with a single knob which sets in on/off position and speed selection of one or two level. The on indicator light illuminated in amber to give intimation.


Power and Capacity:

Present in Villaware FPVLJESL01 Centrifugal Juice Extractor is an efficient motor that functions with 2-speed selection and it has the power of 1000 Watts. The juice container can accommodate the capacity of 1 litre juice and the pulp container can fill up to 1.5 litres hence it gives longer juicer of larger volume.


  • Durable die cast metal body makes it appear sturdy and robust. It is also a look enhancer as it brings out the contemporary appearance. It makes up the style for the appliance and can also be wiped cleaner with less maintenance efforts.
  • 2 speed control and the quiet motor performance are few other features that set it apart from the rest. Putting it to operation is simple and so is the assembling.
  • Extra large opening allows you to load the whole fruit and vegetable there is not requirement to slice or cut as the opening is wide and is possible to accept whole fruit.
  • Sliding quick release lock allows to disassembling with simple steps. It can easily be used in dishwasher for cleaning. The removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Front loading juice pitcher easily collected the juice and it does comes with the foam separator.

Innovative features:

Extra large food opening and Foam separator are the highlights of this model. When the juice extractor separates the juice and the pulp that are collected in the cup and the pulp collector respectively the juice collector also has the foam separator and gives clear and pure juice.

Accessories and Warranty:

The accessories that are been supplied along with Villaware FPVLJESL01 1000 Watts Juice Extractor are Cleaning tool, 1-litre juice collecting cup and Instruction manual. It also has the advantage of 3 years guarantee that makes it easier for the user to choose this product.

Villaware FPVLJESL01 Specifications

Manufacturer Villaware
Model Name FPVLJESL01 Die Cast Metal Juice Extractor
Type Centrifugal
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 440 x 350 x 230mm
Colour/Finish Die cast metalĀ and black
Chute Yes
Pulp container 1.5 litres
Integrated cord storage Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Extra large feeding tube Yes
Micro-mesh filter Yes
Pusher Yes
Safety locking system Yes
Motor power 1000 Watts
Variable speed control Yes
Control On/off
Features Durable die cast metal body
2 speed control
Quiet motor
Extra large opening
Sliding quick release lock
Front loading juice pitcher
Dishwasher safe
Disassembly level Easy
Innovative features Extra large food opening
Foam separator
Product weight 5.8kg
Accessories included Cleaning tool
1-litre juice collecting cup
Instruction manual
Guarantee 3 years
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