Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer Review


Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer Review

This model is a petite juicer that is been designed with attraction. It is embedded with a motor for its function. This juicer is the perfect solution for the citrus fruits. The colour is attractive with the silver finish with the black accent. The jug is transparent and does have a convenient handle. The following is the review of Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer which brings out more details on it.


This model is best suited for the citrus fruits and it functions with the pressure activated cone. It squeezes in no time and the cone turns on both the direction on the release and press of the cone. It is applicable for the oranges, lemon and sweet lime of any size as it comes with the accessory of two cone sizes.


Design and Capacity:

The prime attraction of Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV 1 Litre Citrus Juicer is surely the design; it comes in the jug style with the wide base. The base consists of the motor and it stands firmly on any even surface. The base has the combination of silver and black finish. It is made of high grade plastic and silicone material. The juice jug of 1 litre capacity is perfect to accommodate the squeezed out juice for the whole family.

Product Features:

Adjustable pulp strainer is available which can be adjusted with a knob that moves the strainer holes to change its size. Based on the requirement of clear or pulpy juice the stainer can be adjusted. Easy read fill indicator is another highlight as the jug comes with the calibrated scale that reads up to 1 litre. It allows the user to follow the juice requirement and hence over or under doing can be eliminated. Automatic on/off function with one touch operation makes it simple and user friendly. It is quite simple to use and the auto rotate feature helps to extract more juice in rather less time.

Other Product Details:

Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV SilverĀ  Citrus Juicer is simple to use and also easy to clean. There is rather no need of any additional tool as the juicer can easily be detached. Each of the parts can be easily washed clean. The parts other than the motor are dishwasher safe. The handle present in the juicer makes it simple to serve without spill. It is designed with the cord storage which just winds at the base of the appliance which gives a compact storage. The top lid is also present in this model which protects the appliance from dust when not in use; it can be maintained with better hygiene.

On the whole, juicing is an important aspect of daily nutrition and when it is been supported with such efficient appliance it becomes fun and loving. This model also makes a great gifting idea.

Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Salter
Model Name Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer
Colour Silver
Type Citrus Juicer
Material Plastic, silicone
Capacity 1 litre
Features Adjustable pulp strainer
Easy read fill indicator
Automatic on/off function
Compact and stylish
Suits all varieties of citrus fruits
Cord storage
Space for extra cord storage Yes
Inclusive 2 cones
Control On/off
Juice container Yes
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