Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem Review


Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem Review

When it comes to modems they have to do one thing, and one thing only; provide good connectivity at fast speeds. However, as the Internet has grown into a bigger and bigger part of everyday life, the competition to make the fastest, easiest to use modem that provides the best experience for the end user and which will work with the biggest number of Internet providers.

To that end, Westell got to work and created one of the most versatile routers out there with the fastest speeds that anyone, regardless of computer literacy or proficiency, could set up in short order. That router is the Westell 6100.

westell-6100-dsl-router-modemWhat Will It Do For Me?

Well, the short version is that the Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem provides any user with all of the connectivity and speed that he or she could ever want or need from a high speed router. The slightly longer version is that this device was made to be light weight and inconspicuous, while also providing users a way to connect to any service provider they choose while still achieving some of the fastest data transfer speeds possible.

The 6100 was designed not just for programmers or computer experts, but for everyone that needs to get online for their own reasons. So whether it’s a blogger that needs to meet a deadline, a video editor that keeps her stash of clips online or a troubleshooter that works on company networks, this modem provides a little something extra for everyone involved.

All it takes is being setup, and if the owner can follow the very basic instructions and go in via the computer to the router for setup, then it’s as easy as one, two, three. Then all that’s left is to start browsing once you’re connected to the bigger, wider world of the Internet.


The laundry list of reasons to buy and use the Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem for all your Internet connectivity needs is a pretty long one. Whether users want something that’s approachable and forgiving for those who aren’t hardware experts, or they’re looking for something that has a lot of electronic muscle, the 6100 can provide for users’ needs.

For instance, some of the benefits of using the Westell 6100 when it comes to your Internet connectivity include:

  • Multitude of different Internet connections. This modem router gives users the choice of DSL, ADSL and ADSL2+ connections. In the end no matter which type of connection the user prefers, or gets access to, this modem will work with all of them. Flexibility is key in the services that it provides.
  • Safety and security. With a built in NAT firewall as part of the package, this router makes absolutely certain that users are as safe as it can make them when it comes down to the wire. After all, just because a tool is simple to use doesn’t mean it should be easy to crack through whenever someone wants to.
  • Multiple provider functionality. There would be no point in making such a highly functional modem if users couldn’t take it to whatever company they wanted in order to get the services that they need. As such the Westell 6100 will work with practically any Internet service provider that offers DSL services. It’s important that users check to be sure, however.

These are just a small hand full of the reasons that users should consider using this unique, powerful DSL modem for their Internet connectivity needs. In addition to these benefits, the 6100 also comes with PPPOE support, which can make quite a difference for many users.

The router also includes RFC1483 bridge encapsulation, which can provide a great deal of aid and peace of mind for many users. At the end of the day though, this modem router is one of the strongest and most flexible pieces of electronic machinery available to the bigger market. It isn’t for everyone, but it provides more than enough features that everyone could make good use of it.

So What Should I Do Now?

If you’re still not sure whether or not the Westell 6100 is the right modem router for you and your Internet browsing needs, all you need to do is compare it to what you currently use and ask a few, pointed questions.

For instance, does your current router provide the safety and security of a built in firewall the way the 6100 does? Does your current router allow you the option of using so many different DSL connections and options? If it does, will it be accepted by so many different service provicers like the 6100 model is?

If your answer to most of these questions is no, then chances are that the Westell 6100 might be a better router for your Internet requirements. This is especially true for those who answered no to every, single one of these questions.

For some users the Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem still won’t be enough, but those are mostly users that require maximum juice for their activities. People who need to have business conferences while downloading full size movies at rapid pace and playing cutting edge games real time, for instance.

For those with more regular Internet needs, the 6100 can provide all the speed and stamina that you’ll require for your time online. It’s your Internet experience after all, so why use any tools that aren’t up to snuff it you don’t have to?

This modem allows users to take control of their Internet time and to make the most of it. Gone are the days of fiddling with the router for half an hour or more trying to figure out why it isn’t doing what you want it to.

No more will users have to worry about whether they’ll have to get a new router when they switch services. This machine takes all those concerns, and scrubs them right out. So why wait one more day? Get a Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem and see what you’ve been missing.

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