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The Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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The Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – revolutionary watch which is your heart rate monitor and personal trainer in one. As people aim to live life to the fullest, it is important to learn how to relax and relieve tension, and at the same time, boost one’s fitness level. In this day and age when wellness has become a lifestyle, it is important that you consider investing on products which will help you achieve healthy living.

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Time and again, individuals have longed for personal trainers who could always be there to attend to their personal fitness needs and could provide them feedback anytime anywhere.  Could a watch possibly provide you with that?  Now it is possible with the help of the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

polar-f11-heart-rate-monitorThe Polar F11 Features

The fundamental thing that made this Polar watch into the athletic world is its precise monitoring function.  It will keep you in tip top shape with individualized training program as it guides you through your exercise regimen, defining your limits and duration in reaching your personal fitness program objective.

The Polar F11 is water-resistant upto 30 meters.  Its consistent standard of measurement is largely displayed in its easy-to-read properly-lit monitor that includes a choice of whether you want a 12-hour or 24-hour time display. It also has a stopwatch and an alarm system that informs you right away if you are below or above your acceptable heart rate.

The Polar F11 also offers visual cues such as charts of your progress reports and digital images of your exercise program.  It is equipped with a belt design that has electrodes made of washable soft material that holds moisture and guarantees uninterrupted transmission of your cardiac signals representing information your heart activity to the watch’s monitor.  It suppresses any interference that might come about amongst other heart monitors and eliminates any cross talk.

This innovation delivers an accurate calculation method of your calorie expenditure reflecting the amount of energy used during exercise and your target heart rate informing you of the desired range when your heart and lungs will receive the most benefit from a workout in order for an individual to gain the most aerobic benefit in his exercise.


The Good:

  • Road worthy and innovative
  • Accurate and dependable
  • Very comfortable and light weight strap
  • Easy to read with its large display feature
  • The program is easy to set up
  • Informative whether you are in or out of your heart rate zone
  • Advanced programs; creates weekly individualized fitness plan
  • Excellent for a daily workouts such as running, skiing, riding
  • Highly functional
  • Works even under water up to 30 meters deep
  • Tracks your performance level over time
  • Cost effective
  • Very motivating built-in trainer
  • No interference issues or cross over

The Bad

  • Owners cannot replace the battery.  It has to be shipped to Polar Service Center
  • Buttons are sensitive to touch and has no “lock” features
  • Not so affordable
  • Does not have some features detecting speed
  • No lap and split features
  • Has no GPS to track your distance

Polar, being one of the leading brands in wireless electrocardiogram heart rate monitors and being the leading coach on aerobic exercise, has made a huge step up by coming out with the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor. Its stability will suit the every need of any individual who would want to spend energy and burn fats wisely and correctly through physical exercise of relatively low intensity and longer duration.  Either to stabilize, upgrade, or maximize wellness, the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch will provide you good guidance to work through your goals in becoming a fit and healthy.

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