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Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

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The Polar FT60 Womens Heart Rate Monitor Watch, with its very appealing features, is the ultimate indispensible tool that answers your every need in achieving maximum fitness levels. Those who embrace the concept of proper body conditioning develop a character filled with possibilities of seeing and feeling results in their lives, and that is — a healthy lifestyle.

The Polar heart rate monitor will keep you focused and motivated as you go along your exercise and training programs. And because you value “being fit,” this product will help you determine your fitness goals in what you want to get out of the program as far as physical activity is concerned.

Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Polar FT60 Womens Heart Rate Monitor Watch ReviewThe Polar FT60 Features

The sleek-designed Polar FT60 HRM has a fitness test that measures your aerobic activity.  It reveals whether your heart and lungs work faster without compromising its functions. Its automatic age-based and heart rate-based target zones will monitor your performance and define your limit and endurance.  Its Polar OwnCal feature helps you keep track of calories spent during exercise.

It also has a feature called OwnZone which determines your personal heart rate limits that vary depending on the time and day or whether you are exhausted or has recovered from your last exertion — a unique feature.  The Polar OwnCode warrants uninterrupted transfer of data to the computer and prevents crossover of heart monitor readings.

Its Polar STAR Training Program helps you reach your exercise goals based on your personal demographics, your age, weight, height, and gender.  With its structured program, it beeps when you are out of your zone thus allowing you to monitor your own target. The Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch graphically tracks your weight loss, making it easy to plan your workout regimen.

Since the Polar FT60  is capable of linking using G1 GPS and foot pods, you can log into the free web-based service “Polarpersonaltrainer.com,” where exercise load can now clearly be defined based on your heart rate, speed and distance.  It analyzes, logs, records, and programs your workout sessions.  This online fitness site will track your weekly and monthly progress and will motivate you further through comparison and challenge with your own stats or anybody else’s.  Overall, it is simply the best personal trainer you can have to guide you through your workout routines every step of the way.


The Good:

    • Attractive purple casing
    • Also has other available models:  Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black with White Display) and Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black with Red Display)
    • Has a decent design wearable at all times
    • Easy-to-read display
    • Easy-to-tap buttons
    • Uncomplicated program
    • Has good documentation
    • Chest strap is so comfortable — not made of plastic
    • Could measure speed and distance
    • GPS capable
    • Works flawless with Mac
    • Efficiently tracks performance level over time
    • Very motivating built-in trainer
    • No interference issues or cross over

The Bad:

    • Backlight makes it a bit difficult to see display when switching to an area with a different level of lighting (midlevel lighting)
    • Web sync and Flow link does not work as expected

With all the data tailored to your specs this Polar FT60 HRM can show, from heart rates (maximum, average, total), to energy expenditure (calories used), fats burned and a lot more pertinent information, what else could you ask for?  Its exquisite efficiency will make you go a long way and bring about desirable physical body condition.

The Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch caters to any individual who is serious about fitness and understands the role of workout routines, progress monitoring, weight loss recording, speed and distance measurement, and flow of cardiac activity at your fingertips with ease.

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