Whirlpool AWOD 5726 Washing Machine Review


Whirlpool AWOD 5726 Washing Machine Review

If you are in search for a top quality washing machine for your laundry, chances are very high that you might have started looking into the Whirlpool washing machines. As far as the brand names in home washing machines go, the Whirlpool appliances are just about as good as it gets, along with Maytag and few others. With a quite wash and good reputation, there is nothing more that one could ask for in a washing machine, except perhaps a cheaper price tag.

In the following review, we will see about one of their best selling models, Whirlpool AWOD 5726 Washing Machine.

Design and controls:

whirlpool-awo-d-5726-washing-machine-reviewAs most of the Whirlpool machines, the AWO/D 5726 Front Loading white washer too is a beauty. Available in a gorgeous lotus white finish, it has its dimensions as (H x W x D) 850mm x 595mm x 540mm and weighs about 72Kg. The control panel has been neatly presented. The selection buttons push smoothly and the control knob turns quite easily.

There is a very helpful door open indicator and the other indicators include service, water tap closed and clean pump. Rest of the control panel are the usual buttons, program selector, start/pause button, spin speed selector, program sequence, reset button, start delay button and time display. The machine sports a wide opening door measuring 300mm in order to enable easy loading and unloading of laundry. It is also fairly easy to open and close the detergent dispenser tray, although the handle might turn out to be a bit too small for large fingers.

The user interface on the machine is easy to use. The time remaining display shows how long the program has left to run and the indicator lights on the control panel show which part of the program cycle are running.


Automatic half load, new clean + option, sixth sense technology, quick wash 30 and the Microban treatment, all of them describes the highlight features of the Whirlpool AWO D 5726 front loading machine.

Sixth Sense Technology:

As a very positive indication of the advancement in the technologies, this AWO/D 5726washing machine recognises your wash load and adjusts the resources accordingly. This just results in the best wash results along with optimal utilisation of the available resources. And all of these features that were fiction are made possible by its Sixth Sense Technology.

Auto Half Load:

The Auto Half Load feature has more than just one advantage as it drastically reduces wastage of time, water and energy.

Clean+ option:

Its new Clean+ option removes even the toughest stains even at very low temperatures.

Microban Treatment:

The Microban Treatment too is an extremely handy feature that is incorporated in the AWOD 5726 6 kg capacity washing machine. This particular feature reduces bacterial growth in the detergent drawer which also prevents all sorts of odours and moulds.

Capacity and spin speed:

With a load capacity of 6Kg and maximum spin speed of 1400rpm, it is just the right machine for a family of four. Note that the spin speed is variable.

Wash programmes:

The Whirlpool AWOD 5726 freestanding Washing Machine is equipped with eighteen wash programmes that caters to all your different needs. The programs include synthetics, cotton, cold wash, prewash, delicates, handwash, clean+, rinse hold, super eco, daily load, wool program and anti bacterial program along with the spin and rinse options.

Super Eco Program: The Super Eco program is best suited for slightly to normally soiled bed linen, table linen and underwear, towels, shirts etc, made of cotton and linen. This program offers highest economy in energy consumption by prolonged washing duration. It is ideal to be run overnight to additionally profit from the more favorable energy rates. To avoid noise of spinning at night, set spin speed to “0” and start spin program in the morning, or define program start with “Start delay” accordingly.

Quick Wash: The Quick Wash program is best suited for shortly worn outer clothing made of cotton, polyester, poly-amide and blends with cotton.


We have mixed reaction on the performance department as the machine cleans extremely well on the 40 degree cotton and easy care wash programs , but unfortunately, the standard rinse on the easy care program is quite disappointing and the spin seems to be noisy too.

The cotton rinse is disappointing too as it is just average; however, an extra rinse option is available for you to remove the additional detergent. But the only issue with the extra rinsing option is that, it uses more water and energy. Since the easy care rinse is good, you are unlikely to use the extra rinse option with this program. This program also managed to remove plenty of water while spinning and the cotton spin is quite competent too.

The Whirlpool AWO/D5726 consumes lesser water and energy on the cotton program, but this is just average for this on the easy care wash.|

Noisy machine:

The AWO D 5726 White Colour washing machine is very noisy on wash and spin cycles, so we would suggest that this machine is best suited for a dedicated laundry room. The specified noise level of washing is 59dba.


Moving on to the all important ratings, the Whirlpool AWO D 5726 front loading machine has an A+ rating for energy efficiency, A for wash performance and a B for spin drying.


The AWO D 5726 is a Whirlpool product and so, there is certainly nothing to worry about its design. While the pros of this front loading machine includes its very good cleaning performance for cotton and synthetics, low water and energy use on cotton wash program, the major worry factors are the fact that the machine is really a noisy one and its disappointing rinse performance with the 40 degree cotton program.

There are very concerning user complaints that the bearings fail within a few months of purchase and even with a replacement, they continue to fail. There are also strong complaints that the paddles that are plastic ridges inside the drum falls of all the time. We would not recommend this machine.

Whirlpool AWOD 5726 Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Whirlpool
Model Name Whirlpool AWO D 5726 Washing Machine
Model Number AWO/D 5726
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing available White
Door Size 300mm
Tub Drum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 850 x 595 x 540mm
Depth with door open 170 to 180 degrees
Weight 72 Kg
Volume Capacity 6 Kg
Wash Programmes 18 Programmes: synthetics, cotton, cold wash, prewash, delicates,
handwash, clean+, rinse hold, super eco, daily load,
wool program, quick wash and anti bacterial program with spin and rinse
Additional options Prewash, Rinse Hold and spin and rinse
Programmable options Clean + program, prewash, cold wash, intensive rinse,
rinse hold, variable spin and delay start
Spin speeds Min: 400
Max: 1400
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Drum
Digital display Yes
Programme sequence indicator Yes
Excess detergent indicator No
Water tap closed indicator Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Clean pump indicator Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Error LED Yes
Count down display Yes
Washing Method Drum
Digital display Yes
Programme sequence indicator Yes
Excess detergent indicator No
Water tap closed indicator Yes
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Clean pump indicator Yes
Delay Start Timer Yes
Error LED Yes
Count down display Yes
Intensive wash option No
Wool programme No
Easy Iron Yes
Washing Method Yes
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease Yes
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme Yes
Variable spin Yes
Variable temperature Cold, 30, 40, 60 and 95
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Standard Cotton Cycle time 103 minutes
Easy care Cycle time 82 minutes
Special features Sixth Sense Technology
Clean Pump Indicator
Half Load Option
Child Lock Safety Mechanism
Microban Protection
Automatic anti-crease
Error LED
Noise Level 59 dba
Energy Consumption 1.02 Kwh / Cycle
Water Consumption 49 litres
Energy Efficiency A+
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 1 year on parts and Labour
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