Zanussi ZWT71401WA Built-In Washer Dryer Review


Zanussi ZWT71401WA Built-In Washer Dryer Review

Zanussi is always seen to be one among the popular brands across the globe. The comfort with this brand is the latest technology, ample service and cost effective. The choice of product is another highlight as there is a product available for every customer need. Needless to say, that the brand excels in designing and gives a great sense of luxury to its customers. Read more to know more about Zanussi ZWT71401WA Built-In Washer Dryer.


zanussi-zwt71401wa-built-in-washer-dryer-reviewThis product has the built-in type of typography which works with the condenser technology. The white housing with the glass door makes it stand up to the expectation of the customers. The dimension of this product is 820mm in height, 596mm in width and 544mm in depth. With the capability of handling the wash load size of 7kg and the dry load size of 4kg it gets to the make the laundry solution for up to medium size family. The weight of the product is 68.4kg.Product Features:

The built-in type of installation makes it easy to blend with the interiors and installation due to its standard size. The drum size is large enough and takes the load of 7kg. Zanussi ZWT71401WA White Colour Washer Dryer also works with the one step cleaning with its unique auto programmes. One another aspect which impresses is the display which is a LCD screen that reads out the programme in just a glance. The programmes are amply which does include the tailor made programme added to these it has delay start function which lets you set the machine to function in any later hours. The special cycle for the quick wash is available which automatically speeds up to bring the perfect laundry care.

Programmes and Functions:

This model includes 21 programmes in the combination of wash and dry. They include the hand wash which is suitable for the gentle care and the delicate use. Another special programme is the easy iron which reduces the creases in the fabrics making it easy for ironing. The other special programme available for instant selection is for the different types of fabrics like cotton, wool, synthetics, silk etc. It also provides with the intensive wash and quick wash.

Technical Details:

This works with the maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM and has a water consumption of 99 litres. The port hole is large and it has a glass door which gives a clear vision of the laundry inside. The control panel consists of the rotary knob to set the programme which is assisted with few buttons and the indicator lights. The display screen does make it an easy reference to follow the programme.



The efficiency is rated with grade ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘B’ which corresponds to the energy efficiency, wash and spin reference. The one year guarantee period is also available for Zanussi ZWT71401WA 7kg Washer Dryer which is provided by the manufacturer.

Specification Details:

Manufacturer Zanussi
Model Name ZWT71401WA Built-In Washer Dryer
Type Built-in
Colour White
Weight 68.4kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm 820 x 596 x 544mm
Maximum spin speed 1400 RPM
Loading type Front Loading
Wash Load/Drying Load 7kg/4kg
Water consumption 99 litres
Guarantee 1 year
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