5 Best Skateboards Review


5 Best Skateboards Review

Want to perform skateboarding? The skateboard is an exhilarating riding equipment by means of which you can perform skateboarding. Although skateboarding is comparatively a new sporting event but it has acquired a good response from adventure loving people.

Standing on a skateboard you can show your excellent movement and various tricky performance like goofy, regular, switch and so on. A skateboard can also be used for transportation means. So why don’t you change your lifestyle and choose a skateboard early for transportation purposes? It will give you an excellent feeling while you ride it and keeps the environment healthy as it does not emit any kind of smoke.

The most exotic news is that skateboarding is announced as an event of 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Now Let’s take a short look on some skateboards reviewed by us.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards



Skateboarding is one kind of sporting action that includes riding and doing a tricky performance on a skateboard. This is only for those smart, amazing guys who wants to make their life more enjoyable with adventurous and impress people just like you. Are you feeling bored with your old plastic made a skateboard and looking for some best skateboards? Then we are showing you something special that you want. Yes, POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards are the best choice for you. They are made of either birch or maple deck, fantastic grip tape, trucks, and wheels. They are durable, smooth and faster just as you like. Many professional skateboarders ride this in their performance. It is easy to ride, control and as fast as your mind. You can also use it as a smart fast transport on a busy road.

For whom this product is

This is a very high-quality product. Though it is a little bit costly but its proper utilization by proper users can return him more than its cost.

  • This product usually for professional skateboarders as its quality and durability.
  • An experienced smart guy can also ride it for recreation and entertainment.
  • Though it is hard to control for the beginners but it takes very short time to adopt it.
  • So, smart boys and girls a ride this best skateboards.

Important Features of POSITIV Best Skateboards

  • Durability

It is usually made of birch or maple wood according to customer’s choice. So, it is strong and durable than other ones. It can resist more impact or thrust.

  • Light in weight

Multiple plies of wood are used to make the deck that makes it strong but light in weight as well as faster in speed. Thus, it will improve your skill and confidence and your performance will be more amazing.

  • Serviceability

Waterproof glue is used to join the parts of the skateboards. So, whole parts of it are waterproof. That improves its serviceability. Again every part of it is of best.so there is no doubt about its serviceability.

  • Attractive outlook

The deck is made of maple or birch wood that gives an attractive outlook to it. Again grip tape is beautiful and colorful. So every part of it is beautiful. In addition to that, there is two attractive color red and blue with gorgeous design are available for you.  So besides your performance, it will match to tour smart personality.

  • Users friendly

Wooden deck, special grip tape, mini logo bearing, smooth wheel make this easier to use to all. That makes it users friendly.

So all these features make this product as best skateboards.

Features benefits

  • It is durable, strong and can resist more impact and pressure.
  • It is smooth, lighter in weight that makes it faster.
  • Its thrust resisting capability is very good.
  • Waterproof glue improves its durability and serviceability.
  • Red and blue color with nice logo make it attractive.


  • POSITIV Team Complete are very attractive in look.
  • Its durability, consistency, and serviceability are very fascinating.
  • It is lighter in weight so it can be handled easily.
  • This best skateboard is easy to control so there is less chance of an accident.
  • It is very fast and so there is more excitement to ride as well as see it riding.
  • Its special grip tape makes it easier to control.
  • It is easier both for ‘goofy’ and ‘regular’ as well as for ‘switch’.
  • Almost every tricks can be done by this best skateboards.
  • It can be used in street and park and any plane surface.


  • These best skateboards are usually made for experienced and skillful performers. So it seems to be hard to ride for the beginners. But it takes very short time to recover it.
  • As it is for professional users so considering its quality its price seems to be a little bit high. But when someone starts to use it then he realizes that its efficiency and quality is higher than its price.
  • It is not so suitable for the older ones as its fastness sometimes not suitable for them.

Final verdict

In the conclusion, we will suggest you this best skateboards if you want to be a smart skateboarder and like to perform a various trick with it. You can use it as your fast and single transport in street or park. It will be very amazing to ride it and people will love you to see it.

Cal Seven Complete Kicktail Skateboard



Skateboarding has become one  of the most interesting and impressive tricky sporting  activities for a young and smart generation. Are you looking for a better,stylish and well-balanced skateboard that will more comfortable for you? Then you are at right place. We are telling you about best skateboards in our collection. Cal seven complete Kicktail skateboard is one of the impressive skateboards.  Its double kicktail deck design made of Canadian maple wood makes back super easy especially for ‘goofy’. Its truck,special black grip tape, wheel makes it easy to control in any position. Its total design makes it one of best skateboards . As a smart talented skateboarder, you must like this product to ride and use it as a smart transport in street and park. We will suggest all smart and adventurous guy like you have it for more excitement.

For whom this product is

Cal seven complete kicktail skateboards are a high-quality product, it is designed for all  brave smart boys and girls.

  • All professional skateboarders can ride this product for their performance.
  • Any experienced skateboarders can use it as their ride.
  • As it is easy to control so any beginners  can try this make them more perfect.

Actually, its appropriateness for all users and balanced price makes it best skateboards.

Important features for cal seven kicktail skateboard

  • Durability

Cal seven complete kicktail skateboard’s deck is completely made of 9 plies of Canadian maple wood. Its truck is aluminum made and precision ABEC 9 bearing makes it consistent and durable.

  • Weight in light

its weight is around 5.2 lbs. That is quite suitable for all. It makes it light in weight as t and easy to control.

  • Serviceability

We use waterproof glue to join the plays. Again all joints are very strong. That improves its serviceability.

  • Attractive look

Its spectacular design and various combination of color obviously attract you.You can take any one of four color –Neon yellow,orange,pink and white. Its deck is made of maple wood. Again its upper surface is totally provided with effective and designful black grip tape.

  • Users friendly

Wooden deck, good quality 9 bearings,good flexibility and effective wheel makes it user-friendly.

So all these features of call seven complete kicktail skateboards make it one of best skateboards.

Features benefit

  • This skateboard has a gorgeous
  • All protective measures have been taken for users safety.
  • Its total design is made for maximum flexibility and speed with durable structure.
  • All the wheels are capable of resist erosion due to friction.
  • Its weight and flexibility offer you doing more tricky and attractive performance.


  • Call seven complete kicktail skateboards are strong durable. Its thrust resisting capacity is very
  • Its spectacular design and color combination makes it very attractive.
  • It is fast and flexible.So you can get more excitement.
  • It is easy to control for all users like beginners and professionals.
  • It’s high-class flexibility and resistive elastic wheel give you the opportunity to do more tricky and attractive performance.
  • It is suitable to ride any plane surface like streets and parks.


  • This product is designed for high-class So its price is a little bit high. But the enjoyment of riding it is higher than its rice.
  • As it is designed for professional and experienced skateboards so for the amateur it seems to tough to control it at the first But it is very adaptive for its flexibility.

Final verdict

Cal seven complete kicktail skateboards are one of best skateboards in the world. It’s quality, attractive outer look, high speed ,flexibility and better control obviously, makes it unique. Whether you are amateur or professional you must like it and feel better when you ride it. It offers you to do more tricky and attractive performance. It also matches to your personality. People will love to see you riding this. So as you are a smart guy we must suggest you for these best skateboards.

Maakesi MKAQ0101 Wood Skateboard

maakesi mkaq0101-wood-skateboard review


Skateboarding is an adventurous sport to the adventure loving people. First of all, for a pleasant skateboarding, the first thing you need is a good quality skateboard. Maikesi MKAQ0101 Wood Skateboard is one of the best skateboards available in the market for meeting your needs. The making structure of this product is satisfactory for doing various actions with comfort. Without any doubt, this model of a skateboard can give you a unique experience for a graceful skateboarding. If you are searching for a skateboard within a moderate range of price along with a better performance then you can choose this one without any confusion. This product is perfect for both practicing and extreme sporting.

For whom this product is

From the viewpoint of many people, the price of this skateboard may seem as a little bit higher. But you have to keep in mind that this skateboard can give you back more service for the reasonable time period.

  • Those who are interested in extreme sporting this is the best choice for them for a better experience.
  • This skateboard is also very suited for practicing.
  • To perform various kinds of tricks safely.
  • This product is for those who want enjoyment and relaxation.

Important Features of Maikasi MKAQ0101 Wood Skateboard

  • Strong and Durable

This skateboard is one of the best skateboards because it provides you a strong and durable life for a long service time. It is of seven layers Canadian maple. It can tolerate a high range of thrust for its high toughness.

  • Protective Measures

The skateboard is provided with proper protective measures to ensure its long life. It is less affected by the detrimental materials. So you can relax about its service period.

  • Attractive Look

Maikesi MKAQ0101 Wood Skateboard is unique for its charming look. Its head and tail are tilted. It is available in various designs and colors which will provide you a vast range of alternatives to choose your best skateboards. As it has excellent smooth sides, it will give you an attractive appearance.

  • Better Service

The layers of this board are solid durable and  its surface is high-density diamond sand. This model of skateboard gives you the facility to jump more sticky feet and you can jump higher. And it has all the qualities of best skateboards.

  • User Friendly

This skateboard is user-friendly as it can be used more efficiently and it provides you a better antiskid which helps you to stand on the board more stable. The lower part of the board is made so technically that it can transmit temperature. It is user-friendly as well as environment-friendly as it is non-toxic.

Features Benefits

  • It is hard, strong and durable and can resist thrust and impact to a great extent.
  • Its edges are smooth and its wheels are highly structured.
  • Lighter with respect to other kinds of skateboards.
  • It comes with a different color combination and design.
  • It provides you high speed which enables it for speedboarding.


  • It gives you extra flexibility to use it as you own.
  • It has a high toughness and strong bearing capacity.
  • Easy to handle for its light weight.
  • Its anti-slipping coating and quality grip give you outstanding facility to control it.
  • Its wheels are highly resistive and elastic.
  • Lasts for a long time with satisfactory result.
  • It ensures the safety of slide turn.


  • This skateboard is suited for experienced skateboarders. Although the amateurs can control it within a short time.
  • This board can produce a high speed. So you should be careful if you are a new skateboarder.

Final verdict

This Maikesi MKAQ0101 Wood Skateboard is obviously one of the best skateboards within a moderate range with the best performance. If you want to be adventurous in skateboarding this one is the best for you for a unique experience. And eventually, we believe that you will admit that this is one of your best skateboards.

Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard



Nowadays skateboarding is a favorite hobby for many enthusiastic people. If you want to be one of them you need a branded skateboard for a better taste of skateboarding. In this competitive market of best skateboards, you can choose Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard which can give you a favorable experience. It comes with the best quality materials and its outlook is very attractive as well as stylish. Its structure is perfectly suited for performing extreme sporting. If you want an exceptional impression of best skateboards you can select this one. This skateboard is also user-friendly. So you can check it out for an extraordinary taste. Confidently, you will be satisfied with its service.

For whom this product is

If you are bored with your old model skateboard you can take a look at this product. This skateboard is made for you if you are looking for a stylish skateboard.

  • If you are keen to perform various kinds of trick skating.
  • This skateboard is amazing for its design and style. So, if you are a stylish guy then this will be one of the best skateboards for you.
  • This skateboard is very useful for recreation and enjoyment.
  • By this skateboard, you can show your art of sporting.
  • This product is suited for extreme sporting and practice.

Important Features of Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard

  • Stylish Design

This skateboard is exceptional for its stylish look and for its design. When you are a fashionable person then it is obviously for you. It is also available in various design. So you can easily choose one skateboard as you like.

  • Warranty Service

This Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard has a warranty. So it renders the services which are provided by the best skateboards company. And you don’t need to be worry about its service.

  • Long Lasting

Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard is manufactured from the high-quality product. So it is resistive to detrimental materials and it gives you a long lasting service life. It can resist a large amount of impact and it has a higher toughness.

  • Provides Better Services

This model of the skateboard is very strong and it very imperative to resist unexpected thrust. For this reason, you can expect a better service from this product. This product will give you the quality services of best skateboards.

  • User Friendly

This skateboard is easy to control and it provides you the best service without any difficulty. You can show you potential of skateboarding so easily by this product. After all, this is very easy to handle as is has a lighter weight.

Features Benefits

  • It has a warranty service which ensures you the service of best skateboards.
  • This skateboard is special for its attractive design and it is really awesome for its style.
  • A large variety of design and color is available for different types of person.
  • It‘s bearing capacity is high for a satisfactory skating experience.
  • It is highly resistive to trust and ensures the long life.


  • It is very strong and durable.
  • It can be carried easily as it has a considerably lighter weight.
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Its wheels are manufactured so technically that it is less affected by erosion.
  • It has a quality grip which enables it to control better.
  • It can be used as like as you want.


  • Its price may appear as a little bit higher. But this is nothing to be worried about as it can cover your all needs within this price limit.
  • This board is mainly for professionals and experienced skateboarders. But for the amateur, it comes to control within a short practice.

Final Verdict

This skateboard is very attractive as well as stylish and is perfect for stylishly minded guys. It is manufactured considering safety measures and it has a warranty. If you are passionate in skateboarding you can select this one from the list of best skateboards. It will obviously fulfill your desire for an adventurous skateboarding.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard



Being an action sports, skateboarding draws many adventurous people’s attention just like you! You can ride and perform various amazing tricks with it. And for that, you always want one of the best skateboards as far as possible. When the requirements of best skateboards meet with a gorgeous outlook, obviously you’ll have to see for the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard. This is one of the best available in the market meeting all your requirements. It provides you performing comfortably actions with an enjoyable skateboarding experience. If you want a high-quality skateboard having a moderate price, you can choose this one without a doubt. You can enjoy the pleasant ride, perfect control and faster performance along with sufficient durability through this skateboard.

For whom this product is

From the economic view, it seems a high-value product for its better quality. But it will provide you much better service than its market price.

  • Professional skateboard performers can enjoy a great adventurous experience with it.
  • It is also suitable for skateboarding practice.
  • Amazing tricks can be performed safely with comfort.
  • Beginners can also learn quickly through it.
  • For a relaxed enjoyable ride, this is one of the best skateboards.

Important features of Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

  • Strength and Durability

It is made of Canadian Maple which resists impact or thrust better than other ones. This provides great strength and durability increasing the service life of the product.

  • Lightweight

It is lighter than most other skateboards. So it has faster speed with greater handling capacity making it one of the best skateboards.

  • Large Deck

This skateboard provides the performer a deck of 31inch x 7.5inch x 5inch which makes the ride much comfortable. It also increases the safety of the rider.

  • Urethane Graphic Wheels

It provides the skateboarder with 52mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels to increase the resistance to sudden impact and thrust. It also develops the controlling capacity of the skateboard.

  • Black Grip Tape

The skateboard has black grip tape which makes the ride comfortable for the skateboarder.

  • Aluminum Trucks

It has 5inch aluminum trucks that resist frictional force, therefore, reducing the possibility of accidents. This also smooths the movement of the wheels.

  • Gorgeous Appearance

The skateboard is made of Canadian Maple and contains different types of designs on the deck which gives the board a mind-blowing outlook. Six beautiful designs are currently available in the market for the customers.

  • User Friendly

It is economically efficient and has a greater service life. It is easy to perform tricky movements for professionals. Furthermore, it can be used as environmentally friendly transportation means.

Features Benefits

  • It has enough strength and durability to increase its useful service life which makes it one of the best skateboards.
  • It has the ability to resist sudden impact and thrust.
  • It provides high speed with better handling capacity.
  • Six colorful designed skateboards are available.
  • It facilitates much comfort and safety to the rider.


  • Its service life is much better than most other skateboards.
  • It can resist the erosion of the wheels due to friction.
  • It provides better speed control capacity to the skateboarder.
  • It enables safe turn for the performer.
  • The bearings of the skateboards provide better smoothness to the wheels.
  • The grip tape and trucks enhance both comfort and safety to the rider.
  • Various colors and designs give the skateboard a charming appearance.


  • Being one of the best skateboards, this is designed for professional skilled persons. So it is little difficult for beginners to handle at first which can be easily overcome after some practice.
  • As it gains high speed very fast, care must be taken while riding on a busy road.
  • Due to the lightweight, the skateboard shouldn’t be allowed to carry very heavy things on its deck.

Final Verdict

At the end, it can be undoubtedly concluded that this is one of the best skateboards that will help you to be a complete skateboarder with astonishing tricky performance. While performing with this one, you’ll have to admit that this is one of the best skateboards for any skateboarder.

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