Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town codes (Update)

Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town codes (Update)

Bạn đã có mã code mới nhất của trò chơi Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town chưa? Hãy nhanh tay nhận code để trải nghiệm game Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town ngay hôm nay. Số lượng giftcode Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town có hạn, hãy đừng bỏ lỡ cơ hội sở hữu mã code và chơi game này.

Summary of codes games Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town

  • 2921e0f3c9
  • 5dc623b69
  • 2d7db8e17e
  • 71aa10091
  • 16af1970d7
  • 14258391ea
  • 1c51532277

Event codes Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town

  • DXRX116bba8578
  • CORJ211f4e0ca3
  • PCLM2b65837072
  • VKLM9dccfd995
  • BXCM542c1fa03
  • BXCM2d36e044bc
  • BXCM2736b79b2f
  • BXCM647502794

A limited number of Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town codes

  • 2f82d21da5
  • 2bc80e2489
  • 2503df2869
  • 1597370729
  • 1ea110b763
  • 197231ba51
  • 2cc55afe93
  • 13ac19977e

How to get new Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town game codes

Step 1: Visit the Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town website.

Step 2: Go to the code input section of Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town.

Step 3: Enter the Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town code and start enjoying the game!

About games Boom Merge: Zoo Merge Town

For the best gaming experience, we recommend playing Boom Merge on devices with more than 3GB of RAM!

On a magical island, lies a mysterious and beautiful City of Animals. Different animals with unique personalities live peacefully in this bustling city. But the flame of Evil appeared and engulfed the once enchanted city in a mist of terror. Now, all life is waiting for someone to partner with them to save this object’s Cave City. And you, you’re the chosen one —

Come and discover the mysteries of Animal City and use your magical fusion powers to save the endangered animal inhabitants and bring this beautiful environment back to life!

• Merge & Upgrade •

  • Everything can be combined! Merge spells allow you to combine all items and upgrade them into better and more powerful creatures to help you save and rebuild the sim city.
  • But combining is not simple, you need to use your wits and strategy to solve the puzzles! Use your fusion skills wisely to awaken more inhabitants of the Animal City!

• Explore & Puzzle •

  • Flush precious dry land with clean water, combine 3 to find more magical creatures, and collect them to see what happens!
  • As you continue to explore new areas of the designer city, meet more interesting characters in this world fusion puzzle, and uncover the stories that the inhabitants are hiding.
  • Beat colorful and timeless match-3 games and combine levels to renovate and decorate Animal Town! Unlock more tropical fusion world maps along the way in this exciting adventure fusion chef story!

• Collect & Manage •

  • There are many mysteries to unravel, collect and assemble, and combine to win the King Collector prize in the royal match!
  • Meet animal dwellers from all walks of life and work together to create a colorful royal metropolis.

• Luck & Surprise •

  • Easily get more animal inhabitants in the zoo by joining Crazy Gacha!
  • Crazy Boom Day, where additional resources can be used to help you build an animal kingdom faster.
  • A resort specially designed for your animal dwellers to host a fun fusion dragon animal party!

• Construction & Design •

  • Expand the population and increase the prosperity of your union city; Build cozy huts for your residents to rest, combine work and play to become a happy animal kingdom, immersed in the ocean.
  • Upgrade to create unique simcity structures and decorations, with over 11 different area tiles and unlimited customization to create your own fantasy fusion island!
  • Unlock beautiful decorations and high-tech buildings to grow and develop your fox-animal fusion district, and be free to dress up to inhabit your homes!

By streamlining these buildings, constructing and upgrading, your city skyline will continue to grow and eventually become a stunning metropolis, and your friends will cheer for you, the epic city builder! It’s the perfect mix and match game and casual match where you can mix anything! 10 times more joy makes you the happiest 201!

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