Daiwa Aird Fishing rod review


Daiwa Aird Fishing rod review

Is Daiwa Aird Fishing rod good? Should you choose to buy Daiwa Aird Fishing rod? Let’s learn about this product through the following article

Product Review


The Daiwa Aird Rod is loud, and I’m not talking about the sound of the reel spinning. Bright as could be, this Aird made to be compatible with the Daiwa Aird reels is a solid metallic orange. It is similar to other casting rods in the sense that it is strong and sturdy. With a graphite blank for a body, it is lightweight. The line is thread through stainless steel guides, and a folding hook keeper which is useful to prevent snags with the hook.

As with many graphite rods, this rod is lightweight and sensitive, but also strong. Although not as strong as their fiberglass counterparts, graphite rods are the most common fishing rods today due to their lighter weight. This is crucial especially for anglers that fish for long amounts of time; it helps you stay out there longer and fight longer. The handle is made of EVA foam, with a rubber butt for support. At medium-heavy, this is a great rod for beginners that want to cast to the middle of the river or from the surf.

For usage, I would recommend this for all types of use. This rod is incredibly versatile, and can adjust from saltwater to freshwater. Although not one of our favorite rods (we prefer spinning rods), this casting rod will do well for the purpose it serves. And for the price, it is a great deal.

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Company Mini-History

The Daiwa company is known for performance and innovation that spans across the angling world. Notably, Daiwa fishing tackle is particularly stylish. Of course, performance is always a standard in fishing, but Daiwa also focuses on beautiful design. Even the company logo is influenced by the new era of graphic design elements. The company began in 1955, first producing the spinning reel. Now, it produces everything from the rod, to reels, to lines.

Considered one of the top fishing tackle companies in the world, Yoshio Matsui started the company in Japan. The company’s mission was to combine style with functionality. Today, their rods are made for specific uses, as well as flexible use. They can be used in different fishing settings. Heavily influenced by the Japanese culture, the company’s philosophy is reflected in its current motto, “Feel Alive.” This slogan expresses the excitement of fishing, and the reason that the company continues to push forward technologically.

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