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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Fishing rod review

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Fishing rod any good? Should I choose to buy this product? Please refer to the following article for details

Product Review


I am a huge fan of Shakespeare fishing tackle, and specifically their Ugly Stik line of fishing rods. Not only are they strong, but they are consistent.  There is a reason that they have fans all over the world in the fishing industry. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Spinning Fishing Rod is one of the products that people love.

Exclusive to Shakespeare, the blank is made using the Howald Process construction using graphite to create great inner strength, combined with an outer layer of fiberglass for a good balance. The line is support by aluminum oxide guides wrapped in stainless steel, in addition to a graphite reel seat and stainless steel hood.

The “Big Water” that the fishing rod’s name refers to is of course, the ocean. This rod was made for surfcasting, which is another name for fishing from the beach. Surf rods are usually made for saltwater, thus the use of Bigwater02fiberglass on this model. Because of the great mix of materials used to compose this rod, it is versatile. It is strong, withstanding great pressures from bigger fish, with a sensitive that allows you to feel small bites. With a rod this strong, you can definitely feel safe reeling in the big fish that pull and yank on your line without the rod breaking.

This is a great beginner rod, and I would put my name on the product. At a medium action, it’s right there in the middle and perfect for novice fishermen. You will not regret it.


Company Mini-History

The Shakespeare fishing tackle company, started in 1896 by William Shakespeare, Jr. (no relation to the famous poet of the late 1500’s), was a testament to what keeps humans moving forward. Being a serious fisherman and natural problem-solver, Shakespeare built an instrument that helped him wind the fishing line evenly onto the spool. This has become an industry standard, helping to prevent tangles in the reel. This careful detail in design and function is one of the things that inspired their earlier slogan, “Built Like A Watch”.

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Beginning with the production of reels, the company expanded their reach by acquiring Pflueger, another well-known fishing company that expanded their product line to include rods that are made for beginners and fishing enthusiasts alike. Within the last decade, the company released their Synergy Titanium series, which is comfortable and focuses on design. They also produce a very popular children’s fishing kit, containing cartoon characters such as Barbie, Scooby Doo, and Looney Toons. Being aesthetically pleasing and functional is what defines Shakespeare rods.

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