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Top 4 spinning fishing rods | The best fishing rod guide

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One of the most popular types of fishing rods and reel combination is the spinning rod. Spinning fishing rods are one of the easiest rods to use, because the reel is very easy to cast from. Advanced fishermen love them for their versatility and their ability to cast accurately.

This is a list we compiled of the best 4 spinning fishing rods that we found on the fishing rod market. We broke it down to four different categories and found the best fishing rods within those niches. The categories are:

  • Surfing rod – surfing rods are a specific type of rod that is used in the ocean. They are made with a special chemical coating that helps them fight off the corrosive salt water. Using a freshwater fishing rod in the ocean can cause damage and essentially ruin them.
  • Traveling rod – traveling rods are a unique category. Their biggest benefit lies in the fact that they can be easily transported. They usually come in three or more pieces. Many of the traveling rods on the market are not sturdy and do not hold their weight. We found the best one for you.
  • Freshwater rod – freshwater rods are rods that are made for non-salt waters, such as rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds. These fishing rods are highly variable, as the waters that they can be fished in are highly variable. We found for you the one that we believe is the best overall freshwater rod.
  • Low-Priced rod – This is for the fishermen on a smaller budget. There are quite a few cheap spinning rods on the market, and most of them are pretty bad. Don’t think that all the cheap rods are the same. We found for you the best low-priced fishing rod here.

Here are the Winners for the Top 4 Spinning Rods

Best Surf Spinning Rod Winner: Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod

We’re going to start the list off with the surf-fishing category. The reason we picked the Okuma Tundra Spinning Rod is twofold


1. high strength
2. low price

This travel rod has 3 pieces, making it easy to break down and transport. The ends have been known to attach too tightly, so it is suggested that you lightly sand the edges with a 150 grit paper before putting the rod together.

Even though the rod is 3 pieces, which is normally not ideal, it provides a strong pull and even better than most two piece rods. You’ll love how well this rod performs. Okuma always designs and manufactures high-quality rods on all ends of the spectrum. This is one of the most popular rods with us and with consumers

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Best Travel Spinning Rod Winner: Shakespeare Travel Mate Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Travel Mate Spin Rod

There are so many options for travel rods (we’ve reviewed some travel rods on this site). The reason many fishing tackle companies are now producing these rods is because the sport is becoming more and more popular, and gas-guzzling cars (a.k.a. trucks and SUV’s) are becoming less and less popular.

People need a way to get their gear around, and travel rods are perfect. These are especially great rods for hikers who like to fish or for fishermen who don’t to haul their fishing rods onto airplanes when they travel. People don’t want to walk around with a huge rod sticking out of their backsides.

The reason we chose the Shakespeare Travel Mate was because of the price and the quality. Shakespeare rods are very popular because they’re low-priced and they last such a long time. I call them the Nokia of fishing rods, because they will never break! Just don’t Hulk-smash it

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Best Freshwater Spinning Rod Winner: Shimano Voltaeus Spinning Rod

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Shimano Voltaeus Spinning Rod

Whether you are camping by the lake or sitting on your local river, the Shimano Voltaeus is the best freshwater spinning rod of 2013.

The Voltaeus is very lightweight, which have made new fishermen a bit nervous. But there is not reason at all to worry, because this rod is fortified and strong.

Most consumers have reported that it feels like a whip when first used, and as they become more acclimated to the flexibility, lightness, and strength, they learn to love it as one of their favorite rods. This rod is like spinach – you won’t like it at first, but you’ll learn to love it.

The bamboo handle that comes with the rod is luxurious to say the least, and provides a comfortable and secure grip. Most anglers use this for trout or salmon.

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Best Low-Priced Spinning Rod Winner: Shimano FXS Spinning Rod

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Shimano FXS Spinning Rod

If you are new to the fishing world and want to dive right in (not literally!), but don’t know where to start, I would recommend a cheaper fishing rod. While they might not be the best on the market, they help you figure out what you like and dislike in certain characteristics.

With the fishing tackle companies mass-producing their products, fishing rods are getting cheaper and cheaper to make. But that shouldn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. The best fishing rod we found in this category wins Shimano its second award on our list: the Shimano FXS.

It has an aeroglass blank construction, which makes the rod strong, while a little stiff. That isn’t an issue, because while the rod is stiff, it is flexible enough to fight game and yank. The tip is fast reacting, so you can easily sense bites. And starting below $10, this is the best fishing rod for that low price

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