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Okuma Reflexions Graphite Casting rods review

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Are Okuma Reflexions Graphite Casting rods any good? Should you choose Okuma Reflexions Graphite Casting rods? Let’s find out more details through the article below

Product Review

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The Okuma Reflexions Graphite Casting Rod is built with IM-6 level graphite blank. Made for casting long distances, the rod has a split cord grip with a cork butt on the bottom. I prefer the cork handles because of their grip and their aesthetic. For some reason, I just love the way cork looks on a fishing rod. The line is looped through stainless steel guide frames with Zirconium inserts made for braided fishing lines. The Zirconium material keeps the braided line sliding smoothly through the guides and reduces the friction. This allows for smoother casting and retrieving.

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The graphite material makes this rod light and sensitive, which is great for fishing for smaller fish. It is made for freshwater fishing, so use this rod at the lake or the river for trout and salmon.

I would recommend using this rod for dock fishing and riverbank fishing. Because of the medium action, it is such a versatile tool that really can be used by beginners or experts alike. It’s a high quality product for a medium price. Definitely a great deal if you want those fish that dwell near the middle of the lake.

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Company Mini-History

The Okuma Fishing tackle company was established in 1987. A relatively new company in the fishing industry, it was started in Taiwan by Chang Liang-ren after a friend showed him the spinning reel. It was easy for him to understand that the key to Okuma’s success as a company was technology. Thus, he invested in a Research and Development center based in Germany.

The constant leaps in technological advancement in the fishing tackle industry has made Okuma one of the top producers of fishing tackle in the industry. In fact, Okuma is the No. 1 manufacturer of fishing tackle (in volume). The company sponsors great fishermen, including the likes of Mark Romanack, Scott Martin, as well as the fishing show Into the Blue. Due to their investment in technology, they remain at the top of the fishing world.


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