Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser Reviews


Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser Reviews

Looking forward to start your construction or woodworking business? Or are you an average worker who just needs a replacement for their old and damaged miter saw? Look no further since the Hitachi C12FDH is something you should spend some time on and take a look. It packs a lot of functionality compared to other miter saws and delivers the best level of comfort and ease of use.

Hitachi C12FDH Features

hitachi-c12fdh-dual-bevel-miter-sawThis device is not as simple as “what you see is what you get” since there are more to it than meets the eye. You would be deceived since a lot of its functionalities are hidden beneath the hard exterior plating of the device. Also, there are additional features that defines this product from the rest and might be the determining factor that will cause you to avail this miter saw.

15 amp motor

First on the list is the 15 amp motor, it has an output capacity of 1,950 watts which allows it to achieve 4,000 rpm without a load. This amount of power is actually standard with all the other high-end multi-purpose miter saws that allows it to cut all types of wood with different types of cut but still guarantees the best and smoothest quality cuts.


If you are going to buy miter saws, you would want to take note of the bevel’s capacity and adjustability. With this device, it has a bevel angle range of 48 degrees on both sides. It is also equipped with the new micro-adjustment knob for fine tuning.

Miter table

Just going second of the importance of the bevel, the miter table of this device has a capacity of 52 degrees on both sides. Just like the bevel, it is also equipped with a micro-adjustment knob that allows accurate tuning of your preferred angle.

Pivoting fences

Fences are always present in miter saws but this one has them accompanied with a pivoting feature. This means that they can be moved away or be raised to become taller. The maximum height the fence could go is at an average of 5 inches. Suitable for cutting tall crowns or thick pieces of wood beams.

Elastomer coating

An experienced woodworker knows the hassle and pain of the vibrations of the saw. This is now eliminated with a chemical coating on the handle called an elastomer compound that makes the handle shock proof as well as prevents easy slippage. It is now easier and more comfortable to hold.

Laser guide

Lasers can be easily attached to miter saws but making it adjustable is something that needs thinking. In this device, there is a knob for adjusting the laser, whether you want the blade to cut on, to the right or to the left of the laser. Moreover, the laser is very accurate giving you the path at which your blade will be hitting without actually hitting the wood.

Advantages of Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw


A large portion of the features of the device are made to achieve accuracy. The laser along with the numerous adjustment knobs that can be found in every part of the device. This guarantees that you will not be facing any jagged or decision wrecking results.


Don’t expect something that is going to be extremely lightweight since this device comes with a strong motor and a large blade but despite this, it still was able to keep its weight under 60 pounds which is still heavy but is still easily transferable from place to place. Plus, you wouldn’t be experiencing unnecessary body pains when moving this device from time to time.


With a working environment, noise is something to be expected but it would be highly beneficial if you could hear people as well as not damage your ears. With the chain operated motor, it produces a small amount of noise. Nothing too strong that will keep your neighbors awake or make you deaf.


You need not worry about quality nor functionality since this device works great and lasts longer than any miter saw should. Though with its complexity, you might need a manual for this which is poorly made with the lack of details which would then lead you to their technical service that is nearly impossible to contact. Though this is simply solved with the help of online forums and videos of the miter saw community.


The staggering power and numerous functionalities are just priced at $622 which is the right price for its capabilities but the current slashed down price is at $229.97. There is a huge amount of savings and being just below the $250 mark, this is the best deal you could get since a miter saw with specifications like this is generally priced at more than $600.

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Whom is it best for?

If you are talking about people who makes woodworks for fun or people in need to cut baseboard, this tool is simply too much and you might want to prefer something simpler. Specifically, the design of this tool is made to accommodate huge pieces of wood like tall crowns and wood beams justified by its large blade and adjustable tall fences. It is also made to be stationary rather than portable. Reasons that points out to be preferable for people in the industry of making furniture.


There are a lot of features added to this device which will make you think of the new possible capabilities that it could perform. Specifically, the numerous knobs makes it extremely adjustable and accurate

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