Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Reviews


Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Reviews

If you continually have the need to perform carpentry work on the field then you are going to need some portable cutting tool. Conventional saws might do the work but electric miter saws deliver the best results in terms if accuracy and smoothness.

The Makita LS1040 is the saw for you if you need something that is made for portability. It is also packed with functionalities both in terms of delivering quality and safety. Despite it being maximized for portability, it still packs a lot of power as well as being highly durable. There are a lot more to take note about its in depth features.

Features of the Saw

Material clamp and support

makita-ls1040-10-inch-compound-miter-saw-reviewIn order to cut a piece of wood accurately and smoothly is that it should not move. Any slight movement and you will destroy the cut quality. With the help of built-in clamps, this holds the wood down thus saving you the hassle of doing it by yourself. Not to mention it can be tightened the way you want it for maximum hold. There are also supports at the sides which helps keep long pieces of wood leveled.

Dual post pivoting arm

The entire arm of this saw is supported by two posts which guarantees rigidity and durability. It also features a pivoting neck that allows you to move the blade into angles for easy bevel cutting.

15 amp

If you want to achieve the best cut then you are going to need a strong motor. This saw is equipped with a 15 amp motor that runs at a no load rate of 4600 rpm which allows easy cutting through any type of wood.

9 positive stops

The hardest part about wood cutting are tricky angles which sometimes need the control of the hand that always leads to jagged and inaccurate results. This is fixed with stops and detents that lock the blade in place for most commonly used cutting angles. You have 9 stop angles which are 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 at both sides with a middle angle of 0 degrees.

Carbide blade tip

If you regularly perform carpentry work then you are well-aware of the hassle of continually finding a replacement blade because it easily loses its sharpness. The included carbide blade lasts longer than your conventional blade tip. It is more resistant, for longer use with smoother finishes.

Add-on features

There are several other features that are small but still worth mentioning. To begin with, this saw prevents excess wood dust scattering with its dust tube that collects wood dust on the other end. You can attach the included dust bag for easy collection and decreased time in cleaning,

An innovated blade cover also comes along with it that is in coherence with the neck of the saw. It moves accordingly with the neck movement for maximum protection. There is also an attached light assistance on top of the blade which gives you a better vision of your work when you are in dark places or working in the midst of the incoming night.

Advantages of Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Lightweight and compact

This saw is mainly designed to be easily portable from place to place. It only comes at a very light weight of 27.3 pounds. All unnecessary and heavy duty features are also removed from this in order to achieve a really compact and one-hand carry device. It is easy to put away as well as bring with you in transport vehicles.

Durable and long lasting

The entire body of the saw is made from quality steel while the base plates are made from aluminum. Not to mention that the included blade is carbide tip. All of which are materials made to help this portable device achieve maximum longevity. You can carry this around and store it in any place without the fear of denting or breaking vital parts of its neck.

Very silent

A very stealthy saw since the entire motor is concealed to prevent the escape of loud noises. Since it comes with a very strong motor, cutting through wood is also made melodiously silent if not deaf silent.

Disadvantages of the saw

Saw adjustments

This is actually a very easy to use saw since most complex functionalities are removed in order to achieve simplicity and portability. Though despite this, people still complain about adjustment problems. This is because this is a new design that you rarely see and a lot of parts are screwed instead of pinned or locked. This is easily solved by simply taking a look and following the manual.


Since this device is made small with less features, this saw is going to cost only a small amount of money. At an average price of $199 this device is already very cheap. The cheapest electric miter saw you can get will not go below $200 and those are even the saws that are bulky and have a very weak motor.

Who is it best for?

This is saw that can be added into every craftsman arsenal since it only comes at a very cheap price. Though this saw has only a limited number of capabilities which are meant for light usage. This goes well with base board cutting and crown molding. Cutting wide pieces of wood are not recommended since it only has a cross cutting capacity of less than 9 inches.


This is a great saw best for its cheap price since it is durable and long lasting. In terms of functionality, it is not an all-around saw and you might want to get a much functional one to pair with it. Though if it is used for its specified purpose, you are guaranteed to have the best ease of use compared to other miter saws that have the same function.

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