IF-Reach 8-Speeds Folding Electric Bike Review


IF-Reach 8-Speeds Folding Electric Bike Review

Strida IF Reach DC electric bike is one of the latest one coming into market is called Strida is a kind of portable, folding bicycle with a unique ‘A’-shaped collapsible frame. It was first designed by Mark Sanders. The first model, Strida 1, was released in 1987. These days, the models of this kind of bike are numerous.

The features and description of Strida IF Reach DC electric bike

Strida IF Reach DC electric bike is an electric bike with a pedal assist and folding frame. People seem like this Strida IF Reach DC electric bike since it is agile, fast and folds quickly for storage or transport, for it uses 24-volt rechargeable lithium ion battery at the base of the seat post. By using this, you’ll get both comfort and style. The bike weighs in at 43 lbs, including the motor & battery. It glides at an average 18 mph for 30 miles.

strida-if-reach-8-speeds-folding-electric-bike-reviewSince it is equipped with an innovative Integrated Folding (IF) technology, then it has a compact package which needs less space to be stored. Even you can bring it in your car, or while you are going either by subway or by bus. Or, if you want to ride to your work by using this Strida IF Reach DC electric bike, you can easily fold and roll it up whenever you have reached your office, then store it somewhere in your office. It really doesn’t need plenty space. This, also avoiding you to park your bike outside the office or else, which might get your Strida IF Reach DC electric bike to be easily stolen, kicked by any passerby, or possibly pissed on by any dogs.

This Strida IF Reach DC electric bike is suitable for both commuters and students because it has double-leg central kickstand. It also really practical, for it doesn’t need to be charged frequently for commuting around. And since it has a whisper-quiet brushless motor with a pedal assist feature, means you can travel along the hills without even assessing your legs, for it is really enjoyable and light.

Other than riding it along the hills, this kind of electric bike also allows you to have easier ride on such pothole strewn streets with its full-sized wheels. Can you imagine if this kind of electric system be applied to motorcycles, or even cars? Doesn’t it seem great if there will be such a Strida IF Reach DC electric motorcycle or Strida IF Reach DC electric Car in the future?

The detailed specifications of Strida IF-Reach 8-Speeds Folding Electric Bike

One of the models of Strida IF Reach DC electric bike is Strida IF-Reach 8-Speeds Folding Electric Bike. The detailed specifications followed. First, it uses Pacific 08 Reach AL7005 with IF folding mechanism frame with trailing link suspension on its fork.

The motor is brushless, using 24-volt and 400 watts. Since the battery used is Lithium-ion, 24-volt, 9 Ah, this electric bike will get 100-volt AC input and 24-volt DC output by having charging time of 3 to 5 hours. The double-leg central kickstand with torque mode, allow you experiencing more enjoyable ride.

The torque can be switched into high or low mode easily. For it is Strida IF-Reach 8-Speed Folding Electric Bike model, then the drive train used is Microshift 8-speed with thumb shifter, while each wheel used is 20 inches (451) Alex VP-15F with alloy hubs.

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