Knox MusicJet Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Showerhead Review


Knox MusicJet Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Showerhead Review

Do you like to move and groove in the shower? Would you like to have some music come into the shower with you so you don’t have to sing by yourself/ Do you also want a consistent showering experience every day with these tunes? The Knox MusicJet showerhead with a waterproof Bluetooth music player could be the answer to your problems. Priced at $100 on sites like Amazon and available in a wide array of different colors, you’ll have style and music in your shower every single day with this fixture!

The Features of the Knox MusicJet Showerhead

Outside of the audio components of this showerhead, the primary feature we noticed were the 88 jets of water that come streaming out from around the Bluetooth equipment. Though the showerhead itself is plastic, it is still wide enough at 4 inches across to provide space for the equipment and a decent showering experience.


You may also enjoy these features:

  • noise canceling technology allows for better overall music playback while you are in the shower;
  • if for some reason you wish to take a phone call while you’re in the shower, the microphones pick up your voice readily and the Bluetooth easily connects to your smartphone up to 33 feet away; and
  • the lithium ion battery in the unit provides up to 10 hours of talk or music time so that charging the unit only needs to be done once per week or so.

The Advantages of the Knox MusicJet Showerhead

The primary advantage of this unit is the fact that you don’t have to pause life just to take a shower. For some, it is an inconvenience to step into the shower for a few minutes, or worse, they take their phones to the bathroom and use them like they would this speaker! This showerhead eliminates that as an issue.

The other advantages of this unit are:

  • the Bluetooth speaker can be removed from the showerhead, providing an easy way to charge the speaker or to use it in other ways beyond the shower;
  • it fits all standard ½ inch fixtures; and
  • the automatic features of this unit allow it to be virtually hands-free.


The primary disadvantage seen with this showerhead is that you’re paying more for the speaker than you are for the overall showering experience. If you’ve already got a great showerhead, you might consider purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker independently as this showerhead, although mildew resistant, is still mid-grade plastic.

Overall this showerhead is a great way to increase the amount of fun that you have in the shower every day. Made for those who love to groove out to some great tunes, those who need to be on-call and still take a shower can benefit from this product as well. It is well worth considering if you’re looking for a Bluetooth addition to the bathroom!

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