Lost Era: Immortal Legend codes (Update May 2024)

Lost Era: Immortal Legend codes (Update May 2024)

Lost Era: Immortal Legend is an engaging game that offers enticing bonuses to attract players. If you need codes for the game, get them now before they run out and start playing today.

Summary of codes games Lost Era: Immortal Legend

Codes Reward
VG6OLNEDMO 500 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 500 runestones, 2 pages of wise copies
0S2AQIA06Y 500 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 3 épic chests, 30 legendary soul stones
SWUO8N341V 500 diamonds, 300,000 coins, 30 star life stones, 300 rune stones
P0TVYAAWVE 500 diamonds, 400,000 coins, 40 épic soul stones, 50 Maya stones
YIDV6TUSKW 1,000 diamonds, 500,000 coins, 50 Maya stones, 50 épic soul stones
X68CPY6OQN 400 diamonds, 30 legendary soul stones, 10 mystical soul stones, 40 epic soul stones
MOGB11Z8VP 1000 diamonds, 3 votes, 3 wise copies, 1 legendary chest
KRG166XOSB 1000 diamonds, 3 legendary chests, 10 Maya stones
Y93O9MCBF1 3 legendary chests, 5 avatar pieces, 3 wing renewal stones
YubTYM77 500 diamonds, 30 legendary soul stones, 3 wing renewal stones, 2 wise clones
RB2WXMJ22G 30 health gems, 1000 diamonds, 10 devil wing pieces, 30 legendary soul stones
XZT4ZBJIJ3 300 diamonds, 300,000 coins, 30 legendary soul stones, 3 wing renewal stones

How to get new Lost Era: Immortal Legend game codes

To get new codes for Lost Era: Immortal Legend:

  1. Visit the game’s official website.
  2. Navigate to the codes redemption section.
  3. Enter the valid code and redeem your rewards.

About games Lost Era: Immortal Legend

Lost Era: Immortal Legend is a new game where demon lords have invaded and massacred humanity. The gods failed to seal the Demon God, leading to an age of suffering known as “The Lost Age.” As the last hero, your mission is to save the earth by summoning legendary warriors like Dracula, Cleopatra, and others.

Key Features:

  • Play as a warrior, archer or magician and switch between them
  • Vertical or horizontal screen modes for one-handed or visual feast gameplay
  • Join expeditions and factions to conquer territories
  • Customize your character’s appearance with fashion, tattoos, etc.
  • Defeat ancient monster bosses for rich rewards
  • Claim great gift packs in the first 7 days of login

The earth’s fate rests on your courage and strategy. Join the holy war now in Lost Era: Immortal Legend!

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