Russell Hobbs 14923 Compact Juicer Review


Russell Hobbs 14923 Compact Juicer Review

Russell Hobbs is pride owner of rich collection of products. Their stand in the home appliance and compact appliance segment is significant. The collection of products is categorised in different styles each of which has unique touch in design. Russell Hobbs 14923 Compact Juicer is a compact juicer yet gives a competitive performance and can handle juicing of various fruits and vegetable. The following review gives more information about this product.


This model is a great domestic juicer which applies to fruits and vegetables. It is required to wash or brush the fruits and in case of the non-organic fruits or vegetables it is advisable to remove the peel. It is also required to remove the stems, stalks, leaves and ferns. The fruit or the vegetable is cut so that it goes through the tube using the pusher. The fresh juice can be obtained once it processes completely.

Parts that make it:

The front panel consists of the control knob and the bottom is present the motor unit. Just above which is the drive and the clamps to hold the top portion of the juicer. In the drive is fitted the pulp container which has a spout. Just above which is present the grating sieve the cover, wheel and the tube. The big pusher and the small pusher are fitted with the bayonet fittings. All of these help to bring out the best juicing experience.


The Basics:

Russell Hobbs 14923 900 Watts Juicer is been dimensioned with the small foot print of mere 240 sq. cm and hence it can be easily placed in the small space. The design is attractive with the white and black combination. The pulp container comes with the translucent finish which allows tracking the collection of the pulp.

Power, Capacity and Controls:

This Russell Hobbs 14923 Juicer Machine functions with the power of 900 Watts and it is quite justifiable for its appliance. The controls are with a single knob which allows setting the operations. The zero indication is to put the juicer in the off position. The speed setting are available for 1 and 2 as the one is denotes the low speed and is applied for soft and tender foods while the speed 2 is high which is suitable for the hard foods. The juice capacity is 300 ml and the pulp container has the capacity of 800 ml. This lets you juice until the capacity is reached and later it can be continued on emptying the fillings.


  • Russell Hobbs 14923 Centrifugal Juicer comes with the wide feed chute which also has a pusher. This makes it easy for the user to load the chute with the desired fruit or vegetable and with the help of the pushes it can be sent through to extract the juice.
  • The pulp container is in-built and hence it makes the appearance compact. It is also easily managed.
  • The spout is been designed with the non-drip type which protects from dripping and hence the mess is been reduced.
  • The arms of the juicer can be locked for the safety purpose. It keeps a good hold even when set in the high speed. Another safety measure is the safety cut out which protect from over flow and messing up.
  • The cord storage and the stainless steel filter are few other features that are impressive about this model.


A full 1 year guarantee with the coverage for the parts and labour is been offered by the maker of this model for this product.

Russell Hobbs 14923 Whole Fruit Juicer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name 14923 Compact Juicer
Power 900 Watts
Colour/Finish Black and white
Filter Stainless steel
Type Compact and space saving
Juicing method Centrifugal
Capacity Juice – 300 ml
Pulp container – 800 ml
Chute Wide feed chute with pusher
Speeds 2 speed
Pulp container Built-in
Spout Non-drip
Cord storage Yes
Safety locking arms Yes
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Drip stop Yes
Control Button
Guarantee 1 year
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