DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review


DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

This review revolves around all the specialties and capabilities of the DW713 miter saw. Everything you need to know about it can be found here. Have a good read and find out for yourselves if this miter saw fits your needs and also learn why most people prefer it.

The DW713 is made by DeWalt, a famous company already specializing in the production of different hardware equipment. They are one of the leading brand names in the construction supplies industry which gives you a thought of its reliability.

There are much to take note about this product. It features new innovations and add-on capabilities which may play a huge part in your role as the consumer. Depending on what you are looking for, this might be the best out there for you.

Why the DeWalt DW713 is preferred by most


  • 15-amp motor –with a strong motor, you are sure to get smooth cuts. May it be soft wood or hard oak wood, you are surely going to get good cuts on your wood.
  • Detent plate –You are dealing with saws and wood which makes smooth and accurate turning a big plus for the saw. The detent plate of the DW713 features 11 stop points designed to hold lock your position when cutting in angles. The stop points keeps you in place while you’re making your tricky cuts resulting in smooth finishes.
  • Safety fences –Just before you put those blades down on your cutting board, the safety fences simultaneously rises up giving protection as you cut along. This gives you a view of your other hand while you’re putting down your saw giving you time to realize whether your hand is on the way of the saw just before the fences pop up blinding your view.
  • Lock – with all that power on your motor, the wood you would be cutting is likely going to wiggle and result to jagged edges. Don’t fear because the DW713 has a strong miter lock for accurate miter table positioning.
  • Lightweight –Just weighing an average of 35 pounds with compact features, you can simply hand carry this saw without risking backache or extensive strain just before doing the real work.

The only thing wrong with the DW713

Short safety fence – the shorter the safety fences the shorter the maximum vertical cut limit. Something not fit for heavy workers looking for an all-around machine. The saw basically just has a maximum vertical cutting limit of 6 inches. This is because of the goal to become a compact cutter. Preventing you from cutting tall stalks of wood.

What’s on the Package?

At a slashed down price of $217.99 you get a highly compact and lightweight cutter that still packs a lot of power. Running 5, 000 rpm at a no load speed, this is as fast as it gets compared to other models like the DW715, DWS780 and DW716.

The price comes with a long term relationship with the company with a 3 year limited warranty assuring you of 3 years non-stop service. Along with the standard warranty comes a year of free service contract and 90 day money back guarantee. All the more reasons to be self-assured of what you are going to buy.

Setting it up

The DW713 works best under certain conditions. Get the best out of your machine by setting it up properly. Just like any other miter saw, screw or nail it on a usually miter stand. Screwing is more preferred since this is made as a portable and moveable saw.

Place the wood to be cut on the miter table and adjust the safety fences. Locking the miter table and safety fences will guarantee the best results. The locks keeps the blade in its path no matter how much force is being applied guarantying quality cut.

To whom is this designed for?

The main goal of its design is to achieve portability which is more targeted on the enthusiast rather than the heavy workers. This is also just meant for on the field workers who need portable machines to cut small wood.

The DW713 is not designed for an overall use device as its cutting limits are limited.

The DW713 has received a lot of hype because of its features and functionality. This is a great product and a lot of people have found it a great substitute and replacement in most cases. This is a great cutter for starters and people are going for it.

Why get one?

Buying the DW713 will save you a lot of future expenses. The well-built frame, neck and body will last over a lifetime being made from stainless and quality hard steel. Parts are also easily accessible due to easy compatibility with its other predecessors.

The design prevents any unwanted spraying of saw dust, allows a free moving and adjustable blade and many more to give you the best quality cuts. The DW713 is guaranteed to help maximize get those smooth cuts with ease. No more back pains, arm aches and over the top muscle strains with the DW713.

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