Pfaff 7570 Sewing Machine Review: 5 Reasons To Choose The 7570 Model


Pfaff 7570 Sewing Machine Review: 5 Reasons To Choose The 7570 Model

You may not be able to find a Pfaff 7570 sewing machine in stores right now, but the 7570 model can be found in other places.

But then again, what could be the reasons why you’d want to spend time and money on it?

For the longest time, home owners have been taking care of their own Pfaff model 7570, and it’s because they perfectly understand the benefits that they can obtain from it.

It can be used for sewing and embroidery projects and is very easy to use.

Pfaff 7570 Overview

pfaff-7570-sewing-machine-reviewThe Pfaff model 7570 comes with a walking foot, which is dual feed. There are also a lot of stitches that you can use and choose from.

It’s also self-threading, which means you simply need to feed a spool into it and you no longer have to care about how to place the thread into the eye of the needle. There are also different needle positions, allowing you to create excellent designs without too much of a hassle.

Moreover, the 7570 sewing machine can create buttonholes superbly. Lastly, it comes with a software that you can install in your PC if you want to update your list of designs every now and then.

Advantages Of Pfaff 7570

1. The entire body of Pfaff is made durable.

You can guarantee that if it comes form Pfaff, it’s made of the best durable materials. This is also the foremost reason why Pfaff 7570 is still around and is being sold in excellent working condition. It is also one of the popular hand-me-downs of mothers to their daughters or grandmothers to their grandkids.

2. The dual feed produces clean stitches.

The Pfaff 7570 sewing machine is equipped with a dual-feed walking foot that can produce clean and uniform stitches all throughout the fabric. Moreover, this tool can also work on every type of fabric that you have in mind. It can handle different kinds of fabric weight very well-from wool, garment leather, denim jeans, and silk, to name a few.

3. The 7570 sewing machine is perfect for all kinds of sewers.

Whether you’re a quilter or a dressmaker, you can count on the Pfaff 7570 to do the job for you. You can create different layers of fabric without any problem at all. They don’t slip easily because of the dual feed. There are several stitches that you can combine or modify, depending on your preference.

4. Embroidery has never been this easy.

Working on your embroidery projects doesn’t cost you a lot of headache. The package contains around 30 cards, which you can then insert into the sewing machine. The software kit also works well with your PC, which is surprisingly considering that a number of sewing machines don’t just work with laptops and desktop PCs perhaps because of the operating system used.

5. The machine can thread on itself.

You no longer have to squint your eyes when you’re working with your 7570 sewing machine from Pfaff. The machine has the capacity to thread itself. You just need to place the spool in its right place and press the appropriate button. It will only be a matter of seconds before you can start on your sewing machine.

Disadvantages Of Pfaff 7570

It can be a little bit pricey.

You can spend as much as $3,500 for a Pfaff model 7570. Added to that, the cost per card is more than a hundred dollars. Nevertheless, if you know how to scour into the market, you will realize that there are some dealers who may sell the equipment to you at a much lower price.

Consumer Reviews

This machine is superb, never mind if I’ve spend a thousand dollars for this one!-Esmeralda

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