Singer 66 Sewing Machine Review


Singer 66 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 66 sewing machine is a very old model. It was actually created sometime in the 1920s.

While it’s not available in retail, you can still find it in antique shops or ebay.

Considering the type of technology that had been used in creating sewing machines during 1920s, the Singer model 66 is mainly a treadle.

It is also capable of creating straight stitches. Parts are kept to bare minimum.

There is the low shank and the oscillating hook. It also makes use of the class 66 bobbin, as well as the 15×1 needle.

singer-model-66-sewing-machineSinger Model 66 Sewing Machine Overview

These days you’ll most likely find an upgraded Singer 66 sewing machine. This means that it has already an attached motor.

The tension dial is already numbered so you will be able to set the right kind of tension properly.

Some of the machines too have been modified in terms of finish and color. Nevertheless, all of them will still work the same.

Advantages of Singer 66

1. It is a Singer.

Despite the mounting complaints of consumers when it comes to Singer sewing machines, it still remains one of the most formidable companies in the world. It’s because the parts are made of very strong materials.

The same thing can be attributed to the Singer 66 sewing machine. Its parts are made of strong materials, such as steel. Thus, they tend to last for a very long time. It’s actually a perfect heirloom sewing machine to your children or even grandkid.

2. It is a vintage sewing machine.

Even if you’re not going to use it, you still have a valuable equipment with you. This is already considered a vintage machine, and there are a lot of collectors who are definitely after it. It’s beautiful remembrance of the history of Singer company.

3. This is a very simple machine.

This is a very good machine if you’re just a beginner. The parts are very simple. It may take a while, though, before you get comfortable with it. But once you get the hang of it, you will have a beautiful sewing equipment that you can use to accomplish a number of simple sewing projects.

Disadvantages of Singer 66

1. The Singer model 66 is already old.

It’s no longer manufactured by the Singer Company. If you’re looking for an original model, you may have to look for someone who is actually selling it and it may take some time to find a quality model.

2. It’s quite big.

Don’t think that this is a portable machine. It’s a full-size one, almost looking like a cabinet. Hence, it will be almost impossible for you to bring this with you anywhere. You also need to look for a definite place where you can keep this permanently.

3. This is not a good model for someone who’s used to new machines.

Just as there’s a huge learning curve for a beginner working on a complicated electronic sewing machine, if you’re not used dealing with the simplest machine, you may find the Singer 66 sewing machine a true challenge. It doesn’t help either that there are fewer manuals available in the market for this one.

Consumer Reviews

This is a classic sewing machine. I love the body and the fact that it’s a treadle. It gives me a different feeling when I’m working on this one. There are no complicated controls to think about.-Rhea

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