Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review


Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

With all the recent advances in technology, heart rate monitor training watches have certainly come a long way. Gone are the basic models of just a few years ago, as high performance models, like the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch are becoming more the norm. Polar has become known for offering very high quality training devices at reasonable prices, and the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a perfect example of the types of products that this company produces.

With easy to use controls, integrated training programs and a whole slew of monitoring views, it’s easy to see why the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch is one of the most sought after heart rate monitor for sale today.

polar-rs300x-heart-rate-monitor-watchPOLAR RS300X FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS

  • Wrist watch style with an integrated monitor/training computer to help you track your fitness progress.
  • Tracks distance, speed, calories burned and other important work out metrics.
  • Holds your last 16 training sessions and data from 16 weeks worth of workouts.
  • Up the intensity of your running with auto lap splits.
  • Allows you to set and save your unique training zone settings.
  • Compatible with other Polar exercise metrics devices.
  • Attractive black design looks great with any type of workout or running clothes.


It’s important to think about your fitness goals and the types of workouts you enjoy, before purchasing the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch. And while people of every fitness level can certainly get good use out of this heart rate monitor, it’s really designed for beginner-to-intermediate runners and bikers. And since the monitoring is superior to any of the monitoring devices built into gym cardio machines, those folks who prefer to run on a treadmill or elliptical will especially enjoy getting accurate, real-time fitness monitoring metrics from the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

The thing to remember about the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor is that it is designed to help you track your progress and stay focused on your goals. People who just go the gym to run a bit, or to socialize, probably won’t get as much from the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor as people who are working with a definite fitness goal in mind. In other words, this device is more for people who have really decided that they are going to do what it takes to stick with their exercise program until they see results.


The easy to use controls and settings of the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor make this a great device to have on for all of your workouts. There are some fitness monitor watches that are very fancy, but they are also a bit difficult to use. And since the goal is to work out more efficiently, it’s important to have an HRM that you can actually use while you’re running or exercising. Most customers have reported having a very easy time getting used to the controls of the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor , and have found it very intuitive to use during their workouts.


Like everything else, the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor has its own, unique pros and cons. And while we were are certainly impressed with how easy this heart rate monitor is to use, we didn’t think that the display was on par with some of the higher-end heart rate monitors.

That being said, though, the display is clear enough to read while running, and there are no issues with reading the actual data on the screen at all. It’s just not as clear as some of the more expensive fitness watches are. But it is also priced a lot lower than those other monitors, so it’s understandable that the screen is less than perfect.


While doing research for this Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor review, we found 65 customer reviews from real life people. When all the customer scores were averaged, this Polaris HRM earned a positive 4.1 star rating. A few people mentioned that the screen isn’t exactly top of the line, but the vast majority of reviewers gave this watch positive reviews and very high scores.


If you want a solid, dependable heart rate monitor, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one of the flashier models, you’ll get all the basic monitoring essentials from the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor.

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