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Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor Review

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When you are looking for a new heart rate monitor, you will need to decide if you want one that is stripped down and acts only as a heart rate monitor or one that is a watch and a heart rate monitor. A lot of people choose the latter because they don’t like changing watches after working out. The Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor is a highly functional heart rate monitor but it also has all of the features that you would expect from any normal digital watch and is good looking enough to wear all day long.

What Is the Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor?

timex-t5j031-digital-fitness-monitorThe Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor is built just like any other Timex so you will recognize just what the buttons do and how to get to the right menus. It comes with a resin strap and resin case that are both designed to be extremely durable and the chest strap is able to send EKG information wirelessly to the watch.

How Does It Work?

This has the ability to let you set target heart rate zones or you can let it do it for you. You can also use the onboard Zone trainer, while getting such information as average heart rate, time in a particular zone, calories burned, recovery timer, and more. This has an alarm with a five minute backup, a one hundred hour countdown timer, a chronograph, 27 lap memory, and of course the Timex Indiglo backlight.

When you are wearing this in watch mode, it has day, date, time, and alarm clock, plus it also has chronograph and 12 hour and 24 hour time.


What Are People Saying About the Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor?

One thing that you will read when you see reviews for this model is that it is popular among both men and women. It is not too large for a woman’s wrist, yet not too small for a man’s wrist and has a general unisex look to it.

“The monitor is an excellent watch when not using the heart rate features. Best of all I can change the batteries myself when the time comes.”
–       Chuck, Amazon.com

“This is a fantastic product and the chest strap is snug and comfortable. It looks great and is ideal for running.”
–       Virgil, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

You can definitely find some Timex heart rate monitors in most sporting goods stores and often at the watch counter in a department store, but finding the Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor can be a lot harder. This model is considered to be a higher end Timex heart rate monitor and that means that you won’t generally find it locally. However, when you buy this online, you can save around 39% off of the original price, bringing it down to around $61, which is a very good buy for a heart rate monitor that is so highly rated.

Is This the Right Product For You?

If you have been looking for a high quality heart rate monitor that will also serve as your watch the rest of the day when you aren’t working out, then the Timex T5J031 Digital Fitness Monitor is great choice. To the untrained eye, this basically looks just like a Timex Ironman watch, but with a few more functions. You can choose to wear the chest strap all the time, or only during workouts. Either way, this is a watch that you will definitely get your money out of and one that will help you to really improve your overall state of health and fitness.

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